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Night 53: Janitor's Closet
scarefaux wrote in damned
[From here.]

The door opened with a loud crreeeaaaak, announcing their arrival to anything that may have been in the cluttered room- of course, with as noisy as breaking the lock had been, they weren't going to be getting the surprise on any witches, anyway. Shining his flashlight into the room, the Scarecrow shuffled in, careful not to disturb the boxes on the floor. While in less of a mess than the night before, it did still appear as though a twister had run its course through the area.

The Scarecrow headed immediately for the side Depth Charge had been looking the other night, finding the box of spare batteries quickly. "Ah, here we are! Plenty for the two of us, and anyone else who might come this way." He grabbed two batteries for himself, and another two for Depth Charge, dropping them into his pocket and passing the box to Mele in case she wanted a few. It had seemed her flashlight was acting up.

Having another thought, he scooted to the spot he'd searched the previous night- surely enough, the extra flashlights were there, looking as though they'd never been taken in the first place. Reaching around a few stacked cans on the shelf, he grabbed one of the spare lights. "I don't think anyone will mind if I take one of these, too. I've got a friend who could sure use it, since he lost his own."

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Perfect. Mele put the box down somewhere, and fished out a set to replace hers right on the spot. That done, she reached into the box again to grab a couple and put them in her pocket. That she was wearing the gray thing and not her own dress, which didn't have any pockets, didn't make her feel any more well-disposed toward the institute. She knew where this place was now; having pockets was just a convenience. That was all.

Mele went to the door and shone the light out, on the look-out for anything that might have heard the creak when they'd entered. "I'm sure you could take anything and no one would mind," she responded idly. "Or at least, they wouldn't know it was you."

...Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to advertise their location by sticking the flashlight out into the hallway. As soon as she realized this, she hurriedly clicked it off. "Ready?" she called behind her, jittery.

"Ready!" the Scarecrow said with a nod, finding a place for the second flashlight in the waistband of his pants. He turned and only made it a single step before tripping on one of the boxes littering the floor, stumbling his way across the small room and into the opposite wall. The box he'd tripped on hit another stack, knocking them to the floor and leaving the entire area just about as messy as they'd found it the night before. That certainly would explain why the room had been such a disaster- maybe someone as clumsy with a human body as he was had been there first.

He gave another nod to Mele as he stepped into the hallway.

[And back out to here.]

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