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Nightshift 55: West Wing, South Hall 1-B
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Her boots fell with heavy sounds on the smooth floor. She was on the verge of stomping. The loudness struck her about halfway through the new hall, and Claire finally took a deep breath. She didn't pause, but her footsteps came lighter. She slowed.

It wasn't a good idea to be making so much noise. Even with the flashlight giving her away. If she didn't keep a level head, she could land herself in a lot of trouble. Though she might welcome another chance to beat on something right now, it wasn't the time or the place.

Claire sunk her teeth into her lower lip, and carried on.

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Here Gamzee stopped, hands on his hips. To any passerby, he appeared to be giving the hallway in front of him a look as though it should be ashamed of itself for not tossing his friends out where he could find them. Well, it was going to have to do better than that. He could just stand here until one of them wandered his way.

...Or perhaps he should go back. There were several doorways in the hall he'd first left. He hadn't even bothered to check any of them to see if his friends were in them. It just hadn't made sense to him at the time.

Man. He just needed his laptop something bad.

[>Rose: Proceed through door uneventfully.]

Another hallway. This one was not empty. Given that the entire population of Earth had been reduced to herself, her friends, and their guardians. (Or, more precisely, would, once John found his copy of the server discs and got Jade and her devil-beast of a dog into the medium. She was uncharacteristically confident in his abilities, which was to say that she was confident in Dave's ability to use his temporal powers to make it happen. Preferably without ridiculous memes, but she'd take what she could get.)

Two people stood in it, both obviously waiting for something or someone. One was a girl with blue hair, fussing over her stockings. The extent to which she was engrossed in such a trivial, superficial pursuit suggested that a younger girl bothering her would be met with frosty silence.

The other was a boy about her age, glaring at the hallway. This might be promising.

"Excuse me? You wouldn't happen to know where we are, would you?" It was already looking like a lost cause, but if she was going to admit to her ignorance, the least he could do was share it with her.

At some point in time, Gamzee had gone from staring off down the hallway in anticipation of seeing his friends to completely zoning out and forgetting what he'd been doing in the first place. The girl's voice snapped him out of this and he turned his head to look over at her with a still someone dull-eyed look, soon breaking into a crooked but sharp-toothed smile.

This wasn't someone he knew. At least he didn't think it was. But it was someone around his age, and that was as good enough of a start as any. "Hey there, my sister. I haven't a motherfuckin' clue." It was a shame he couldn't be any more useful than that, though. He really hoped she didn't mind company either, because now that he'd found someone he might be able to connect with, familiar or no, he'd be damned if he went wandering back off on his own again.

On purpose, anyway.

He ran a hand through his hair. ...Then did it again. Having no horns was the weirdest thing ever. He wondered if Karkat's head felt this light all the time, what with his little nubs...

Sister? All game-induced predilections -- yes, all of them -- towards unexpected ectobiological relationships aside, it was unlikely that he was speaking literally. The use of a figure of speech contrasted with his glassy-eyed stare, leaving a conundrum.

One suited for later contemplation, if she was to give it a second thought at all. The larger question remained. Where had he come from? And how? That their preordained group was it for the human race had been difficult for all of them to comprehend, but they each had weathered the psychological shock. More people had not been factored into her calculations.

Meanwhile, Rose had an interlocutor to answer. "I take it this is not an abnormal state for you?" She sighed. "Maybe you could just tell me what you've gathered so far."

None of the passers-by seemed confused about their mission; had they been here longer? NPCs? There had been none in prior parts of the game, but she had given up expecting logic or rationality from Sburb, and merely accepted or rejected challenges as they presented themselves.

"Well I'm not all usually bein' up and lost like this, if that's what you mean." Gamzee went from running a hand through his hair to scratching at his head absently. "And I haven't exactly been gatherin' anythin'." He held out both hands then, showing her they were completely empty. Should he have taken something with him before he left the room? Maybe whatever that soft thing was his head had been on? He hadn't checked to see if it was attached to the springy square.

Oh right. He should probably do something here, like introduce himself. It wouldn't be right to just stand around out here in the hall with another strange pink creature like he'd become and not say anything. "Oh. I'm Gamzee." What was a proper greeting for this situation? Would just giving his name be enough or did they have some other traditions he'd need to abode by?

