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Day 53: Breakfast
Ninjas > everybody else.
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With sigh that toed the ambiguous no-mans-land between soft and explosive, Yuffie collected a plateful of waffles with all the toppings. She was sure that, if nothing else, it'd making a pretty satisfying splat if—when?—she launched it at somebody's face, and that was all that counted.

"Hanna, isn't that a little much?" Plucky asked, doubtfully.

"Uhhm. No. About, like... a little while ago, I managed five caramel apple pies with ice cream and berries and, y'know, I think there was a gallon of soda involved at some point." It wasn't the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. There really had been five caramel apple pies, but Cloud had ended up wearing two and a half and the third had taken a vacation to Boobsville (Tifa had loved it. Really. Really). The moral of the story (as she'd told Marlene and Denzel later) was that anything was game, just as long as you could run fast enough afterwards.

The nurse nodded slowly. "I… suppose. Well, I'll leave you to it. See that you behave, won't you, dear? You need to set a good example for the new batch of patients."

"My examples are the best examples," Yuffie proclaimed, with the dark-bright grin that still came so easily, no matter how little she felt really felt it. It lingered even when the nurse had flitted off to deal with another charge, but there was an edge to it. What the edge was, Yuffie couldn't say. Didn't want to say, after what'd gone down last night. Nah, she had better things to do; things like sitting down and waiting, just waiting, for Cloud or some other sucker of an easy target to walk through the door.


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If there was a time she wanted to stay in bed more than anything, that time was now. Bella rolled onto her stomach when she heard the announcement overhead, a moan escaping her lips as she attempted to smother her face into the pillow. She didn't want to get up. She didn't want to move. She didn't want to see anyone.

Alone in your misery, Bella. Yeah, that's really good. A really good choice.

But honestly, she didn't care. What had happened last night ... what that shadow had said. No matter how she tried to deny it, what that shadow said had hurt. And not just the normal kind of hurt feelings - it hurt. Those feelings ... she had hidden them, buried them away as deep as they could go, but still somehow they were dragged to the surface and shoved in her face. It wasn't fair.

And to make things worse, Edward had heard them too.

Moaning into her pillow for a moment, she instantly silenced when she heard the door to the room open, and she lifted her head in time to see her ever cheerful nurse enter, a smile on her face.

"Good morning, Kate! We're having waffles for breakfast today. Aren't you excited?" the nurse sang, moving towards the bed and pulling the blankets off of the mopey teenager. "Come on, up up!" Tugging, and soon enough the blanket was pulled completely away, leaving her shivering on top of the bed for a few seconds before stilling.

Bella rolled onto her back, staring up at her nurse with the most pathetic expression she could muster. "I don't feel well. Can't I just stay in bed for a few more hours?"

Obviously not, because a few minutes later, she was being led into the cafeteria.

Pouting to herself as she was led through the food line ("You are so thin, Kate. You should eat more. Please." the last part sounded razor blade sharp, and Bella knew if she disobeyed ... well, she didn't want to think what would happen if she disobeyed.) Bella moved to an empty table, watching as her nurse finally wandered away and back into the throng of other patients.

Her body felt heavy. Sighing, she lowered her head, pushing her plate of food away from herself before resting her elbow against the table, her chin resting in her palm. Honestly, a part of her hoped that Edward wouldn't see her; she wasn't ready to explain what had happened last night to him. She didn't want to see his expression when she told him that what the shadow had said had hurt her, no matter how much she lied.

"I hate this place," she mumbled into her palm, glaring daggers at the table top.



The hot light of fire had nearly blasted her blind. In fact, Claire was half sure that was the case as she struggled her way into wakefulness, only to find that it was morning again and she had simply rolled in close to the wall. She opened her eyes and blinked at the blank white space.

She was in bed. Back at the asylum. Claire shook, face splitting into a wretched, miserable form. She would have rather been blind.

"YRRGH!" She slammed her hand on the wall. It smarted fiercely. She snarled and pounded it again, over and over, high keening cries of frustration escaping her gritted teeth. This was useless. So stupid to think that she was free, even for a moment. That damn ring of Andrew's - it must have taken them right back at the end. It was the only explanation. They were at a real, honest town and out of sight of the asylum, and now she was back in this goddamn bed like it never happened?

