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Night 54: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 2
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quarter_english wrote in damned
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L ducked his head into the stairwell, peering into the gloom. It was hard to tell what might be waiting there.

He remembered how Jones had objected to him sweeping corners with the light, and it was true that it would signal their presence, maybe even their location, to anything that might be waiting. However, he had learned by now that if something was lying in wait, it would ambush them whether or not it had advance warning of their approach. The risk that something would take his quick investigation as encouragement to attack him was outweighed by his need to know--even if it wasn't with absolute certainty--that he wasn't walking into a trap.

He cleared the area as well as he could with the beam of his light, in the same way that he would expect officers working under him to know how to clear it with their firearms. When he was satisfied that as much of the stairwell as he could see was safe, he made his way up, cautious, keeping his back to the wall, continuing to check the areas ahead of him, hoping that he and Figaro wouldn't be followed.
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"Ah, those rooms." Edgar grinned at his good fortune, turning on his flashlight as he followed Ryuuzaki up the stairs. The beam flickered weakly- he shook it once, causing the light to come to life. It seemed he'd be just in time to acquire some new batteries.

"I've been there a couple of times myself already. There are definitely useful items there." He watched Ryuuzaki as he climbed the stairs. While Edgar kept his own pace relaxed, ready to respond should danger appear (he would have felt more ready with a proper weapon rather than a shovel, but it was better than being completely unarmed), the other man had his back always to the wall, despite having someone behind him to keep watch of it. He sighed lightly- earning trust took more work with some people.

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