...Fuck it. If he needed to do something else, she'd tell him, wouldn't she?

"Rose." She considered, and rejected, offering a hand. She wasn't sure it would be returned to her unsullied by the sort of miasma of candy residue or other flotsam unique to the teenage male.

"I apologize for the seeming impenetrability of my rhetorical devices. I spoke merely of gathering information."

Doomed timelines were denoted most prominently by their isolation; the mere presence of people was evidence for this being a plot twist only accessible to a still-viable session. Perhaps they had always been meant to join forces with other groups? There had certainly been more than four of the trolls, though that being the work of one deeply disturbed individual had been part of the reason she had deigned to reply.

If only I had my laptop. The odds of messages waiting were simultaneously stratospheric and low, depending on her level of optimism towards the timeline.

"Well? Have you found anything besides the endless procession of bedrooms and hygienic paraphernalia?"

Gamzee wasn't even sure of half of what this Rose girl was saying, but at least she appeared amiable enough. That she was willing to stand there and converse with him in the first place was a good sign. Maybe they'd even get somewhere. She was definitely more of the leader sort than he was, not that this was saying much.

The question had him tilting his head, trying to think on this despite already being relatively certain he wasn't forgetting anything he might have seen. The troll forgot things easily, certainly, but there simply wasn't much to be forgotten at this point. He finally shook his head and offered the girl another smile.

"Can't say I found any of nothin', sis. Maybe we should all get our motherfuckin' search on." For... whatever it is she wanted to find. Gamzee would be happy just locating a familiar face.

"Yes. That sounds like a good idea." Rose paused, as if to give the matter further contemplation, though this was entirely unnecessary except to give gravitas to her next remark. "Maybe even a motherfucking excellent one, but let's not be too hasty."

She led the way, as if she had been the one to suggest the venture all along. She headed straight for the nearer end of the corridor, where voices could be plainly heard, murmuring out of the dark.


[ from hurr ]

Thanks to her promptness, and despite the setbacks, Erika arrived at their meeting place first. That should have been expected though, as Erika was so close compared to Sync. Normally, she actually tended to wait around a bit and take her time getting ready, but tonight, she was trying to be the slightest bit more considerate. How troublesome, though, that she had to deal with Sync instead of someone directly under her orders to begin with.

"Tch," Erika clicked her tongue, leaning against the wall as she smoothed out the runs in her stockings and other little things with her outfit. She had been hasty with dressing herself, and it actually pained her a little to know she went outside looking rushed.

[ hay Sync, i'm still waiting for you baby... forever.... ]

[From here.]

If there was one thing that made Erika both an interesting and ridiculously predictable partner it was that, for all her seriousness, she was still a typical girl who cared about her looks as much as her deductions. Even now she found the time to change back into that gaudy dress of hers, something Sync didn't bother hiding his amusement for as he approached her from his hallway.

"I doubt I made you wait long." Girls were pretty touchy about that, weren't they? It didn't really matter to him aside from the fact that he'd rather not let that affect their performance tonight.

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The detective only gave Sync a wry smile when he "greeted" her, as he caught her in the middle of trying to adjust the hem of her skirt. Naturally, one might have wondered why she didn't stick with her more combat appropriate military outfit, but there were a lot of reasons for that and unless Sync wanted to suffer for a few minutes, she wasn't going to say much on the matter. She was trying to stay on the boy's good side for the most part, after all.

"Of course not. You're only a few minutes late." Well, he couldn't hope for too much from her in that department. Erika brushed her hair back and glanced down the hallway, indicating that she was ready to follow him to... wherever he wanted to go. She just knew that he wanted to check out a new destination. As they were having complications with assembling a party for the basement, Erika was willing to let Sync do what he wanted. Under her supervision, of course.

Speaking of that, she had something important to tell him.

"Anyway, you asked me last night about who was coming with us to the basement. I have an answer for you now, so I'm sure we can walk and talk, right?"

