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Day 54: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The jingle of the intercom seemed ill-timed this round, a fact that was further pronounced by the pleasant voice following suit.

"Hello, patients. This is I.R.I.S. again. Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to speak to you directly at this time. Until the matter is resolved, we will be announcing the remainder of today's events from our automated service.

It is now time for everyone to retire to their assigned rooms for Dinner Shift. Tonight's menu consists of premium spaghetti with Landel's signature marinara sauce, garlic bread, and a side of Caesar salad. Our dessert for tonight is chocolate chip cookies. In addition, we will be providing the usual selection of drinks, and vegetarian alternatives can be made available upon request.

We again would like to apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact your nurse with any questions or concerns you might have. Thank you, and have a wonderful evening."

The intercom clicked off.

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The worst fears Gren had been trying to ignore all day became suddenly all too real when the soldiers marched into the Greenhouse, ordered out all of the regular staff, and announced that they were now in charge. This wasn't a hospital, or even the sham of a hospital anymore. It was simply a prison, one filled with terrible intent, if any of the things he'd been slowly piecing together during the course of the day proved true.

He followed stiffly along as he was led back inside, flinched when one of them grabbed his arm. That was the last thing he wanted--these people touching him. Their kind had done enough damage to him already. But he stayed quiet while dinner was collected and he was led back to his room.

Thankfully, it was empty. The last thing he wanted was to be seen like this--tense and terrified at the mere existence of these soldiers. When they released him, he took his plate to his desk and sat down, ignoring the food in favor of putting his head in his hands and trying to regain at least some semblance of his composure. Maybe with the soldiers out of sight, he'd actually manage it.

When Edgar decided he'd skip spending a shift in the greenhouse in favor of a nap in the Sun Room in preparation for the coming night, he'd fully anticipated to be awakened by the usual bustle of the shift change: an announcement from their kind head doctor, the nurses gathering up patients to usher them to their rooms for the night, and a mention of what was on the menu for the evening. What hadn't been expected was to be awakened by Landel himself as he came storming into the room.

His appearance alone had been surprising, but to see him in such a state of disarray, while secretly a little satisfying, did not bode well. The institute was in the hands of this General Aguilar now, whose soldiers had already shown they wouldn't tolerate insubordination of any degree. Was it another ploy by Landel? The possibility wasn't entirely out of the question, though Edgar couldn't figure out what benefit Landel would have by pretending to lose his hold over his patients. No, it was more likely the head of the ship had changed hands. Whether it was for better or for worse had yet to be seen.

Edgar had to admit it was already looking to be for worse as he was pulled from the Sun Room without even a moment to look at the board and was literally shoved into his room upon arrival. Gren was already there, looking less composed than usual. "I don't suppose you were in the Sun Room just a moment ago, were you?" he guessed.

Gren was a little startled by the sound of the door opening again, but he fought it down as he realized it was just Edgar being let in, not anyone coming to take him back out again. He just had to remind himself that so far at least, nothing had really changed. The soldiers were less friendly than the old staff, but most of that had probably been a charade anyway. He didn't know for certain that things were going to go bad from here on in, he was just anticipating it. He needed to calm down and try to keep a clear head about things.

He looked up and shook his head at Edgar's question. "No, I was out in the greenhouse. They ordered all the regular staff out and one of the soldiers said they were taking over on orders from some general. Did something happen?" Gren had assumed the same order had been given everywhere--he hadn't spotted any of the regular staff around when he'd been brought back inside.

"We got the same announcement in the Sun Room," Edgar said as he set his tray on his desk, having a seat on the his bed. He rested his elbows on his knees, leaning forward as he thought. The general had plenty of soldiers in his employ, given the numbers he'd seen in the Sun Room. Things were going to be tricky if he was truly the one running the institute now.

"I caught the tail end of it as I was waking from a nap," he explained. "It was surprising, but not nearly as much as what came next: Landel himself burst into the room, demanding to know what was going on. He looked frazzled, appropriate for a man seemingly losing control of a situation. An officer approached him, informing him he was to wait in his office.

