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Night 54: Main Hallway 2-West
you hesitate.
vitale wrote in damned
(from here. nnn so close.)

Closer. She was getting closer. Almost there, almost at her destination. ... And then she would have to do it all over again. Get from one point to the other, without hopefully being hit or ... well, if she was being honest, she would really appreciate it if she wasn't noticed, but hey, she couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. For once, she thanked the fact that she was small. That way, if anything caught her, she could at least make a break for it. Maybe she would be hard to catch.

And, honestly, she was going good at running! Go, Bella, go.

Was it bad she was feeling at least proud of that? She hoped not. Because honestly, it made her feel confident that everything was going to be okay.

(to here finally wheee.)

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[from here]

When they reached the top of the stairs, the first thing he noticed was that people were fighting. There were two fights, in fact; one involving two people and-- a-and a monster... and the other was just between two people. Gumshoe almost felt grateful for the distraction. He shut the door behind them--not taking his eyes off the action--took a step forward and... froze. Which group was he meant to be helping?

As his eyes darted between Frank and the two fights, something far worse got his attention. His flashlight skimmed over what looked like--... "Wh..." His heart sank as he quickly retraced the beam's path, jerking it a few inches to the right.


"Ahhh! Who's that!?" he exclaimed over the racket. "Wh-What happened here!?" Without thinking, he stuck a hand out in front of Frank, urging him to stay back, then rushed over to the bruised and bloodied body on the floor. The victim looked really young; he was probably a teenager, or around that. "Don't come closer, pal! Whatever you do!" he shouted over his shoulder at Frank out of habit, before gulping several times and getting down on one knee.

"Come on, pal! Can you open your eyes for me?" Please wake up... His hand went from lightly slapping one side of the boy's face to pressing two fingers against his neck. For once, Gumshoe hoped he was wrong. Five seconds passed without a pulse, but the detective didn't move. He was still waiting for one.

There had been a somber silence between the Scarecrow and Gumshoe until they reached the top of the stairs. He'd hoped this would be one of the nights the Horrible Hallway was less horrible than usual; however, as they exited the stairwell, then were met with chaos. In the flashes of illumination from other flashlights, he could spot patients fighting one another, and some taking on-- well, he couldn't say what it was they were taking on, but it certainly didn't look pleasant. "This doesn't look safe at all," he muttered to his companion as he clicked his light off, keeping his eyes on the danger around them. "We'd better turn back and try another way."

The Scarecrow glanced to the side, then did a double-take: he'd expected to see Detective Gumshoe there, but was surprised to find he had taken off in one direction at some point and was heading for someone lying in the floor. The strawman shook his head, as though he wasn't entirely surprised at the sight- after all, this wasn't the first time he'd found someone up there- and followed Gumshoe until directed to stay back.

Remembering the incident with Mele in the Horrible Hallway (Why, he thought, surely must be something about this area that has that effect on people!), the Scarecrow turned his light to the floor and scanned the area. There could be somethings lurking around, ready to take advantage of any would-be rescuers. He trailed the beam along the walls, keeping his ears open for any familiar noises. At least he knew how to take care of them now. "How is he, Detective?"

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