She wanted to kill something. That shadow, Andrew, her nurse, her stupid roommate. Everything that had ever conspired to keep her here deserved to die.

Claire wasn't even pleased when she rolled over and found herself on top of the bag and the axe from last night. Oh, big surprise. Just like how she'd found Rika's knife under her pillow. What good was an axe going to do when the people who wanted her dead couldn't be hit by it in the first place?

Anger sent her into a fit of the shakes, dripping a hot tear down her cheek. Even so, she was cautious as she left the bed to stow away her goods. Her eyes stayed firmly on the dark shape below her. Daring it to come to life.

"I would never leave my baby," she muttered darkly, thrusting the axe and the bag behind a pair of coats. "I never wandered away."

The piercing words still echoed in her ears. Calling her crazy, shaming her, taunting her about Aaron. About Charlie.

Misery finally broke through, and Claire hunched over with a silent moan. Only her grip on the coats kept her standing. Her arms felt empty. She wanted to hold him so badly again. Rock him to sleep in front of the fire. Charlie's husky voice in her ear, his fingers brushing through her hair.

So many memories had faded, but those happy times never seemed to pale. Every day was a lonely one now.

She had barely managed some measure of composure when the nurse came to collect her. At least, she had regained enough sense to shut the closet. The nurse, to her credit, did try her best to console her when she saw the splotches of tears on her cheeks, but it was a lost cause. Claire sulked the whole way to the cafeteria, eyes downcast and struggling not to make a sound. She was so thoroughly despondent that the nurse gave up on trying to push her into the food line properly, peevishly fetching a tray for her and loading it up to the brim with a deep frown. Her sympathy had worn thin.

Claire found it difficult to care.

Once loose, she immediately wandered over to the first friendly face she saw. Bella. The girl looked like she was in terrible spirits too, but that was hardly the point. She was someone familiar and nice and Claire didn't want to deal with some new idiot right now.

She made no announcement of her arrival. She simply slid the tray onto the table and curled up in the seat, circling her arms around the younger girl's shoulders and pressing her face into the cotton shirt.

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All at once, Bella felt a sneeze come on, and she quickly sneezed into her elbow, surprised. What had brought that on? A flash of embarrassment crossed her face, and she quickly lowered her eyes down to the table once again, hoping she hadn't drawn attention to herself.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Claire, sitting at a table. ... Also glaring daggers of hatred at her own table. At once, shame and guilt washed over her, and she sighed again, brushing her hair behind her ear. Tonight was going to suck so much, and she was hardly prepared for it, even though it was morning. What was she going to say to the girl? She had abused her trust; been told a secret that obviously was important to her, and exploited it, and in the end she couldn't return the favor by telling her about Edward's own truth. If she were in Claire's position, she would hate her too.

However, (luckily) she wasn't able to dwell on the negative thoughts for much longer. Before she could even look up, someone slid into the seat next to her - and then the arms were around her, followed by a face pressed into her shirt. Startled, Bella's face turned red, and she almost expected to see Edward sitting there -

But when she saw a blonde head of hair and a petite female body, she knew that wasn't so.

All of this seemed familiar, and at once Bella realized who it was.

"Claire?" she whispered, returning the embrace. She may not have had Edward's ability to mind read, but it was as blatant as day that something was wrong with the blonde, and at once Bella forgot her own troubles and began to focus on Claire's. (And honestly, it was a nice distraction from her own problems. She didn't want to focus on them.)

"What's wrong?" her voice hushed, Bella gently pat Claire's back, her palm moving in slow circles as she attempted to try and see what was wrong with her. Judging by what had happened last night to the patients (at least, she thought it had happened to all of the patients, considering Venom had burst into the room with a shadow of his own near the end.) in the institute, she wondered if perhaps the state Claire was in had been caused by the shadows that had wrecked havoc last night. "Are you okay? I mean ... are you hurt anywhere?"

[a;lskdfj ;A; Me and you against the world, Bells. NO ONE CAN STOP US.]

Her words were a pitiful murmur into the shirt. "No." She clutched at the girl tighter. The hand moving across her back helped to ground her, gave her the power to swallow thickly and continue. "I thought we'd gotten out last night. Me and Andrew...we went to this town with his funny ring, and I really thought..."