"He made it clear he wasn't willing to comply- perhaps this Aguilar has given him problems in the past. Either way, she then informed him he was relieved of his position as Head Doctor, and he was literally dragged from the room kicking and screaming."

There was more, of course- some of the things Landel had said were curious, especially the mention of the institute being an 'altverse'- but that was enough to digest for the moment.

"He showed up in person?" He was sure the surprise showed on his face. He had honestly doubted the man was really anywhere on the grounds at all. He certainly hadn't heard of anyone seeing him before. The rest of the information made his mood darken considerably, though.

"Sounds to me like we're being tossed to the wolves." Or rather, that whatever Landel's original objective was here, it was one he'd failed at, and someone higher up the chain of command had gotten fed up and decided to give someone else the job. Of course, if whoever this Aguilar was wasn't fond of the whole mental hospital facade, it might mean they'd finally be able to work out what was going on. That might work to their advantage, even if everything else went to hell. "Almost sorry I missed the excitement, though." It would have been nice to see the person who'd been pulling the strings.

"I was shocked he was actually there, as well. It's one thing to hear him constantly, never knowing if he's actually somewhere in the building or not; it's another thing entirely for him to not only appear, but to be so out of his usual character when he did. With as desperate as he sounded, it's hard to imagine it's just some sort of act or another game to catch us off guard."

Edgar rubbed between his eyes. So much for that nap. "And if it isn't an act, that means the institute is in the hands of someone possibly worse, if the handling of this morning's riot is a hint of how he'll manage everything else. I'm curious about what will happen when night falls. Does the General know about the institute at night? Or with Landel gone, will it be oddly normal?" He smiled wryly. "I could use a good night's rest."

Not that he'd be getting one even if the institute did stay as it was during the day. He had work to do.

"I guess this means he must be here, at least occasionally." There was always a chance that the man had only shown up in person because he knew the soldiers would be there as well. "Not that it's going to do us any good now." Not if he really had been relieved of his duties. Some luck.

Gren laughed at the suggestion that they might get a night off, an utterly failed at keeping the bitterness out of it. "I doubt that will happen. Not if this place is what I'm starting to think it is." The only good thing about having your worst fears more-or-less confirmed was that you could at least stop dreading it and start coping with the reality of it, instead. Not that it made him feel any better about the whole situation, but he was in familiar territory, at least. It was something he could work with, even if it was going to take a lot of willpower to keep from cracking under the pressure.

Edgar returned to his desk and started on his meal, opting to skip working on his project for the night. He wouldn't put it past the soldiers to open the door unannounced, and he couldn't risk losing all of his work. He opened his drawer- everything was still in there. At least they hadn't performed a random search during the day. He retrieved his flashlight, turning it on as he did. The light flickered once before emitting a dim beam- he'd be needing more batteries. He was sure he'd seen extras in one of the store rooms on the second floor. With any luck, he'd be heading up there within the next few nights, granted he wasn't delayed by soldiers, espers, or the unimaginable.

Gren's words left Edgar curious. There were similarities between the military he knew and Aguilar's soldiers- it was safe to assume there were always going to be those who followed the orders of their commanding officer in every situation, no matter how inhumane the actions- but if Gren came from another time and place, his experiences may have given him more insight into the situation.

It was worth asking. "And what you starting to think this place is?"

Gren was ignoring his dinner--there was no way that eating it wouldn't make him sick right now, and the last thing he wanted was to be any more miserable than the day had already made him. He did, however, take stock of what was in his drawer, deciding what he'd keep and what he'd leave. He wanted to travel light tonight, as there was no way of knowing what might great them. He just knew something was going to happen. There was no way it'd be as peaceful as Edgar had joked about, no matter how much he wanted it to be.

"It's a military research experiment," he replied. "Landel might be a civilian contractor running it for them. It happens." He pulled out his flashlight and the ring, slipping the latter on his finger. After a moment of internal debate, he left the radio where it was. "I've been through this before. Not the same sort of experiment, or one on this scale, but..." He frowned. "Nothing good is going to come of it if I'm right. And they're certainly not going to leave us alone."

As if to prove his words, the intercom came on, informing them of the start of 'Project 2911.'

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