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She'd kind of been expecting to run into someone by now -- hell, with the amount of people who'd been in the cafeteria? But maybe they were hiding out from the monsters that they weren't equipped to handle. After all, if Ruby hadn't been through what she had and lived as long as she had, she'd probably be curled up in her room for safety, too. It wasn't like she was excited to tangle with these freaks.

But, it was a necessary evil, just like most of what she was doing these days. The nurse's station that Roxas referred to was on her right as she headed down the hall with slow, purposeful steps, following the path that the nurse had taken her out through while the lights were up.

A part of her wanted to know how aware they were of this shit -- of the fact that they were basically leading the patients through the paths they'd need to know to screw them over. Probably. Judging by Landel's taunts, they knew a lot of what went on. Security cameras, maybe? She hadn't seen any -- yet -- but she couldn't eliminate the possibility.

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Her pace quickened once she entered the larger hall. Claire was used to having to slow down on treks, because it was impossible to move quietly through the jungle on normal strides. If you were hunting or hiding, you had to take a few moments per step. Leaves underfoot would give you away in a second, and then where would you be?

But this was all smooth. Not tile. There was another word for it. Claire couldn't be bothered to remember right now.

Funny how easy it was to forget so much in so little time.

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