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Night 53: F-A Block Hallway
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None seemed to have fled their rooms yet. It was both beneficial and a hindrance. Ayanami could move without hesitance in this manner, but she still wondered about the girl she had come to know. With little to none in the halls yet, there was a slim and lowering likelihood that she would actually see Aigis this night.

There was tomorrow, still. And the time after that. Until they completed the purpose here, they had limitless time, until they fell to another’s machinations.

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About twenty minutes after the lights had gone out, the door to F13 crept open. A sated, happier Claire peeked out into the hall, tool bag secured around her shoulders (the candy in the pouch and the knife hooked into the side), flashlight in one hand and her axe in the other. Noiselessly, she stepped into a near empty hall. She had heard most of the other girls pouring out earlier while she had been catching up on eating, but she was glad for the lack of company. Getting crowded at night was uncomfortable. There was safety in numbers, but Claire preferred to be alone.

Or at least, with someone who was working with her rather than around her. That would be nice.

She didn't need to pull out the map yet. She knew there were stairs in the main corridor, and that was a path she could walk in her sleep by now.

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