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Nightshift 55: F-A Hallway
Claire Glare
savagesolitude wrote in damned
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She was alone when she entered the connecting hallway. Claire couldn't find it in herself to be surprised. Everyone here was so happy to waste the night away.

Not her. She was going to get something done. Her and Klavier - if there wasn't anything in the file room, then they would just look elsewhere. After missing out on last night and the affront that was today, Claire was hell bent on progress tonight. God help the man who stood in her way.

Furiously, she thought back to all the people she'd talked to. The man from lunch, telling her it was stupid to hunt down the soldiers. The mysterious "Kaneyoshi" from the bulletin, telling her she would fail to find them. The general attitude of 'it's hopeless' and 'you'll never find anything' and 'what's the point?' Why had everyone here given up so easily?

They had so much going against them. All this stupid magic stuff, things that Claire didn't understand. Monsters she had never seen. But that didn't matter, because for the first time in three years she was on solid land. She was in a place where you could hop on cars, buy food from stores, where you could have more than one friend in the world and you didn't have to worry about being shot in your sleep.

Most importantly though, she was on the same land as Aaron. Her son. This, above all things, made her tear through the hallways with singular resolve. She knew America was huge. She knew that she had no idea how to get to L.A. from here, and no money to do it with. She knew this place was a literal hell and that it worked with forces she couldn't hope to control.

But you know what?

She could not care less.

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It was quiet.  Perhaps too quiet, like the first blast from the intercom.  Taura stepped carefully through the darkness, but nothing was out of place.  Merely empty.

If our actions tonight determine our fates, can I get out of here?  Permanently?

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Since she was tired and hungry, Erika's things felt a little heavier than they normally did. Or perhaps it was better to say that she seemed to notice the weight of her baggage tonight. She traveled lightly for the most part, but tonight, it was like her flashlight was a lead weight and her weapon was a broadsword made of the densest metal.

The detective rubbed at her temple, taking a moment to breathe slowly. Her concentration was her most remarkable trait, and she was able to shut out even her tiredness for a moment to regain herself. It wouldn't look good to approach Sync like she was the easiest kill in the world.

... Perhaps she really didn't trust him as much as she thought she did. That thought didn't bother her tonight, a sign that the detective welcomed because it meant she had all of her wits about her tonight.

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It wasn't until Anise reached the next hall that she was struck by a realization.

Nothing changed. ...Between her and Tear, that was. Even after Anise confessed everything to her, Tear didn't treat her any differently than before. Maybe it shouldn't have been a surprise, since the Tear in the future (the present?) had been just as understanding, but it had been really hard for Anise to shake her fears of everything changing once the truth was out.

Maybe it was stupid of her to worry so much in the first place. Talking to her friends kept turning out to be a lot easier than expected, even though she'd always put it off until far too late. Maybe she really did need to be more honest in general...

This wasn't the time to be re-evaluating her life decisions, though. If she didn't get to the meeting point quickly, her friends would probably worry way more than necessary, especially after what happened last night. Walking quickly, Anise made her way to the next hallway.

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At least there were people out already. Kairi couldn't help but feel comforted by the fact that other patients were still out and about, despite the activities of the day. The new uniform was slightly uncomfortable to walk around and be in, but she knew she'd have to suffer through it. The old uniform had been the best ... but honestly, she just missed her real clothes. Oh, what she would give to be able to wear a dress again! Or even a skirt. Really, anything she could move freely in -

Kairi looked down at her pants, frowning. And the chunky shoes ... augh. Were sneakers too much to ask for?

Sighing, she continued on her way. Fashion could be whined about some other time.

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It was interesting that, while his senses had definitely dwindled, there was always a subtle shift of scent when he walked into the female block. He had been keeping a look-out for Bella in case their definitions of "half-way" were different (which Edward very much knew they were), but he was still surprised to see she was not even this far. She was tenacious, even if injured...

That panicked him a little, moving his feet faster than his dead run already was.

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Though Rita's knee felt considerably better than it had that morning, she still had a slight limp as she walked. Rita scarcely noticed it herself, however, so she supposed others wouldn't pay much attention to it either. Most importantly, it wasn't impeding her ability to walk, and that was really all that mattered.

Continuing forward, Rita walked to the next hallway.

[??: Be the new arrival]

Rose proceeded through the door uneventfully. There was a hallway with ten doors, and a larger hall. Four halls, including the one she had just come out of, led into it. That would make room for eighty, as these things went. Curiouser and curiouser. The other door, if the theme held, would be a bathroom, which was not of any use to her right now.