She trembled a little. Dared to raise her head and look at Bella with red rimmed eyes, her arms staying put. "I thought we were going to get away. But the shadows - they started moving - turning into us. Said the most awful things. And now we woke up back here again like none of it ever h-happened."

Claire's eyes squeezed shut. This was no different than the island, was it? There, the ocean and Jacob's will had boxed her in. Here, it was some strange force she couldn't comprehend. Something that yanked them all back like elastic once the night was over.

"We're living in a snowglobe, Bella. There's no getting out."


Bella couldn't help but feel at least slightly relieved to know that her friend wasn't injured - on the outside, at least. Internally, it appeared as if Claire was battling something rather strong. Heartbreak was, at least, in her opinion, worse than physical pain. At least physical wounds healed over time, and if you were lucky, scars would fade. But heartbreak ...

Sometimes that never went away. When she looked at Charlie, she knew it was true.

Bella listened to Claire as she continued to speak, her hand continuing to move. "A town?" she asked, surprise coloring her face. "Did it ... did it look like it had been blown up? I mean, were the buildings all destroyed and everything? A few nights ago my roommate and I were teleported to a town that I had never seen too ..." So it was out there somewhere. At least, if that was the town that Claire was speaking of.

And there it was, the mention of the shadows. The teenager froze for a moment before reacting, her eyes falling shut as she remembered her own incident. "So it happened to you too," she whispered, frowning. Seemed like it was a patient thing. "I'm so sorry that happened ... whatever they said to you, I know it wasn't true, okay? You can't let them win. You can't."

Perhaps she was saying this to herself as well as to Claire. Either way, it worked ... somewhat.

Claire's blatant agony tore Bella's heart apart, and her embrace on the girl tightened. Sure, she hadn't know her for very long, nor did she know her very well, but ... well, she had seen Claire on her first day, moments after she had woken up, and she had seen how broken the girl had looked. She had seen her cry, and seen the sad tears turn into tears of happiness when the girl realized she was away from wherever it was she had originally come from. She had bee happy to be in the institute. But why? She had asked her how close they were to somewhere else ... maybe she had attempted to get out and go there?

But obviously the outcome hadn't been as Claire had expected, and now she was once again in a very similar broken state.

"We'll get out," Bella whispered, her hand stilling on Claire's back for a moment before she spoke again. "We have to keep thinking that way. If we don't ... if we allow ourselves to just drown in negative thoughts ..." Hadn't she done that yesterday? After seeing Edward burnt so terribly ... she couldn't help but feel like a hypocrite.

"It may seem impossible, but I know we will. After all, there's that person trying to help us over the radio, right?" At least, there used to be, after what happened over the radio last night ... "Things will get better. They have to. We just have to think about the things that lie outside of the institute's walls. Things will get better, they just have to."

[SHE WILL MAKE YOU AND EDWARD THE GODPARENTS OKAY? You can come over every Christmas and have roasted boar with the fambly ;A;]

Blown up? Claire regarded her with wide eyes, startled and a touch confused. "N-no. It was a regular town. We were in a pet shop and a tool store. Everything looked fine." Teeth worked into her lip, her brows furrowing. "We did, um...We set fire to the restaurant at the end. Andrew thought if we had enough light we could get rid of the shadows. I don't know what happened after, so maybe..."

She trailed off. Bella was clearly talking about a different place than she was. Her mind was conjuring pictures of the Other's village after the soldiers came. Crumbled houses and bullet holes in the yellow siding. If it hadn't been for the cold of last night and the difference in the scenery she would have almost believed they were still on the island. Too many things were lining up. Uncomfortable coincidences.

Bella's reaction to her following words was telling enough. Claire stiffened in her embrace. Then silently, she pulled her into a hug again, grip tightening on her shoulders. Though Bella was nearly twenty herself and had long since left childhood behind, instinct could not be ignored. Anger bled through her grief once more. "That shouldn't have happened to you," Claire muttered darkly, glowering over the girl's shoulder. "You don't deserve that."

She locked eyes with a nurse. Her hatred pulsed so strongly that the woman froze in her tracks, utterly stunned.

"If anything like that happens again - anything that hurts you - you let me know, okay? This shouldn't be happening to you. You're too young." She suddenly frowned. "Did it try to hurt you?" She hadn't seen any bandages on her, but there could be something hidden by the shirt. Or perhaps on her legs. The girl had clearly been in a bad mood to begin with, so something could have happened last night.