All that really mattered in the end was that Erika didn't slow him down with that outfit; at the very least, the shorter skirt cut out the excuse that the damn thing was too heavy to move around in. To be honest, he expected something else as a greeting when she got to answering, but he'd take what he could get for now. As long as their 'partnership' was still stable then it gave them both a chance to concentrate on what was important.

"Sure." And at least Erika had her priorities straight, who almost immediately delved into one of the earlier subjects they shared that morning. At the moment, he knew for a fact that it was impossible for them to progress any further in the basement unless they found at least one more person to join them. He himself didn't have many candidates given that building up 'trust' took time, but if Erika could take that responsibility and make it her own then it was even better.

That is, unless she decided to choose someone who was completely incompatible with either of them. After all, deception couldn't actually work if the victim was too stupid to even mistakenly walk into it. With that in mind he glanced over at the end of the hallway before he started to walk.

"So who exactly did you choose?"

Ah, she didn't mean to give Sync the impression that she had "chosen" anyone. Actually, it was the other way around, which was why she paused only for a moment to collect her thoughts on the matter. Deciding which piece of information should go first... well, she was always told to end on her best note, wasn't she? The loss of one of her basement candidates wasn't exactly confirmed anyway, so this was more of a warning than anything.

"I had a man in mind, named Xemnas, to accompany us, but..." Erika paused for a moment, to see if Sync had any reaction to that name. She did try to seek Xemnas out, but he was extremely difficult to find today. Nevertheless, perhaps someone else had an explanation for his absence. "I couldn't find him today. It is odd, because I last saw him last night and we agreed to talk later. There was no sign of him on the board, either, so I'm afraid things don't look good for him."

Luckily, Erika had found several others who could replace him, but she sighed a little heavily as if she was truly mourning that loss. Xemnas had been a capable man who would have assisted them greatly due to his intelligence and lack of concern about silly things like people's feelings and the like. It would be hard to find someone else like that, but she would have to make do with what she had.

"I found a few others who could replace him. A man whose real name I've yet to ask for seemed interested, at the very least. I've also found another from my world who I am interested in." Lion, of course, was someone whom Erika would have preferred to keep alive for now, but she was still very upset about losing her complete victory in the fifth game, and Lion's existence was the cause for her defeat. There was no way she would forgive that easily.

"Hopefully, I'll be able to secure the cooperation of someone else by tomorrow," She finished, giving Sync another glance to see what he thought about the plan. Some might have thought that Erika was irritated by having to do all of the work, but it was the complete opposite: She was pleased that Sync was giving her free reign to plan whatever she wished. However, that didn't mean she still couldn't take advantage of any connections Sync might have had (which seemed very few, considering how he was free to accompany her almost every night).

"Of course, I'm more than happy to accommodate any people you have in mind. Actually, the more we have, the more likely our chances of success will be. I'd want to replace anyone who happens to die along the way."

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From what he was gathering about Erika, it sounded like their potential candidate had just up and left without a word. Given the track record of this place, Sync wouldn't be surprised if the institute had just grown bored and set him aside like it did with everyone else who disappeared. That left them back on square on, but the teen seemed like the type to have more back up plans than what was completely necessary.

And that seemed to be the case, though when the spotlight was turned on him the God-General could only smirk at the suggestion.

"I've had plenty of people in mind, but let's just say... they won't be so willing to go through with it now."

Given that it was Sync, the answer was more ambiguous than he usually gave, but Erika had made it clear from the start that she would prefer to solve the mystery of the basement herself. If anything, it could've simply meant that there was a clash of personalities given his own ideals on their situation. However, the one thing that was certain was that he wasn't lying, even if they were doing this for completely different reasons.

"It'd be better if you chose for now, and I'll compensate if you have any trouble with who you've got lined up."

By then he stopped completely, turning to face her.

"Of course, none of this is going to mean much if we mess up from the start. I say we test the ring out and see if it'll work like it's supposed to." After all, the ballroom wasn't like the rest of the institute, and since they could just mark their location anyway then it would hardly be a waste of their time.

