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Night 53: East Wing, Hall A
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That was a lie, though. She didn't have a definitive list that she added to and subtracted from, but she had the general sense that certain people she'd talked to once or twice were missing. But if they were gone, there was nothing she could do. Except rain curses on the institute, but she'd already done plenty of that, and it didn't work. Because then they'd just take away someone else.

Swinging her light cautiously from side to side, Mele squinted into the dark at the doors lining the halls. "What are you looking for, anyway? What's in these rooms?"

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The hallway was just as empty as they'd left it, with the exception of a few bits of clutter from the closet that followed the Scarecrow out the door as the boxes he'd knocked over settled into their new positions. He took a moment to right himself out, his balance thrown off by his near-tumble through the messy room.

Tucking his light under his arm, he found his map again. "Now let's see. My roommate saw his shadow in there and it followed us out here- he says it did, anyway. I couldn't see it. We didn't get to search these other rooms to see what was in them. I'm hopin' we'll find either a way to the third floor or something that could tell us what happens to those who've been 'released.' There's got to be some clue to point us in the right direction!"

He looked down the hall again. "Which door should we try first?"

Mele had just stepped out when the racket had her turning around again, and she watched until Scarecrow gave her a nod as he exited into the hall.

Okay. As long as he wasn't in any apparent pain or anything. She swung the light around the hallway—funny how she wasn't worried now that she was actually out in the hallway, but whatever, she'd take care of whatever came their way—but didn't see anything in ominously flickering lighting announcing LANDEL'S WEAK POINT HERE, so she shrugged. "Whatever's closest?" she suggested.

There was a door directly opposite where they were standing, and Mele headed for that.

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Back in the hall, Mele swung her light in both directions. Funny, she usually saw at least a few people. This hallway was just quiet.

She kicked some of the boxes Scarecrow had knocked over into the middle of the hall, to trip up anyone or anything coming this way, before she considered. They'd passed a few doors getting to the one with the batteries, hadn't they? And if the hall was extending further, there was probably something there, too. "Which direction? What does your map say?"

"It had to have been some sort of illusion," the Scarecrow agreed as he followed Mele, fumbling for his map as he reentered the hallway. "But I do know that Depth Charge isn't the type who'd be tricked easily. Worked up, yes; but to actually listen to what it was saying and believe a word of it, no. I suppose it happened all over the Institute, as another friend of mine had a similar experience, talking shadow saying horrible things and all."

Finally managing to get his map from his pocket again, the Scarecrow examined it under his flashlight. "According to this, the first two rooms are for laundry and mail. I suppose those do have to be handled somewhere. Then the next few aren't labeled. Let's give going into one of those a try."

That said, the Scarecrow headed two doors from the one they'd just left, giving the knob a turn- it was locked, just like all the others in the hall; however, banging the lock with his flashlight didn't work at all. It was the same for the next two doors. He gave Mele a shrug, rubbing his hand. "I guess these are put together a little better. We might need a key for these."

He crossed the already open doors to one of the ones near the end of the hallway. After a pause, he gave the lock a hit as hard as he could, breaking it in a single go. "Got another one open!"

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"What does he use that room for, do you think?" she asked as she emerged. "If they're gone, they're gone. Geez. And with the fake names, too."

Voices. Mele looked down the hall, but the sight of other flashlights didn't alarm her; it seemed other people had finally made it here. Lessened the chance of attack by something at least, though which group was protecting whom depended on which way the attack came from.

Oh well. Mele shrugged off the concerns and shone her light in the direction further along the hall.

The Scarecrow shook his head. Why would he have a room like that? "I imagine he keeps them just in case some one comes back to the Institute once they've been released. I've heard that can happen." Or, on a darker notion, maybe the Wizard Landel kept them as some sort of proof of what he'd done. He couldn't possibly be sentimental about it.

The sound of voices came from down the hall and in the rooms they'd already searched. It sounded like other patients- the Scarecrow decided it'd be better not to go investigate for now, just in case it was a wandering witch. He approached the next door, preparing his light. "There are only a couple more rooms to check. The entrance to the third floor has to be somewhere up here, but I'm already getting the feeling it's going to be behind one of these doors we can't open."

The door popped open on the first impact, much to the Scarecrow's surprise. Maybe he was getting better at this.

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With only one more room left in the hall, the Scarecrow found himself excited to head for the next handle. It didn't budge when he turned it, so he gave the lock a whack with his flashlight. Still nothing- drat! If the entrance to the third floor was in the hall somewhere, it was undoubtedly behind one of the locked doors; after all, why would they be locked so tightly unless the Wizard Landel wanted to be sure no one could get in there? The other doors had opened easily enough.