Her voice was growing a little steadier now, at the least. Focusing on Bella and keeping her safe was easier than sinking into her own thoughts. Claire sniffled and awkwardly wiped at her eyes, unwilling to let go of Bella even for that.

"I...I don't know. We have to...just..." Thickness bulged in her throat, but she carried on. "If there's a way we can't find it by walking. We'll just wake up here the same as before. I thought with that ring we'd be okay. We were so far away - I was sure..."

She shook her head and finally drew away, eyes downcast. Her hands were still perched on Bella's shoulders. Contact couldn't be lost yet. Touch was more addicting than she remembered it being, and it made the tears come fewer and further between. "I don't know about the radio. We just have to find the man in charge here. Make him talk. We have to do what it takes."

There was no telling what that would be, but Claire didn't care. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do to get free.

( YAAAAAAY. since bella and edward never have children. i don't know what you're talking about. )

A regular town. "I see," she said to herself mostly, thinking. The town they had gone to had to have been Doyleton that she had heard about. Still, it made her wonder what the town her and Claire had stumbled upon those many nights ago was. She'd have to ask around.

When Claire once again pulled her into an embrace, Bella sighed, patting the girl on the back once again. "It ... it's fine, really. I may be young, but ... but that doesn't mean I haven't hurt others. Sometimes it's just something we can't stop from happening."

Claire was so upset. Frowning, Bella nodded, letting out a soft laugh. "It is kind of a downer to get pretty far then wake up back where you began ... But someone has to figure out how to overcome it. There just has to be a way ..." The institute couldn't watch everyone, right? Considering some patients traveled pretty far during the night, from what she had heard. But still, no matter how far they traveled, they were still brought back. It made no sense to her.

When Claire finally pulled away, Bella allowed her hands to rest on the blonde's forearms, still keeping at contact. She knew when someone was upset that contact was a pretty good way to make them feel better, so she remained there. "The radio ... apparently some girl comes on at night and talks about clues being left behind. A few nights go me and a group of other people found one of the clues ... it spoke about one of the head nurses being from some kind of ... group that was trying to help us. Or something like that."

"And the man in charge," Bella continued with a frown, "I've never actually seen him, I don't think. He hides pretty well." As he should,</b> the teenager thought to herself, considering there would be so many people out there who would want to kill him.

"So? We've all done bad things before, Bella. That doesn't mean they're always things you should get punished for." Claire's brows furrowed in worry. "Sometimes you need to do what it takes to survive. And that isn't always a pretty thing."

She was intimately familiar with that.

Though Claire wanted to share the girl's optimism on escaping, it was difficult to get her hopes up. Spending three years in a virtual box meant she knew a cage when she saw one. "If we're going to get out, we need to find the thing that's tossing us back here at the end of the night and stop it. Kill it or disable it, whatever it is. There's no running until we do." She gave one last errant sniffle. Her tears had been steadily subsiding - she had been right to come to Bella. The conversation was doing loads better at clearing her mind than spending breakfast alone. She was such a sweet girl.

Lips pursed as Bella started on about the radio. Claire carefully stowed each bit of information away. It was so easy for the thing to be a red herring. Like the last time they'd thought someone on the radio was coming to help them - instead they tried to bomb the island and shot down half of the camp. But it was a clue, and she wouldn't ignore that. Whatever happened tonight, she was taking her radio with her and tuning in.

"Of course he does," Claire grumbled. "He has to be around here somewhere." She was certain that asking the nurses would be a lost cause. They were all useless, and there was no guarantee that the one Bella was talking about was truly on their side. She would have to poke around on her own. At least now she could be grateful for the axe. It would open up doors that might be locked otherwise.

"This nurse - the one that's supposed to help us. What's her name?" Claire's eyes regained a glint of steel. If the leader couldn't be found, then you started with the next best thing. "Do you know what she looks like?"

Bella certainly agreed with what Claire was talking about. "Yeah," she agreed, not really knowing what to say. It was true, after all, especially with the Cullens. That was why the Volturi wanted her dead, after all. They were doing what they needed to do to survive, and ... in the end, so was she. "But the way I hurt someone wasn't to live. It was just ... sometimes you can't control what your heart feels."