Much more interesting was the door at the end of the hallway, which should lead out of this labyrinth of somnolence.

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Ilia trudged down to the block hallway, keeping her eyes open for terrors in the dark. When she had first arrived the unnatural darkness had her constantly on edge and stiff; a dangerous condition when under attack. But tonight she moved with ease, or at least bore greater confidence than previous nights.

She appreciated the boots this new uniform provided her with; sturdy things that would surely help in battle. That reassurance had her spirits higher than anything. Also the thought of moving around and accomplishing something kept her moving at a brisk pace.

"Lead the way," she said, nodding to Lana. Ilia had never asked what room Ema was stationed in, but it wasn't as though she minded being the one playing rear guard.

A third person. Maybe that's all they needed to keep things from being quite the mess they'd been last night. They'd never needed anyone else -- but hadn't she just been telling someone else precisely the opposite? They couldn't work alone. She'd even hammered out a truce with Gant, despite what he'd all but confessed to.

She was grateful Ilia had agreed, and that she seemed eager, rather than begrudging Lana the escort.

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There was still only one way to go from here, but the likelihood of an attack increased as they moved out. Stopping now to decide their destination was a wise move.

"I'd like to take a look at the records they keep. Either the official ones or the individual doctor's notes -- both could be enlightening." The former would be more likely to carefully match the cover story; fewer variables, and tighter control, although it might prove useful in finding out if there was anything she could do about Ema's condition. The latter could be dead end or gold strike; the doctors appeared to have some amount of autonomy, and what use they put it to could be telling.

"That's good to hear." Ilia figured when she had first found the note that all was well. It wouldn't have been so carefully placed if it had needed to be written in a hurry. To hear Ema was actually taking the night off gave Ilia even more confidence that things were fine.

"Certainly." Ilia nodded and moved to keep up with Lana, her hand adjusting her grip on the flashlight as they made headway down the next hall.

She wasn't sure what she expected to find in any records this place might have on herself. Ilia knew they called her 'Elaine Curtis' and that was about it. The details of her imprisonment and the truth about Elaine were still mysteries. Perhaps tonight would yield some worthwhile results for once.

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There were few in this hall, just as there had been few in her hallway, too. She'd heard voices as she passed by the rooms, of course, but they were muffled and nothing worth noting. What was important now was that she should check the morgue or find the crime scene, despite it likely being washed clean thanks to the oddly obsessive-compulsive way the Institute cleaned up its messes before dawn. The crime scene would be destroyed, but Franziska still wanted to see it.

She continued forward, the dog leash wrapped over her left shoulder and flashlight in her right hand, not entirely certain if her trip tonight would have any purpose. It seemed it was futile trying to instill justice and order into this place, but she still had to try. It would drive her mad otherwise, truly mad.

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Soma scanned the hallway in front of her--already bustling, but not worryingly so. They were probably making good time, all things considered.

"Kratos's room is M20. It's in the patient block next to this one. Has anyone given you maps yet?" Another question to add to the several she'd blurted out before, but this one was actually important.

"Oh!" Rapunzel started when Soma mentioned maps. "Yes! I copied them down after someone posted them. I left them back in the room, though. Do you think we'll need them tonight?" she asked, taking a step back just in case she needed to go back into the room.

"Or no, wait, I guess you probably know the way to wherever," she realized after a moment, face flushing just slightly as she smiled in mild embarrassment. Closing the door behind them, she started walking with the white-haired girl. "And I'm guessing if it's another patient room, it's not too far at least," she said as they approached the end of the hall.

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The long stretches of halls had been empty as Lion trekked through them. It had been precisely as she remembered them, coming and going from them only a couple of times before, just sans light-- so at least she could say it was somewhat familiar territory to be wandering on through.

It was beyond them that would become a little tricky, but that was a bridge to cross when getting there. For now, when she got to another door, she took a turn down another hall.

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Having spent a good deal of his nights wearing clothes other than the standard uniform, the fact that he was stuck in that day’s military dress meant he stood out more than usual, which was a problem. Individualized outfits might have been more memorable, but for someone like him who didn’t allow himself to be seen twice, they could also equal anonymity. Someone unfamiliar with his Night Class uniform wouldn’t immediately recognize a fellow prisoner. Someone who saw him in the his prisoner’s uniform would.

There was always a risk to his hunting, however, and that was just one more. The vampire would just have to be careful. Considering that he was trying his luck (luck, was that how he was going to continue evaluating himself from now on?) around the female cell block once again, caution was particularly necessary. Ippo wouldn’t have to worry, though--Aidou was certain his presence was still unnoticed, concealed in the shadows as he was. No one would see him, if he found a suitable female or another person to take by surprise. He started looked down the room hallways, searching for any stragglers that hadn’t yet left. If he didn’t find a mark here, he would merely have to go further afield until he did.

