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Night 53: Main Hallway 1-West
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And again, quiet. Silence broken only by far off footsteps and the creak of a building settling. There was more in the darkness, Ayanami knew this, but currently nothing had stepped forward to show itself. This night was too similar to another, and her hand raised to her neck without meaning to. There was nothing like trauma in this, she told herself. It was only that she had become wary of empty halls, had become distrustful of others in the dark.

More than before, it seemed. Still, Rei moved slowly, satisfied with checking the hall thoroughly before passing through.

[Eva pilots!~]

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Everything else depended on luck, though. And it looked as if Landel had moved to block his enemies before this date, if last night's broadcasted struggle was any indication. And they'd known what was going on. Tomorrow must be important, then, for whatever reason, and not just for the Head. That was no comfort. Not like she expected it to.

Mele cast her flashlight around, cursed when it dimmed slightly, and shook it. Out of batteries again? She sighed and leaned on the same wall she'd leaned on last night. It wasn't like she'd had a designation, anyway.

[hi Scarecrow]

[Running in from here!]

Clicking his flashlight off, the Scarecrow rounded the corner into the main hallway, keeping along the wall as he headed to the east. Even in the dark, he could tell there weren't many people out and about yet, which was a good sign in his eyes: maybe Landel's army of witches hadn't had the chance to make themselves at home in the shadows yet. And thinking of shadows, he clicked on his light and looked behind him without stopping, making sure his own shadow was in the right place. It was still acting normally enough. He could only hope Depth Charge's would behave.

Returning his attention to the hall before him, the Scarecrow's light swept over a figure directly in front of him, taking him by surprise. He leapt backward with a yelp, landing on his rear (and immediately letting out a second help, as said landing feel at all well on his body). Grabbing his flashlight before it got too far from him, he shakily rose the beam before him.

"Mele!" the Scarecrow said with a relieved sigh. All the thinking about witches and shadows and what was happening to those who'd gone missing must have made him jumpier than usual. "Boy, am I glad to see you're okay. What are you doing out here?"

"Are you okay?" Mele asked, getting off the wall. She tilted her head at him as he got up—how many times had she told him not to go out at night? No, maybe that had all been in her head—and examined him as well as she could in the light for injuries. Didn't look to be anything serious, which was good, but did he really just fall over for no real apparent reason? She shone her light at the floor—it wasn't like he'd tripped or something.

It was...vaguely uncomfortable to encounter Scarecrow at night, and Mele impatiently shoved all the memories of Gen Juken back to the back of her mind. That was done and over with, and thinking about it at all was counterproductive.

"That's what I'm asking myself," Mele answered as she turned to lean back against the wall. The only place she knew to go from here was the morgue, and what was the point of going there? A pause, and then she turned back to face him. "You're not going to that Horrible Hallway, are you?"

"Oh, I'm just fine," the Scarecrow answered as he dusted off his backside. "Don't you worry about me." Mele seemed to be acting like herself- for half a second, he'd thought she may have been bewitched again, patrolling the halls under another of Landel's spells. Though the event had occurred several days ago, the image of her standing before him, fire in hand, was as fresh as the day it'd been burnt into his mind.

Of course, as soon as he'd reassured her not to be concerned with his well-being, she hit the nail on the head with a guess of his destination. A guilty look crossed his face, knowing she'd probably disapprove- her and Depth Charge and Abe and most other people he'd met. Even he had some reservations about the Horrible Hallway, but it had to be crossed for the sake of exploration. If there was a chance he could help his friends in some way, he had to take it, no matter how dangerous the circumstances got.

"Well, that's exactly where I'm headed," the Scarecrow said with a determined nod. "I thought I'd explore this one hallway while picking up a few more batteries for my light. My roommate and I were up there the other night, but someone got to them before we did, and the whole situation got very strange as the night went on. We didn't have a chance to see the rest of the hall."

This was...the second or third time? If nothing terrible (and by "terrible," she meant "life-threatening") had happened to him yet while in that hallway, it probably wouldn't (and the truly terrible things that weren't life-threatening happened specifically, to specific people). But it was best not to leave that to chance, at least for tonight, when Mele could actually do something about it. "I'm going with you, then," Mele said decisively.

"Looks like I'm running out, too," she added, holding up her flashlight, in case anyone got the idea that she was doing it because she cared. Not that Landel was listening in, unless he was.

Horrible Hallway was on the second floor, so...stairs. Mele started for the closer flight, then remembered there were two sets of stairs and turned back. "Which way?"

The Scarecrow had half a mind to insist Mele would probably be better off staying there than going to second floor, but the look she gave him plainly stated that she wouldn't take no for an answer. He also remembered that there was safety in numbers, and having seen Mele handle herself under Landel's influence, the former strawman was sure she'd be just fine with or without him. Better together than not! That way, he could keep an eye on her, just in case she was the next to disappear.

"Well, we can stick together and help each other out, then," the Scarecrow said in agreement. "I usually take those stairs right there, but I was thinking I might try heading down this hall to the other stairs instead." He put a finger to the air for a pause, fishing his journal from his pocket and pulling the map from between the pages. "From the looks of it, they lead right where we'll want to go. This way!"

With that, he turned and headed down the hall at a quick pace.

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