And at that, she felt the pain of last night all over again, so she quickly shut up.

"I'm sure he is watching us somehow," Bella said with a frown as they spoke about Landel, not really wanting to think about the fact that they were potentially being watched, and being listened in on. "And ... I don't know how they get us back here. You think they have some kind of ... magic or something like that? I mean, I doubt the nurses carry us all back to our beds ..." never mind the fact that the thought of that happening was absolutely horrific to her. But then again, if one could end the night covered in blood and wake up completely clean and covered in bandages ...

At the mention of the nurse, Bella wracked her brain before finally remembering, chewing on her bottom lip gently before speaking. "Um, I ... actually we think it was the head nurse, really. The paper said Lydia, and the head nurse's name is Lydia ..." by this point her voice had turned into a hushed whisper, having not wanting to been eavesdropped on by the nurses, since she had a feeling they were listening to all of the patients at all times. "I mean, there's a chance it was just a coincidence ... but it's too big of a coincidence, you know?"

[SCREAM I'M SO SORRY FOR THE LATENESS laksfsal;d life and body things kept me away, but if you want to backthread I'm game?]

Claire went still at Bella's words, gaze boring into the other girl's eyes and her mouth an unreadable line. "Is that really any different?"

Everything she had done, good or bad, was for Aaron's sake. To see him again, hold him tight and bring him home. She could live without him, physically. The basics were easy enough to get on your own if you were smart about it, food and water and such. But they never fixed that gaping emptiness she felt. There was no cure for loneliness except love and company. Only one remedy for a heartbreak. If Claire had been told she would spend the rest of her life alone on that island, she would have shot herself in a minute.

She glanced around the cafeteria, as if she expected to see the Head Doctor himself peek out from behind a nurse. Which was pointless, really. He was faceless to her, just a lilting voice on the intercom. What would she even be looking for if she had to find him?

A sigh of frustration was her chief response to Bella's worries. Magic. Of course. Something Claire had next to no experience with (John's shape-shifting and Desmond's visions aside), and no weapons to fight against it. "No, the nurses couldn't be doing it. That would be stupid. It would've taken forever for them to grab us from town last night." She thinned her lips, glaring at the table as she tried to work the issue out. "And then there's how we all keep fainting at the end. I was thinking they might have been putting something in the food, but...no one thinks they've gotten sick."

Bringing up food was a painful reminder that as of right now, she was coasting on that bag of beef jerky from the pet store. The waffles smelled divine.

Claire ignored them for now. "Yeah, too big of a coincidence. Has anyone seen Lydia, then? Or is she tucked away just as safe and sound as he is?"

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At Claire's question, Bella sighed, shaking her head. "No, I ... I suppose it's really not that different."

Speaking of. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught an all too familiar head of messy copper hair, and instantly she turned towards it. However, seconds later, she turned back - he appeared to be busy ... that was good, at least. That meant he was doing okay after last night, right? At least, that was what she kept telling herself.

So, Claire was thinking it was magic? Since she had turned down the thought of the nurses rather quickly. Honestly, Bella had never really believed in magic or anything like that. But then again, before meeting Edward, she had never believed in vampires, either, and looked what happened with that. If vampires and werewolves could exist, then surely magic could as well. "I guess you're right," she agreed, frowning. "And I don't think it has to do with the food. I mean ... surely someone would be able to pick up on that, you know?" Not to mention the fact that Edward didn't eat the food and he still fell asleep and woke up in the morning. Not only that, however, she also knew that Edward had tested the blood, and there was nothing toxic in it. But she couldn't tell Claire that, of course.

"Lydia? Uh, I don't think so ..." Bella thought to herself, frowning. "At least, I've never seen her. Maybe someone else has? I'm sure if you ask on the bulletin someone may be able to answer. But last night, it sounded like she was being ... well, tortured, to put it bluntly," she said with a frown, looking up towards the intercom. "By the head doctor, of course, so who knows if she'll appear again."

[Are you referring to this Kinect? Because...otherwise I am at a loss for what you mean. BUT THANK YOU BBCAKES ;A;]

"You're not always able too, though," Claire said with a shake of her head. "Some stuff doesn't have a smell or a taste. And they could be injecting us with anything while we sleep. None of us would be the wiser." She raised a bitter brow, leveling the table with a hateful gaze. "You can't underestimate what they'll do to keep us here. Especially if they're using magic stuff. Things we don't understand."