"Of course. I had a feeling that making friends isn't exactly a strength or a priority of yours," Erika nodded with a smile on her face, not surprised in the slightest when Sync implied he didn't have anyone who could trust him more than they could throw him. It wasn't like Erika couldn't understand, but it didn't disappoint her at all. Sync's usefulness didn't have much to do with the people he knew, anyway.

She stopped when he did, glancing at the ring when Sync suggested testing it. He had a good point, and Erika was going to ask him to demonstrate the ring's power to her once more once they were done with his errand, but if he wanted to expedite things, then who was she to refuse? Besides, it meant that if something went wrong, she wouldn't be the only one taking the fall.

Well, hopefully. The lingering paranoia from last night wasn't entirely unfounded, but the last time Sync had decided to toy with the thing, he ended up suffering far more than she had. With that in mind, Erika stepped forward to grab his forearm again, ignoring how rude that probably was. Someone who thought of themselves as trash probably didn't expect basic manners or anything of the sort from humans anyway.

"Good point. Let's try it out." Was Sync's errand around that area? Erika wondered to herself, but decided to wait and see. Regardless of where his errand actually was, the ballroom was in the middle of the Institute and would put them closer to their destination ... If it was still inside this building anyway.

'Friends'. That was the last thing he needed at this point; it was a shame most weren't willing to accept the kind of relationship he and Erika had. It'd make things better in the whole once people realized that it was easier to work when they treated everyone else around them as expendable. It was no wonder that progress was becoming a rare word to use these days, and as if it wasn't as if the institute was working to make itself any easier.

And he didn't really care when Erika suddenly grabbed his arm, more pleased by the fact that he didn't have to waste his breath telling her what to do. Tugging off his glove with his teeth, Sync turned towards the nearest wall and readied his hand into a tight fist. The God-General knew from experience that their landing would be rough, but maybe things would turn out in his favor and Erika would be the one to break his fall.

And so, without any more delay, Sync slammed the ring into the wall moments before everything turned black.

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Taura jogged along in the semi-darkness, shiny new boots touching down with no more than a whisper at each footfall. There were people here, though still not many.

Of course our actions determine our fates. That had always been the case. Aguilar's pronouncement made it no less and no more true than it had been yesterday, or tomorrow. What she did tonight could mean the difference between life and death; freedom and captivity. Every night was another shot at the prize, and she couldn't let herself forget that. They could play whatever games they wanted to with their captives, but she wasn't going to let anything stop her.

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It was still pretty depressing to know for sure that Natalia was gone, but Anise kept her chin up. The good news was that she was able to meet up with Tear (even if it was totally unintentional and kind of awkward), so she knew that at least one of her friends was safe. Guy and Claude would be glad to hear that, too.

Keeping up a solid pace, Anise hurried straight to the next hallway.

[From here.]

So, there was a chance that Venom's belongings had been returned to him. Edward certainly hadn't woken up with a bloody pool cue in his hands, and he didn't have the patience to go check if Stefan still had the bag of belongings in his room. Besides, he was quite sure the other vampire had plans of his own, so there was a chance he wasn't even in the room. Even if that bag was his to claim, Edward wasn't very comfortable with going in and simply taking it out.

Venom was not going to be pleased.

[To here.]

[from here]

The meeting place wasn't far now. Rita had made sure to pick a spot that was quick and easy for any patient to get to, coming from any block. She expected that Morgan wouldn't keep her waiting for long.

[ From here. ]

The halls seemed as deserted as they normally were, and as Lightning traveled she quickly broke into a jog, heavy bootsteps seeming to echo in the closed-up darkness. The young woman really didn't understand why they had felt the need to make the hallways so narrow and dark-- she felt like she was underground, almost, without the glow put off from the various illuminating devices that were ubiquitous throughout Cocoon. It was really weird.

And it was amazing to her to think that Snow hadn't noticed how awry that was... that she'd needed to point out the obvious before the truth of their current situation finally hit him. He'd never been particularly observant, though. Lots of heart for sure, but not much going on in his head on a normal basis.

... She probably needed to find him first, even before she found her way to Kibitoshin's room. He'd promised not to wander off, but with a man like that, someone who had broken rank in Palumpolum in deciding to face off soldiers in defense of civilians, then nearly gotten both himself and Hope killed in the process... you could never really be sure.

