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Night 53: Main Hall, 2-East
scarefaux wrote in damned
[From here.]

Reaching the top of the stairs, the Scarecrow followed Mele into the eastern end of the Horrible Hallway. Two steps in, and it didn't seem very dangerous yet- then again, the western end of the Hallway hadn't seemed so bad his first night until they discovered Mele and the somethings attacked. The balcony overlooking the Sun Room was usually dangerous, as well. It seemed only natural to assume there'd probably be witches on the eastern end occasionally.

That thought in mind, the Scarecrow gave the area a cautious sweep with his flashlight before looking at his map again. "We'll find some time tomorrow for you to copy this," he said quietly, breaking the eerie stillness of the corridor with his voice. "I usually see you at breakfast- it's a good thing, too. I know I'd be worried if I didn't see you every couple of days, knowing how people come and go in this place."

The Scarecrow looked toward the side halls, turning right and taking a few steps. "It'll be this one over here. Let's move before something notices us."

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[back out from here]

This hall looked empty, but there wasn't anything here, anyway. Why did Scarecrow get that tone in his voice when talking about 'that' hallway? ...Oh. Horrible Hallway. Well, there wasn't anything here, so they were safe for now.

No, she was wrong. There had been something here, but they'd completely bypassed it after climbing the stairs. Mele was fairly sure there had been something on Scarecrow's map, as well, but might as well check it. "Hey, let me see the map for a sec?"

[Thanks for that notif you didn't send, LJ. :(]

They rounded the corner into the eastern end of the Horrible Hallway (the safer end, as far as the Scarecrow was concerned), voices of other patients still coming from the corridor behind them. Despite the night carrying on, they'd hardly heard a soul since they'd left the downstairs hallway. Where was everyone? Or was it that the eastern side of the Institute simply wasn't as traveled? How strange!

The Scarecrow handed his maps to Mele at her request, the one for the second floor on top from his attempt to scout out their next destination. "What is it, Mele?"

[LJ strikes again!]

Mele glanced over the map. There was the hallway of rooms they'd just passed through, so that would make this the...

Hmm, Scarecrow's map didn't label it. "Just curious. Do you know what's down this hall?" she asked as she handed the maps back. Not that she was all that eager to go poke around in there, but it was good to know. And for the sake of completing the map. I guess.

She cautiously opened the door and peeked inside, shining the light downwards for now. Hopefully the light wasn't some great beacon of Victims! Come Get Your Victims Here! but considering how dark everything was, that wasn't likely. Sigh. Hopefully there wasn't anything behind the door, then. Who knew; they'd been lucky so far.

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