Her teeth clenched behind the narrow line of her lips. Her frustration was no longer driving her to tears, but it grated just as badly as ever. Escape would be twice as difficult now. It wasn't just the monsters that had strange powers. It was in the very framework of the institute itself. Every inch of their plan was totally beyond their grasp.

But there had to be a weakness somewhere. Even John had his pitfalls - the fence the Dharma people built, for one. He couldn't pass it once the electro-magnetic field was on. It would be hard, she knew, but finding that weak point for the asylum was their only ticket out.

"I'll ask on the bulletin, yeah," she agreed. Shame that Bella hadn't seen her, but she had already been more than helpful enough. Claire frowned at the mention of torture - less in sympathy and more in disappointment. If Landel had already found out about Lydia being a 'traitor', getting to her now was going to be impossible.

She caught the girl's eyes again, and gave her a flicker of a smile and a squeeze of the shoulder. "Thank you. For everything. I know I'm a mess, but you've been amazing."

(YES. i bought a dancing game to go with it and omg. i've been dancing my ass off and now my calves are absolutely killing me. i literally fall over when i try to walk lmao. AND DON'T WORRY BB ILU I'D NEVER LEAVE U.)

"I can see that happening," Bella agreed, though still, as far as she knew, Edward never detected any kind of substance in the blood he had been given. However ... perhaps something was put in them while they were sleeping and it wore off when they woke up? Would Edward be able to detect something that way?

"I don't understand magic at all," the teenager admitted as an after thought, frowning. "I mean, David Blaine stuff, yeah. That's fake. But real Harry Potter magic, I don't understand. Since it doesn't exist where I come from."

That she knew of, at least.

When Claire mentioned the bulletin board, Bella nodded. "If you get any information, you'll tell me, right? And I'll ask around as well, if I can. We can exchange any kind of information we find. It might be a good idea if we pool all of our resources together, you know?" Kind of what Edward and Venom were doing, she supposed. She wondered if they knew anything ...

However, Bella was drawn out of her thoughts when she felt Claire's hand on her shoulder once again, squeezing gently, and the teenager turned towards the blonde with a blush and a smile. "Oh, don't mention it. You're not a mess - considering you've only been here a few days, you're doing pretty well. I've told a few people about what the institute was really like and they all thought I was crazy or something. And I mean ... after all, what are friends for?"

Friends. Bella never thought she'd make friends in a place where she had been kidnapped to, but it happened. That's good, though, she told herself, smiling to Claire after a few moments. Makes things ... not so scary in the long run.


"I don't undertand it either," Claire confessed with a shake of her head. "But there's always some catch to it, or something it's weak against. My friend John - he couldn't go through any kind of magnetic field. Electric ones, I mean. It stops him dead. And he can't pass over ash lines, either."

Her world, for the most part, was a magic free one. It seemed like all the weird and wonderful things had been centered on that one island. Everything else usually turned out to be a clever hoax or some kind of misunderstanding. She wasn't sure where that psychic Malkin had played into all of that. He'd as good as predicted her crashing on the island, hadn't he? Even if things didn't turn out quite the way he'd thought.

"Of course I'll tell you. We'll try to meet up when we can, all right? There's no getting out on our own." Claire gave a grim smile at that. It was a difficult fact, but it was true. While she wasn't planning on freeing every single patient here, someone like Bella didn't deserve this life.

It would be nice. Having a friend again. Maybe she would stay with her when they left. Claire didn't have a place to stay in America, but with that accent Bella had to live somewhere nearby. She sounded the same as the nurses. (Unlike Sawyer, who was from much further south. She'd always thought he sounded like a cowboy.)

Claire lowered her gaze when the other girl smiled. It really was nice. Hugs and grins and holding hands. She was such a sweet girl. "Thanks. I'm glad I met you first. My roommate was...awful about it."

It was stifled, but there was no mistaking it. Claire giggled under her breath. "Friends." She squeezed Bella's shoulder one more time and finally drew away, rubbing her arms in the chill of the cafeteria. A blush began to colour her cheeks.

Funny to think that she'd been sobbing her eyes out ten minutes ago.

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