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Night 53: Main Hallway 1-West
hasnomeaning wrote in damned
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And again, quiet. Silence broken only by far off footsteps and the creak of a building settling. There was more in the darkness, Ayanami knew this, but currently nothing had stepped forward to show itself. This night was too similar to another, and her hand raised to her neck without meaning to. There was nothing like trauma in this, she told herself. It was only that she had become wary of empty halls, had become distrustful of others in the dark.

More than before, it seemed. Still, Rei moved slowly, satisfied with checking the hall thoroughly before passing through.

[Eva pilots!~]

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[From here.]

This part was crowded, just the same as always. Claire grumbled under her breath. Why weren't they getting a move on?

She crept through the hall, ducking past larger groups and lone patients alike. She didn't want company tonight unless they could tell her where Landel was. And if they knew, they wouldn't still be standing around doing nothing. No one here had gotten anything done. Were they even looking? Or did they all give up? She saw plenty of notices for 'History Clubs', expeditions outside the institute, sign ups for rescue attempts (ones that she hadn't understood the need for until she'd seen her roommate get carried out by the orderlies during dinner). But not one of them was bothering to look for the man in charge.

Were they really that stupid?

Claire mounted the first step with a scowl. Well. If there was a way to get to Landel, she was finding it tonight. Nothing was stopping her from trying. This place may have thrown things at her that she didn't understand, that she had never seen before or even imagined in her entire life, but if she didn't try...

If she didn't try, then what was the point?

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