[ Right over to here! ]

[From here.]

She needed only to travel south to reach the hallway containing the stairs. It was simple, and as long as nothing got in her way, Tear should reach the second floor easily. Unfortunately, that would only be the start of her tasks. Finding the rumored closet would be the most difficult and potentially the longest part. She would do well, therefore, to move quickly.

The soldier spared no one a glance and moved on.

[To here.]

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[ from here ]

Apparently she'd been so deep in thought that she reached the already opened double doors between the main females' block and the hallway before she knew it, so it caught her off guard to step out into the breezeway that lead from the nurse's station all the way outdoors on the other end. She glanced left, squinting like she could somehow make out the doors down there, then hung a right.

She didn't bother to turn her flashlight on, she knew the way. And maybe that was just slightly creepy to anyone else she would run into, but she didn't particularly care. She and Peter had gotten jumped by psycho Nurse on their way to Landel's poor substitute for a department store, she wasn't eager to make a trip back for some fresh batteries. Which meant conserving hers.

[ to here ]

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A few kids were wandering up ahead of her (why the heck were there so many children here, anyway? Even LeChuck wasn't that much of a creep), but no one else. Morgan took a few quick steps to get into the edge of their light, glanced around to make sure nothing looked out of the ordinary, and pressed on.

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[from here]

When Franziska emerged into the next hallway, she noted a few people standing around and wasting time on each other. She never did understand the reason why people chose to gather in these halls, clumping together in groups as if they were begging for something like a giant scorpion or disease infested rat to jump out and attack them. Not only that, but so many of them wore different clothes - some of which stuck out more than the muted blues and blacks of the new military uniform.

To that end, Franziska could be thankful for this apparel change. At least it didn't have a ridiculous smiley face sprayed across her chest. It was still present in the ugly armband, but... Speaking of which--

Before she moved any further, Franziska tore the armband off and stuffed it into her pocket. At least with this uniform she maintained a sense of dignity now that the face was gone. Keeping her flashlight off, Franziska moved into the next hall.

[From here]

"Anyway," said Rapunzel after she and Soma checked that the coast was clear. "Basically yes. My hair has to be touching the injury for it to work. Specifically, a glowing part has to be touching. See, my hair... Well it does more than just heal," she explained in reverse order to how she had revealed her magic to Eugene. "It glows when I sing, too. And the healing never starts until that glow reaches the injury."

She paused, trying to remember what else Soma had asked. "Uhh, and no, it doesn't fix broken things. Just people. Animals too, I think, but I haven't tried that, really." She had tried to work her magic on Pascal a few times, but that little lizard was usually too stubborn and not badly hurt enough to let her.

Rapunzel wondered then whether she ought to reveal the full extent of her abilities just yet. The wondering didn't last long, though. She had already nearly made a fool of herself not seeing Soma's trustworthiness earlier, and she wasn't about to do it again. All right then, she thought - it had been easy enough to tell Sora; she could tell Soma too. "The magic does fix more than just injury, though. There's also sickness I can take care of. And, uh."

Deep breath.

"Aging. Just a little while at a time on that last one, but I can do it."

So there was glowing involved. Did all healing abilities do that? It was odd--she couldn't imagine it would be terribly useful if one were trying to heal someone while undercover, for one--but then Rapunzel probably didn't have to worry about that sort of thing.

Soma shook her head. "I've never heard of an ability like that, but I suppose I can understand why your captor kept you hidden away. You have incredible powers, really--nothing like that exists in my world--but if it did, I'm sure it would be extremely valuable. That would have kept her young and healthy for years, wouldn't it?"

The main hallway was just up ahead, and Soma indicated the direction with a slight nod.

[from here]

It was after she'd been walking a little while before she began to think about whatever might happen tonight. Causality? That was a needlessly complicated word to say consequences. And the patients already knew that, and if they didn't, this mornings antics with sponges and buckets would have taught so.

Unless the general meant their wounds weren't going to be bandaged in the morning, Mele thought with a snort. It was ridiculous because untreated injuries would be a nice excuse not to do whatever punishment the general decided on for next morning, but who the heck knew with these new guys?

