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Night 52: Weigal Street
I'll just curl up over here and cry okay
savagesolitude wrote in damned
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They had reached the end of the first row in a short amount of time. It was the smallest town Claire could remember being to. The Island seemed huge in comparison. Walking from one end of town to the other barely took five minutes, and Claire had to look over her shoulder just to make sure that they hadn't missed a longer stretch of road at the other end.

"This way," she said shortly, turning to the right. There was nothing left on this street but quaint wooden houses, and those were of no use to her. Aside from the odd street lamp and a few lit windows in the stores, none of the lights were on. It was rather strange. The place felt so empty.

Of the few street lamps that seemed to be working, the one they were passing under played the strangest tricks with the shadows. As they walked briskly past the lamp, the dark shapes shrunk back from behind them and grew anew in front of their feet, stretching far ahead of them on the weathered pavement. Claire was paying it no mind until something seemed to jerk. Wriggle. It was difficult to describe, but for a moment it looked like her shadow had gone jittery and moved on its own.

Her footsteps faltered. Was the light bulb going out above them? She cast a quick look behind her, brows furrowed. No, it looked just the same as before. It hadn't even dimmed.

When she looked back, the shadow twitched again.

Claire snatched Andrew by the sleeve. "Did you see that?"

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Carter jerked to a stop, looking around panickedly. "What? Where?" he said, automatically clinging back to her as if he was a member of some crimesolving teenage gang and Claire was his inexplicably talking dog.

Nobody here, nobody on the street, lots and lots of nobody...kinda creepy, actually. Even in the German woods you got patrols and in towns you got drunkards and hobos and those nice women in the short skirts who always said hello to him.

"It's...probably nothing. Might be a cat," he said, very unsure of himself and lowering his voice in case the...cat heard them. "Or the light. I saw something funny back in the pet shop so it's probably just the light. Yeah." His breathing grew quicker in the cold air and when he started walking he was going just a bit faster.

There would be more lights in the restaurant, and people too. That would be much better.

She jolted when he latched onto her, stiffening on impact and somehow holding back the instinctive urge to lodge the knife in his arm. (This wasn't the island, she had to keep reminding herself about that.)

While she wasn't sure it could have been a cat, he was making sense. It was just a trick of the light. Maybe a bug had fluttered past the lamp, or it really was flickering on occasion. She was being paranoid. There was no one else here. It was dead silent - they would hear it if anyone was trying to follow them, no matter how quiet they tried to be.

"...Yeah," Claire said. "I'm imagining things."

She pursed her lips and gently jostled herself free, matching his steps once more. He got spooked pretty easily, didn't he?

Her gaze turned downcast. "Sorry for scaring you."

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