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Night 53: Patient Possessions Storage
scarefaux wrote in damned
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Well, the second floor was just room after room of boxes, wasn't it? The Scarecrow reached for his map and pen, preparing to label the entire hall as "Where one might find boxes and batteries" when the name of the room caught his eye. "It says here that this is the Patient Possessions Storage," he said, stopping after only a few steps into the room. He took another look around- surely enough, every box on the shelf had its own label, each bearing the name of a patient. Whether they were the possessions of past or present patients was yet to be known.

The Scarecrow started at the A section, passing slowly down the line in the hopes of finding a box for Abe Sapien. With no luck on the first name, he skipped to the wall with the S boxes, scanning for a "Scarecrow" box while he was there. It looked like they followed the same pattern as the files, going with the name given by the Institute. He paused again, turning to Mele as an idea came to mind. "Do you suppose this is where they keep what we had on us when they brought us here?"

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"Who knows?" Mele responded, looking around for 'M' section of names. "If that's the case, mine isn't here." Her name wasn't even that hard, and she'd been here for ages. Lazy!

She went to check the 'R' and 'L' sections, though, just in case. Not finding the name (or an approximation of it), she peeked into a box at random. Just normal stuff: clothes, and—she held up a plastic-looking thing—cellphones. "With the type of people I've met, I don't think their boxes would be this useless," she remarked, digging more through the box but not finding anything out of the ordinary. Mele's would have her sai in it, for instance.

Maybe more people than she'd thought were just boring. There was a lot of boxes, after all; more than the number of people she'd talked to. She rifled through another box, but found it more or less the same. "Have you found yours?"

The H side of the wall brought more luck, as sitting along one of the shelves was a box for "Howard, Hunk." The Scarecrow blinked in surprise- he'd not really expected it to be there, but there was no turning back now that he'd found it. What if this was where they were keeping his brain? Oh, he'd be able to think again!

"I think so!" he answered excitedly, pulling the box of the shelf and setting it on the ground, its contents rattling within. He removed the top slowly, peering inside.

On top was a dirty shirt of blue fabric. He shook his head- it wasn't his, or the one that had been stuffed and used as his body. Beneath the shirt was an odd collection of items: a comb, a strange piece of leather with pockets stitched into it, a ring with two keys, a metal handle with a knife folded into it, and a watch on a leather band. The last item was familiar enough- he wound the knob on the side, the watch coming to life with a pleasant ticking sound. The former strawman couldn't help but smile.

"I guess my brain isn't in here," the Scarecrow said. "And I don't recognize any of these things. They certainly weren't with me when I got here, but I guess it couldn't hurt to take them. Maybe they'll come in handy." Pocketing all the smaller items, he put the shirt back into the box, hoping they wouldn't notice it was missing a few of its contents.

Getting to his feet, the Scarecrow put the box back on the shelf, continuing his search for other familiar names. "You know the name the nurses call you, right? Try looking for a box with that name on it. That's how I found mine."

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Mele wandered over to look in Scarecrow's box, and perked up when she saw the knife. Scarecrow owned a knife? She hadn't thought he'd be the type to carry one around. Or...no, he said he didn't recognize it. "Did they mix up the boxes?"

At the suggestion, Mele reluctantly turned to look for the 'A' section. The institute couldn't really believe those were their names. First of all, it was ridiculous. Second of all...it was ridiculous. You would think someone would know her own name, but apparently not. Something to ask the doctor, when she saw him again.

"Why would your brain be in a box?" she asked, making conversation (and dismissing the thought that she had at one point thought herself Airi) as she trained the flashlight along the boxes. "Isn't it in your...head....?"

Mele trailed off as her flashlight caught something at the top of the stack and she followed the trail of...what? Black paint? to the ceiling. WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE, it was written up there. What the hell? The door had had to be smashed open; who'd been in here before them? More importantly, how'd someone reach up there? "What the heck...?"

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"I suppose they could have mixed up the boxes," the Scarecrow replied, shaking his head again. "My box oughta have my brain- well, the diploma the Wizard of Oz gave me back home, but seeing how the brain that came with this body doesn't work so well anymore, I probably shouldn't do any deep thinkin' without it. There should also be a crown in there somewhere. I'm hoping that got left behind. I'd hate to have lost..."

His eyes followed Mele's light to the ceiling and to the letters painted on its surface. "'Welcome to your life.' What do you think that could mean?"

The Scarecrow answered his own question almost immediately. "Oh! I'll bet this is another one of the Wizard Landel's tricks! Visitors come to see who we're supposed to be accordin' to the nurses, so maybe these things belong to those people."

[No worries! /o/]

Intimidation or something? No, that wasn't the right word for it. Mele was about to ask who had been in here before them, but if it was Landel's trick, it could have been there the moment night started. Everyone spent dinner in their rooms, after all.

"Why go so far, though?" Mele asked instead, turning to stroll down the row, looking at the names. "Who would be convinced?" Everyone who explored the building had to come in here at some point, but this kind of thing was so...passive. Not that she wanted a repeat of the shadow things, either.

Oh, well. "So you replace your brain when it starts breaking? Must be convenient. Wizardry?"

The Scarecrow remained silent for a moment as Mele talked, his eyes still glued to the ceiling. It wasn't so long ago that he'd contemplated if the Wizard Landel really was telling the truth and that all he knew as a scarecrow and of Oz was just some figment of his imagination. In a strange way, he was grateful for the awful things that he'd faced in the Institute: if he'd not seen first-hand just how cruel Landel could be, he might have believed those lies.

"That was the idea in Oz. See, I didn't have a brain as a scarecrow." He pointed to his head. "Only straw up there. I'm not sure it works quite the same way here, though. The human body is a curious thing."

The Scarecrow finally tore his eyes from the writing on the ceiling. "Now I've got to admit that Wizard Landel does have some awfully convincing methods," he admitted. "With what the visitors say and all the nurses and now these boxes. I imagine those who aren't aware of just how wicked he is could fall for it."

He frowned, thinking of Dorothy. She was so sweet and trusting. Though she'd had the power to leave Oz with only a click of her heels, it seemed it took more to escape from the Institute.

"Maybe more than convincing," Mele muttered in response, looking for her false name. 'Welcome to your life.' Not a threat, just a statement. Some kind of psychological thing that she had no patience with. It was just a lie. Just a lie. She'd been tricked once into being the false person, but it was just a lie.

The truth, though... If given the choice, you'd pick it. Gen Juken.

This was silly and ridiculous and a trick! Disgruntled, Mele thought she might like to have her brain replaced right now. "Sounds complicated," she responded, turning for the door. "How did you think back then? You said something about a crown?"

"Oh, the crown came from the Emerald City." The Scarecrow fumbled around in his pocket, shifting through all the new contents for his map. "After the Wizard of Oz left, I was chosen to watch over Oz as its acting monarch in his stead. I do hope I didn't lose that crown somewhere in the trip here. With any luck, maybe it'll be with my body, wherever that could be."

Finally finding the scrap of paper he was looking for, he got his flashlight ready to read; however, he found himself unable to think about the map at that moment as Mele's other question ran through his mind. "To be honest, I'm not really sure how I thought before I got my brains. I used to supposed I couldn't. The Wizard said that anyone could have a brain and that it was a mediocre commodity, but I really did want one." The real question was whether or not it really had changed his life.

Still puzzling, the Scarecrow headed for the hall, throwing one more glance to the writing above them.

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