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Night 52: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 2
so i heard you needed a new airhole
mugenreppa wrote in damned
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"I have a pen," she added as she ascended the stairs. She was already using her journal to keep track of the days, why not stick a map in the same place? Unless they didn't let her carry the journal around tomorrow, but if so, that didn't make any sense (why give her a journal? Why let her carry a pen?), and she was going to tell the nurse so. "Tomorrow."

More importantly, she needed to keep her attention on what might lay ahead. "You haven't been this way before, right? Keep behind me." On the other hand, if Mele fell, she'd tumble into him. But someone had to take point, so... "And a little to the side," she added, glancing down.

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With a cautious look around them, the Scarecrow followed Mele's directions, moving behind (and a little to the side of) her, yet again getting that vague sense of being protected as though he was somehow more fragile than any other flesh-and-blood man. How strange it was now to think he'd have been the one doing the leading only weeks before! Of course, having been made of straw and easily put back together if torn apart, he would have been the natural choice to make sure the hallways were safe for his friends.

He was sure Mele and Depth Charge and Abe all had their reasoning for their caution with him, but he couldn't figure out what it was for the life of him. Knowing how things were, he decided he'd attribute both said caution and his inability to discern their exact reasons to his lack of working brains: it probably wasn't best to let someone like him take the lead, anyway.

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