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Night 53: Main Hallway, 1-East
flying saucer?
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"And anyway, was that a map or what?" She hadn't gotten a good look, but if Scarecrow had consulted it, it was either a map or instructions. Mele didn't know which was more likely.

It was a good idea to exchange notes once in a while, probably. Maybe she'd do that in the day tomorrow; she'd been focusing so much on what everyone encountered that it hadn't occurred to her to ask where they'd been exploring. It wasn't that hard to see all there was to see in a building, or so she'd thought.

The flashlight flickered again, and Mele bit back a curse as she paused to shake it.

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Huh, so Mele hadn't seen her shadow either? The Scarecrow had to admit that while he was surprised, he was a little relieved to hear there were a number of people whose shadows hadn't acted strangely. He still thought it was odd Landel would only target certain people, but if that had been a part of his plan all along, then it made sense. After all, what if it had been his shadow to act up instead and he'd been with a stranger during the night? A friend was more likely to believe something they couldn't see based on good faith; a stranger may have thought he'd lost his mind- his human one, at that.

"It's a map I copied from the board only a day or so after I arrived," he answered, slowing his pace. "It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I'm sure glad I did it now. The ones posted lately don't have the second floor labeled as well as mine. I've also added a few points, things that I might ought to note. Just in case, you know?"

He turned as they neared the stairs. "You can copy mine if you've not got one. I've got a pen and some paper. A map is a very handy thing to have in a confusing place like this."

"Hmm...yeah, that would be helpful," Mele answered, distracted. She shook the flashlight once more, and when the beam steadied again, she turned toward the stairs with barely a glance at the hall.

It was just the hall at the other end of the Sun Room; not anything she'd seen before, but she could probably get a peek in the day (with its accompanying better lighting) if she was quick tomorrow.

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