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Night 53: F11-F20 Hallway
hasnomeaning wrote in damned
And here, again, the doors unlocked with the final word. There was nothing new learned in the speech--a word, a name that could be nothing, and Rei wished for movement and accomplishment over guessing at others’ games. Her fingers pressed at her wrists, a habitual gesture as she checked the suit’s sealant even here, then she took up her flashlight and moved to the door.

She gave her roommate a last nod, then slipped out into the hall.

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Her roommate was gone. They'd dragged her off like a dog at a kennel, kicking and screaming.

Claire was curled into her bed. She wasn't sure what to make of it. Tonight's announcement clarified nothing, rambling on about hard work and someone called the 'Eagle' and saying nothing about dragging people off in the middle of dinner. They had only pushed her out of the way. Blocked her from getting at the woman, like they had expected her to jump in at any moment.

They'd been wrong. As shaken as Claire was, her first thought was still, Better her than me.

She did not want to stick around here any longer. She was not fighting shadows or monster rats, she was not waiting to get pulled out of the room by the nurses and dragged off to places unknown. She had lived through that once. Pregnant, scared. Alone once the Others had decided they didn't need Charlie. And again later, after a long stretch of traps and shots aimed at their people. They had kept her in a pit. She didn't know the reason for it then, and she didn't know the reason why they'd dragged her roommate off now. But it didn't matter.

Claire was having none of this.

Upstairs. That was the most obvious place for the man on the intercom to be hiding. None of the spots on the first floor looked likely for a hiding place, seeing as how most of them were meant for the patients. That's what the map said. The second floor had plenty of blank spaces, though. If she found him...

She shifted on top of the blankets. Stared at the outline of her desk, where the dinner tray was. The turkey had stopped smelling a while ago, long since grown cold. Unfortunately, that didn't make it any harder to ignore. Claire crept closer. Her belly rumbled.

There was enough pain in her stomach now to make a vicious knot of a cramp, screaming with every move she made. The thought of chocolate disgusted her. She was dizzy. Everything was all light and fuzzy, even through her fear, her anger. She knew how grave the situation was, but the pain and the weakness were making it impossible to think any further. Her plans kept halting for a hazy fog invading her mind.

She needed food. Real food. The chocolate had only made her worse.

Claire reached the foot of the bed. Middle finger outstretched, she prodded the plate until she felt something soft. A little wet.

The way her belly rolled was going to make her faint.

Ten minutes later, and Claire had forgone utensils. She was scooping mashed potatoes into her mouth with her bare hands, ripping turkey with her teeth. Guzzling down the water and nearly choking on the tidal wave. Broccoli vanished from the plate and met a blissful end in her stomach. And when she was done there, she scrambled over to her roommate's desk and helped herself to the leftovers. Shoveling down whatever was left at a record pace. Claire licked the remnants and grease from her fingers, relishing the way every drop of food fell into her belly.

This wasn't poisoned. She would be okay. It wasn't going to make her sick, no one else had been sick yet, and good god she wanted to die from the euphoria. A full belly. Stuffed to the brim.

The feeling was relished for a little while more. Claire gave herself some time sprawled upon the bed, rubbing her distended middle and hiccuping violently. The haze was lifting now.

Yes. Upstairs. Feeling good for the first time in ages, and definitely not wasting the night.

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