[to here]

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[From here.]

He was almost there. The hallways were a bit more busy now, but he mostly didn't pay any attention. Other than noticing some of the girls were rather pretty, anyways.

Not that he was really dating material. Anything but, really.

[To here.]

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[from here, skipping F-A block]

Leela walked more slowly, beginning to feel that having no plan at all... wasn't much of a plan. The hospital was playing tricks on her mind, or she was playing tricks on herself. She was just so annoyed with setting out every night meaning to do something, and never getting it done. Plus, she hadn't had an outlet for her violence in quite some time. For the first time, she aksed herself: what would Bender do?

[to here]

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[from here.]

When Phoenix stepped into the next hall, he found that it was impossible to navigate without his flashlight on - there was really no reference for figuring out where he was going without it, and while the people around him seemed to be walking to and from different areas, he didn't feel comfortable with blindly following anyone anywhere.

Clicking it on, Phoenix walked cautiously through the hall, not too slow but also not too fast to make himself stand out - no one seemed to notice him, too intent upon their destinations to pay attention. The fact was a relief, though Phoenix didn't relax quite yet - he didn't know if he was in the clear, and for all he knew he was only blending in.

Heart beating fast in his chest, Phoenix tried to take a breath to slow it, nervous and unsure emotion flowing through him like adrenaline, leaving him feeling jittery and on edge. Trying to grasp the enormity of what was happening around him was overwhelming - there were too many questions, and Phoenix was too afraid to interrogate for answers. The feeling was strange - normally he had some semblance of control, but in the absence of a purpose and a face everything felt surreal and unstable, as if he wasn't the person who was seeing this place. The very human-feeling shaking of his hand and the sweat gathering in his palm as the flashlight rattled softly in his grasp spoke to the contrary, however, but Phoenix knew he was far from ready to accept the reality.

I wish Maya was here, Phoenix found himself thinking, his gut wrenching with a mix of anxiety and grief at the unknown of even seeing her again, I know she probably wouldn't be able to figure this out, but I hate doing this alone.

[to here.]

[from here]

She darted out into the halls without much trouble. There were a few lights still flitting about, enough that she didn't need her light right away. It was a little odd that she'd fallen into this pattern so easily, going along with the others, with Sasuke, but she had a feeling they were on to something. At the very least, she felt as if they were making progress. And even if their end goals differed, they could work together now.

Much to her relief, there was no tripping up, no skidding down halls, and no sprained ankles. Hers was still a bit sore from last night, but with how quickly things seemed to heal here, she didn't expect it to give her much trouble (which was just a little unfortunate because she had less excuse to hold onto Sasuke).

With dreams of what might've been firmly in place (in the back of her mind and not an immediate distraction but nowhere near forgotten) she hurried through the darkness.


... Another empty hall?

Lion didn't think much on it before, but she had expected to see the previously explained groups of people going around and about by now. Was it still too soon, too late, or did she come from an area that wasn't as populated as others? It seemed like a plausible possibility, although the presence of others, admittedly, may have felt a little comforting. Nonetheless, it was also devoid of other things that were less pleasant than people, so it wasn't entirely bad.

She would have to bump into someone eventually. Lion was going down the more familiar route, but even she knew it wasn't going to stay familiar for long the further she went.


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[from here]

"Do you have any clues where we'd find those things?" Ilia asked as they headed further into the darkness. She knew they could get to the Main Hall this way, but the rest of her knowledge on the institute pertained mainly to the rooms off the Sun Room and the General Storage area. Her knowledge of this place was much too limited for her tastes. She had been here for five days now and very little had been accomplished. She needed to step up her game.

Lana slid her notebook out from her coat pocket and unrolled it. A few flips past pages covered in neat bullet-pointed notes brought her to a first-floor map. Oddly, the paper curled in places, and the ink had run; the lines weren't all perfectly straight, though they suffered more from haste than uncertainty.

"The individual doctors have their offices there, and there are two rooms marked as containing files by the visiting rooms. She slowed down only enough that Ilia should be able to read the maps as they walked; having a destination (or two) in mind had put some spring back into Lana's step.

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