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Day 53: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The commotion just after the intercom's jingle displayed the same kind of erratic energy that the Head Doctor had been exuding all day.

"Come on, get those papers out of the way – no, I don't...! Ah! Good evening, everyone, and I hope you all enjoyed the activities we had to–"

Someone whispered something in the background. The Head Doctor sighed and muttered: "Yes, Lydia, I know we don't have many organized activities...

"...But anyway! Next up is dinner with your roommates! Tonight, we'll be having turkey and gravy, which will consist of some moist slices of turkey breast and garlic mashed potatoes, garnished with steamed broccoli, grilled asparagus, and topped with delicious gravy. We'll be serving the dinners with small side salads and our dessert will be pumpkin pie – as per usual, we have alternate meals for alternate dietary needs."

The Head Doctor took a long pause. Lydia mumbled something in the background.

"No, I'm not dawdling–! Er... I'll talk to you shortly, everyone!"

The intercom clicked off.

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Elle couldn't help but dread every special dinner time she had to share with her roommate. That girl-- whoever she was-- was a psychotic mess and a half and one of probably about five people who actually deserved to be here. And she made Elle suspicious of the food last night, ruining her appetite while at Landel's for approximately the rest of her stay. Not that it stopped her from enjoying the waffles at breakfast. But that was different.

Dinner tonight sucked, anyway. Back at the Company she could always count on Daddy to cater to her picky needs. Or just not care whether or not she wanted to eat pizza and cake for dinner every night. Here it was "eat gross food or don't eat at all."

So she decided to eat the pumpkin pie first, and maybe poke at the salad if she was still hungry after it. Maybe what's her face would let her have her pumpkin pie. She seemed pretty set on not eating and starving to death anyway.

That was a cheerful thought. Maybe she'd starve to death and Elle could get a new roommate. Like Jo. And live as happily ever after as one could in the institute. Which was admittedly not much.

With that wish in her heart, she started eyeing her roommate's pie like a greedy wolf. Maybe she could finish her own piece and then steal the other before the other girl got dragged in.

And now it came back to the hardest part of the day. Claire lagged behind the nurse, having already begun seething about the upcoming hour that would be spent alone with her.

If there were any more snide comments tonight, Claire was going to shut her up. She had a knife, and she had an axe. She was sure that the room would be a much more peaceful place if Claire was the only one in it. Her roommate had no purpose here. No one would miss her, she was sure of that.

She entered the room wordlessly, storming over to her bed and trying not to suck in the rich scent of turkey. She had never been too fond of it when she was little, but it smelled so divine now. It was meat and it was cooked, and that was more than enough to get Claire's mouth watering.

It didn't help that her stomach was rioting against the thought of another candy bar. The one from lunch was making her sick - sugar on an empty stomach wasn't a good thing, she could remember that now - but it was the only thing she had in the way of safe food.

There were three left in her pockets from earlier. Claire shot her roommate a scowl as she crept to the back of her bed, pressed against the wall. Another piercing squeeze gripped her belly as she reached into her pocket and withdrew a Mars bar. The first brand she had recognized of the bunch.

The smell of hot turkey wafted past her again, and the bar became revolting. Claire grimaced, but ripped the wrapper apart and downed the bar anyway.

Still sickly sweet. She wanted to spit it all back out.

Oh, great. There she was now. Before Elle could steal her pie, even. She stared her down as she made her way to her side of the room. Maybe if Elle stared hard enough, she'd drop dead. That particular hope was alive and well in her heart.

And then the other girl pulled out-- was that candy? Where did she get candy? What the hell did she do to deserve candy? It wasn't fair! Elle was stuck with this shitty dinner and her roommate had candy. She didn't even look like she was enjoying eating it, either.

Which just helped reaffirm Elle's belief that she was insane beyond repair. Who didn't like candy?

It even made her pie look less appetizing in comparison. Elle set her fork down, and stared at her roommate's utter lack of respect for things that tasted good for another minute before speaking.

"You know, if it's that gross to you, other people would actually like eating a Mars bar."

Other people like Elle, specifically.

And there it was. Claire stiffened, huddled squirrel-like over the bar and lifting a burning glare to the woman that seared through her bangs. Just the sound of her voice was rankling. It soured the chocolate worse than before.

"I'm not eating their food. I don't know where it came from. I don't know who made it, and I don't know what they put in it. I'm not touching it for anything." Claire wasn't even going to look at it. The smell was bad enough, and hearing her roommate chewing her way through the turkey was nothing short of torment.

Thin fingers clutched at the bar, crushing the form in her fist and forcing the nougat into an unsightly bulge. "This is my dinner. And you're not having any."

Elle huffed and rolled her eyes. Not only because her roommate was being so ridiculous and immature over candy she didn't even want, but she was letting a perfectly good dinner go to waste. … Well, a perfectly good pie. The other stuff was debatable.

"So, if you're not going to eat it, that means I can have it, right?" She flashed a superficially saccharine smile in the other girl's direction-- not that she was even paying enough attention to notice it-- and got up to approach the untouched dinner. Just for the pumpkin pie. In one swift motion it was swiped and placed down on Elle's own plate.


Claire erupted. No other word could describe how quickly she had changed from quiet, seething anger to full blown rage. That the woman had the nerves to waltz on over and touch her stuff, just assume that it was hers for the taking...

The chocolate was lost amongst the bedsheets. The pie dish had only just made a soft thunk against her roommate's tray when Claire's fingers tangled in blonde hair and gave a brutal yank. Her other hand snatched the pie and pitched it into the opposite wall. The plastic hit with a snap as loud as a gunshot, falling to the floor and splitting into two. The pie inched down the wall with a slug's pace before the weight took it over, falling to join the broken dish.

"Don't touch my stuff!!" Claire shouted into her roommate's face. She pulled her hair again for good measure, arcing the other girl's neck at an unnatural angle. "Don't ever-"

Knock knock, went the door. Claire froze.

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God, what was it with people and pulling her hair? First Claire, now her crazy ass bitch of a roommate …

Elle shrieked, arms flailing out towards the pie. That was more important than her well-being. It was too late to save the pie, anyway. She could only watch as it slid down the wall like pumpkin-flavored slime. There were tears in her eyes, although they were mostly from the pain of her roommate trying to pull her hair out of her scalp.

Because Elle was a mature, rational human being, she decided to react in a mature, rational way. By pulling the other girl's hair in return, and screaming in her face with just as much conviction and vigor. "You didn't even want it!! Oh my god, don't be such a baby--"

And then there was the knock. Their cat fight was lost to the ether. Elle stared at the door with wide eyes. Her heart started beating at a rapid pace, pounding in her chest. She wasn't sure if the person on the other side was expecting a "come in", but she sure as shit wasn't about to say anything. In the few nights she'd been at the institute, that had never happened. No one had ever knocked at the door. What did it mean?

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