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Day 53: Breakfast
Ninjas > everybody else.
thatdamnedninja wrote in damned
With sigh that toed the ambiguous no-mans-land between soft and explosive, Yuffie collected a plateful of waffles with all the toppings. She was sure that, if nothing else, it'd making a pretty satisfying splat if—when?—she launched it at somebody's face, and that was all that counted.

"Hanna, isn't that a little much?" Plucky asked, doubtfully.

"Uhhm. No. About, like... a little while ago, I managed five caramel apple pies with ice cream and berries and, y'know, I think there was a gallon of soda involved at some point." It wasn't the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. There really had been five caramel apple pies, but Cloud had ended up wearing two and a half and the third had taken a vacation to Boobsville (Tifa had loved it. Really. Really). The moral of the story (as she'd told Marlene and Denzel later) was that anything was game, just as long as you could run fast enough afterwards.

The nurse nodded slowly. "I… suppose. Well, I'll leave you to it. See that you behave, won't you, dear? You need to set a good example for the new batch of patients."

"My examples are the best examples," Yuffie proclaimed, with the dark-bright grin that still came so easily, no matter how little she felt really felt it. It lingered even when the nurse had flitted off to deal with another charge, but there was an edge to it. What the edge was, Yuffie couldn't say. Didn't want to say, after what'd gone down last night. Nah, she had better things to do; things like sitting down and waiting, just waiting, for Cloud or some other sucker of an easy target to walk through the door.


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The Scarecrow awakened suddenly, that strange pulling feeling leading only to his bed rather than to the town, where he'd expected to find himself next. His eyes darted through the room: everything looked normal- as normal as could be, anyway- with Depth Charge in his bed and both their shadows where they ought to be. Crossing the bed to the desk, he opened the drawer- two flashlights and two radios were inside, though the ring was nowhere in sight. He looked to Depth Charge's desk, thinking it had surely made it back with them. He was going to feel just awful if he'd lost it somehow.

But had it worked at all? The last thing he remembered was smashing it into the wall, then the familiar spinning from the night the doors were enchanted, then his waking- no town or bewitched people or a moment between. Perhaps it had simply been bad timing, or that the Wizard Landel saw through their escape plan and chose to intervene.

Following the nurse to breakfast, the Scarecrow stopped by the board, scanning the notes for contact from his other friends. One from Remy, one from Kibitoshin, but nothing from Abe or Mele. He considered adding a note of his own, but thinking it would just clutter the board and possibly take attention away from the others, he decided against it, opting to look for them throughout the day instead.

Taking one of everything in his usual manner, the Scarecrow found an empty seat where he could watch the door, just in case any of his acquaintances was simply late for breakfast. If all else failed, he thought he could always ask the nurse where they'd gone. If they'd been released... that would be unfortunate. He wouldn't soon forget the look on Depth Charge's face, or the one he wore when he found Kaiji was gone for good.


A night spent penning some more music had done Brook a world of good despite the ever worsening announcements that had come and gone. He could only imaging what had happened in the hallways for what he'd heard and wonder how the other patients had fared. Part of him had felt bad for yet again failing to reach Leon with his payment, but the rest of him was hopeful that the boy would understand. Technically Brook had yet to actually use the weapon after all, and he didn't intend to until he payed the young man back for his effort.

Brook scooped up his breakfast of scrumptious looking waffles and turned to find either someone familiar or else a patient that looked in need of company. He spotted an older man sitting near to the door and decided to see if the man needed any cheering up for the morning. "Good morning! I hope you don't mind if I join you?" Brook greeted and asked with a bright smile.

"Not at all!" the Scarecrow said as he returned the smile, taking a quick bite of his meal. The man who'd taken the seat in front of him sure was chipper- maybe he'd been lucky and hadn't had problems with his shadow coming to life. Then again, what if Depth Charge had been the only one affected? No, with the intercom announcements and lights, surely there were more who had seen their shadows. Surely!

It was then that the bite in the Scarecrow's mouth stopped having any sort of taste- the clever little thing decided he'd done too much thinking again. He put his fork down for now- conversation would help pass the time.

It also gave him the chance to work on using his new name. "I'm Frank Westerning of Oz," the Scarecrow said as he offered his hand, only remembering he should probably leave off the of Oz part after it had escaped his lips.

"Good to meet you Frank-san!" Brook greeted as he had a seat, knees sticking up over the table edge as always, "Or would you prefer Westerning-san? It's not so often that you hear a last name in this place! Ah, but where are my manners?! I am Brook. Just de-- ah! Just Brook is all."

Although it had been some time since he'd been back to walking in skin, he still had a hard time breaking his introduction habit. Fifty years did make old habits die hard.

"Have you been here long?" he asked, making some light conversation as he prepared to eat.

The Scarecrow had to admit he found Brook's sitting odd, but it must have been natural for someone as tall as he was to have his knees in the way. Lion surely would have found him intimidating, but he seemed so friendly- it was hard not to smile as he introduced himself.

Doubly worth the grin was his comment over the last name. Even if it was a recent addition, it was a joy to hear other people using it. "Either is just fine with me. If you'd rather use the last name, then by all means, go right ahead!" Still smiling, he took his knife and fork, working on cutting his bare waffle into squares.

"I've been here for some time," he replied, counting backward in his head. "Why, this makes day fifteen, I think. But it doesn't seem like it's been that long at all." Fifteen days! The people of the Emerald City surely had noticed he was missing.

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