"Looks like we aren't getting through this way," the Scarecrow. He wandered back to Mele, stopping beside her and holding his map so she could see it. "And no third floor stairs we can reach, either. What should we do? Should we head somewhere else? Or try another hall?"

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"Why, is the crown important?" Mele asked as she followed him out. It might have been something shiny, but a token was just a token. Surely strength was more important? Scarecrow thought about a lot of things Mele didn't or hadn't considered, though; maybe this was one of those things. "Maybe Landel took it. He's a jerk," Mele declared, as if the latter statement wasn't obvious.

And thinking was overrated, anyway. Mele was about to say as much, but decided to watch him go at the door instead. The pause gave her time to remember that Scarecrow was a king and therefore probably placed a lot of value of brains for that reason. Mele shrugged—strength was still more important—and glanced at the map as Scarecrow returned. Horrible Hallway, 'Witches Here Sometimes' (heh), Sleep Studies....

Mele grabbed his arm as she read the last. "Sleep Studies?" She looked up at him. "What's over there?"

"I suppose the crown isn't really all that important," the Scarecrow said with a nod, "seeing how I'm the king on account of my superior brains. The crown simply marks me as such. Still, I'd hate to lose it since it wasn't really mine, and it was an awful nice- "

He was cut off by Mele's sudden interest in his map and... oh. He trembled at even the thought of that hall and what exactly had happened there. Yes, it was an eye-opening experience that had helped him see through the Wizard Landel's tricks; however, it was an event that still plagued him every time he was reminded of his inability to think deeply, even though he had a human brain with his human body. Not only had they tampered with the only brain he had in the Institute, but they'd also put in the clever little thing.

"That's where... well, this happened." He kept his eyes on her as he touched that spot on his head, the hair there still a little shorter than the rest. How long had it been now? Even if his body healed, he wouldn't be forgetting that night anytime soon.

Well, that changed things. That was okay, they could just go and poke around there—

Dammit, no they couldn't. Not if Scarecrow's face was any indication, and she was standing close enough to have felt the tremor that went through his body at the mention, too. Mele bit her lip, partly in frustration, partly in unreasonable anger at the set of circumstances that had led her here to discover this while in the company of Scarecrow, who she wouldn't force into going there.

No, wait a minute. Mele looked at the map again. Hadn't she been in that hall? If this was the Sun Room and these the stairs at the other end of the Sun Room hallway...and there was the Morgue. She'd definitely passed it at some point; it would be simple to find again.

"Not there, then," she said to Scarecrow, eyes on the map. "Have you been to everywhere else on this map? Anywhere your crown would be?"

"I've not been far down any of the side halls, save for this one," the Scarecrow said, shaking his head and trying not to think about that horrible night. He pulled his map of the first floor out, setting it atop its brother. "There are so many places I haven't been yet on both floors."

There were times he felt like he wasted a lot of time on trying to find his body and his brain, but he was convinced everything would be all right if he just had his diploma back. The Wizard may have assured him others had no more brains than he had, but those he'd been given definitely made a difference. If he could find them, surely he'd be able to think of a way to help everyone and save Dorothy!

"And I don't see anywhere else it could be," he continued as he scanned over the labeled rooms. He was willing to bet it was with his original body, though that was reportedly on the third floor, and he'd had no luck at all finding it thus far. "I suppose we can always try moving to the next hall and searching those rooms. We never know what we'll find until we try."

The Scarecrow swallowed the uncomfortable knot forming in his throat, feeling very much like the Cowardly Lion at that moment. It had to be because he was without his brains and human- it was hard to discern the limitations of his current body. "And if we get all the way on the other side of the building, well... I'm positive we'll be fine in that hallway. We'll watch out for each other to make sure nothing bad happens."

That was all very well, but there was no guarantee that it was anywhere in this building. It wasn't like Landel had made any kind of promise on that front. And even if he did, he'd probably break it. Or maybe it was in the Sleep Studies hall, the jerk!

Well, it could all be a ruse, but systematic searching seemed like the only option left. Why play around when he could have just put that crown into a locked room? There was no point trying to guess.

Though that did make the search for his wizardry techniques much, much harder. Maybe lure one of the brainwashed attackers to a locked door...?

"Yeah," she responded. "You never know." Although if it was anything like that message just now, she was smacking something.

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