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Aigis stumbled out of her hall and into the larger F-A block. She moved to lean against the far wall, breathing deeply as she leaned her forehead against the hard surface. Every breath was more difficult than the last, and tears for the second time (or was it the third?) welled up in her eyes since arriving here.

Her second roommate gone. Another good friend, lost to this horrible place. She had let herself grow attached too quickly. Would she ever learn? Aigis had to become numb and emotionless again, but it was much too hard here in this body.

She ignored all the steps that fell behind her. She hadn't even turned on her flashlight. She didn't need to use it in these familiar halls, so most patients wouldn't notice her. Just a dark shadow set against the wall.

Minutes passed by and still she didn't move. She managed to gain control of her tears, but she didn't move. She didn't have a goal tonight and her drive had drained out alongside her tears. She just stood there, waiting for her motivation to return.

As he watched, something arose that caught his attention. There was a break in the usual foot traffic in the form of a young, fair-haired female who, instead of exhibiting the usual signs of someone on their way to a particular destination, drifted toward one wall, head bowed.

The first things Aidou noted were that she was small and alone. Nothing stood out against her being human; his senses couldn’t tell otherwise. But what really absorbed him was the sadness. A vampire could only really taste what went into tears when they were drinking blood, tapped into the essence of the other, but he was still attuned to finer emotions, his instincts sharpened as they were.

A girl, alone in a currently empty area with a hungry vampire? He’d been looking for an opportunity and here it was--he had surprise and strength, and she was unaware and blinded with tears. Easy prey. As for what had put her in such a state? What about it? said the part of him detached from the time he’d spent at Cross Academy and the humans he entertained. Maybe he was scavenging, using a girl’s distress to his own advantage, but it had to be done. Pity had no place on a night like tonight.

From an outside perspective, the shadows didn’t shift, yet the vampire was moving, circling in the darkness to finally close in on his target where he wouldn’t be seen. There was no one watching. He had a clear path to what he needed: fresh, untainted blood. Without a sound, he struck. The first and only step in this particular battle was to silence her before her fright brought others down on him; the importance was not on if he could, but how.

Aigis took a shaky breath then reached up to wipe away the wet stains on her face. A few tears for a lost friend. That was all she had to spare. That was more than she had been able to spare before coming here.

I cannot even shed a tear for you all. That is what she had said to her friends. Now she could, and now her words seemed trite. Did tears accomplish anything? They left her more sorrow-weary than before but that was all she knew from her experiences with them.

She pushed her shoulders back and straightened up, preparing to move on at last when something, a little something in her head, told her to guard. She spun around to face where she perceived the danger, but half-way through her turn a blow caught the side of her head and she felt herself falling limp.

She tries to speak, tried to move, but it was like her nerves had shut down. If she had been able to see then the darkness clouding in it would have brought her more alarm. As it was, she felt almost detached from what was currently happening to her. Something related to that warning from before was pushing at her mind, prodding ever so slightly, though she couldn't comprehend what it wanted. Right now, she just wanted to sleep.

The strategy was stale by now, his method of hunting prisoners when he needed blood, but that didn’t mean he had grown a taste for the hunting itself. His reason for concealing his identity was still valid--better off a vampire no one could find than one publicly known and directly in the crosshairs of whatever do-gooder thought they’d be a hero by harassing a bloodsucking fiend. The noble had enough to concern him without ignorant fear mongers getting in his face.

But that was almost, almost what he got when he sprang on the girl. His attack was too quick to evade, yet as he looped his arm around her slumped form, he knew that had he been a few seconds slower, he might not have kept the element of surprise at all. She’d sensed him coming somehow. How? He was too careful to give himself away, so it hadn’t been that. Such sharp instincts could mean a lot of things--namely, that she was more than the average human. It’d been a closer call than Aidou would’ve liked, whatever the case; he still had strength and skill to help in the event of a fight, but he hadn’t anticipated resistance as much as he should have, perhaps.

Appearances were deceiving. He’d be a fool if he ever forgot that.

Still, she was incapacitated for the moment, made that way by a foe she hadn’t been able to see. As long as he kept a hold on her, she was viable. The area was essentially deserted, as well, which meant there was a very slim chance anyone would end up surprising him. This could be done and over with quickly.

Sliding his other arm under her legs, he raised her lower half off the floor and carried her from the larger hallway into the smaller one she had originally emerged from.

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