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[cheer] runaways
autophoenix wrote in damned
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The doors to the next hallway were already wide open when she came through, though the ones at the far end of the hall were, as she could see from one brief flick of her flashlight, were tightly shut. Weren't those the doors to the recreational field? They were in the hall directly North of hers, it only made sense for this to be the other exit.

Checking down the hall also told her she was alone, and she was suddenly very grateful for the fact that the door to Peter's block was directly to her left, because the longer she spent in the male patient blocks, the more paranoid she grew that she was somehow going to stumble straight into Sylar.

Her pace picked up instantly at that thought and she pushed open the door to the block that Peter had directed her to, hoping his directions were right and that she'd remembered them well enough.

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The Scarecrow moved quickly, only tripping on his foot once as he crossed the third hallway. He tried to count back the days, figure out how long he'd been at the Institute, how long he'd had to adjust to his human condition, but his mind was too focused on other matters: if people had returned to the institute after their first stay, that meant there was a chance they could recover and sort themselves out again. After all, why would Wizard Landel bring them back otherwise? With the way he ran things, he was sure to be angry if someone had broken free of his spells- wicked people often felt they had to be in control of everything.

He still didn't know if Abe had been brainwashed or if he'd managed to escape. The latter seemed unlikely, given Abe's desire to help others, but if he was truly dead, then he probably couldn't be helped at all; however, those who were certainly still around and bewitched, like Dorothy, were still within reach. If only he could find his body and his brain, he could find a way out!

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