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Night 54: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1
to know why hope dies.
vitale wrote in damned
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And ... the stairs. Bella couldn't help but peek up at the darkness as she moved slowly up the stairs, saving all of her energy for when she reached the second floor. She didn't want to leap up the stairs and have to catch her breath without even having done anything. That would have sucked.

Do not want to fall up the stairs, she grumbled internally, carefully moving up the stairs. The hand that held onto the bat was pressed slightly against the wall, knuckles cool from the cement, allowing her to at least keep tabs on where the wall was. ... Not that it would randomly disappear, of course, but it was at least comforting to know that if she fell, she could use the wall to steady herself.

"Right. Good plan."

It felt like no time at all, but suddenly she was at the top of the stairs, staring into the darkness of the hallway in front of her. Instantly, Bella became quiet, focusing on her breathing. Count to ten. Five? No, ten was a good number. Gave her enough time to get her thoughts together and focus on just the act of movement. One, two, three, four, five ...

Her grip on the bat tightened. For a moment, Bella wondered if maybe she should turn off her flashlight, but ... well. She weighed in her chances. She could either enter the hallway and be unable to see and bump into god only knew what, or she could keep it on and be instantly sighted by whatever it was lurking ... but she would still be able to see. That sounded like the better option. Six, seven, eight ...

Nine, ten.
Seconds later, Bella moved running into the darkness with her heart pounding in her ears.


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[From here.]

The Scarecrow slid past Detective Gumshoe and started up the stairs, keeping his flashlight pointed ahead of him and his free hand on the rail. A stumble on the steps wouldn't feel at all well, and he wanted to keep in as good a condition as possible should they come across a witch and have to run for it.

Oh, now there was an interesting thought! "You must be either new or very fortunate to not know much about the second floor," he said over his shoulder. "You do know what goes on up there, don't you? With the Sleep Studies?" The last note was quieter, as though saying the name of the event would bring it back to him somehow. Of his many new experiences with being human, that was one he'd hoped he could forget someday; however, even the mention of it made him nervous, sending that tingling down his back. It got better each time, but he had a feeling it'd never go away entirely.

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How long had it been since he went up here? A week? Hard to believe so much had happened since then. First Mr. Edgeworth had gotten released, then Mr. Wright had disappeared off the face of the Earth. Could those two things really have been a coincidence? It seemed to Gumshoe like they might be connected. The two of them could be hiding outside the gates right now, plotting the Institute's downfall!

Gumshoe snapped out of it when Frank started talking again.

"Heh. Now that you mention it, it's kinda weird that I don't," he chuckled. "For most of the time I've been here, I worked with my partner at night." His chest swelled with pride at that. "The thing is, he's actually my superior, but you'd never guess it. We make a perfect team, him and I. There's hardly ever a time when we don't see eye to eye. Anyway, we investigated different areas, but we didn't manage to move our efforts in this direction." A pause. "He got here long before I did, though. Maybe there was something about the second floor that bothered him."

After hearing Frank's question, it finally hit him, and he suddenly felt terrible for not realizing it sooner. Sleep Studies. His grip on the rail tightened. The knots in his stomach did, too. "...Yeah," he answered quietly, not sounding nearly as enthusiastic. "Yeah, I do, pal."

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