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Night 53: General Storage
f this noise im goin shopping
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"How many doors along this hall have you been into?" Mele asked as she turned the knob, and then, failing that, hit it with her flashlight like Scarecrow had done earlier.

Nothing but bunches of boxes, Mele noted, stepping in and shining the light carefully around. She peeked into one and found it full of uniforms. Useless, unless she wanted to dress up for some reason.

"You said you couldn't see your roommate's shadow?" she asked, her mind replaying the part about the shadow things in slow-mo, it felt like. Mele had been alone last night, and had been avoiding the subject all day, so she hadn't corroborated her experience with anyone else's. Whether or not she thought anything could be gained by following this new development, there was something to be said about persistence. Or whatever it was that applied to situations like this. "Was it just too dark?"

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"This will make the second," the Scarecrow admitted as he stepped into the room. Stacks of boxes similar to those in the last room lined the walls, albeit in a far more organized fashion, along with cabinets. He peered into an open box curiously: piled inside were several towers of the cups they used at meals.

"It wasn't that it was too dark," he continued as he tried one of the cabinets. "I could see just fine, our shadows included. He said his shadow was talking to him- came to life and everything- but I couldn't see what he was seein' no matter how hard I tried, nor could I hear what it was saying. Whatever it was, it must have been just awful. I don't think I've ever seen him so worked up."

The cabinet finally came open, revealing a few uniforms like the nurses wore. The Scarecrow sent his flashlight into every corner of the room, checking to see if they'd missed anything. He turned to Mele, making sure she didn't need something before they left. "There doesn't seem to be much else here. Let's try another room."

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"Hmm. That's weird." What was the point of— Oh. "Maybe they were just illusions?"

That didn't mean what they said wasn't accurate, though. Well, whatever. She still didn't know how it was done. Mele hadn't been near here, but she'd been on the second floor. "Have you heard from anyone else? Did this happen on the first floor?"

Done with the room, Mele headed back out.

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