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Day 56: Magus Park (Morning)
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Getting to check up on Neku had been good (even though Sora realized that he was the one who'd been approached, rather than doing the approaching), but when the buses finally made their way through the snow and into the town, the boy was completely distracted by the view that followed. It really did remind him of Christmastown. There were no lights up and he wasn't going to stumble on Santa's factory anytime soon, but it was still beautiful and he couldn't wait to get out into it.

So, the moment that the bus came to a halt, Sora waved a goodbye to Neku, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder for a moment as reassurance before he made his way down the aisle and eventually out the door and into the cold weather.

Sucking in a breath, he spun in a slow circle and grinned to himself. It was so pretty out here! And there was a whole thick layer of untouched snow that was just asking to be played in. Sora realized that his priority should have been finding a place where he could spend the twenty-five dollars he'd been given, he figured he'd have all day to work that out. Right now, he wanted to make the best of this weather, since he doubted it was going to be like this next week.

And so without delay he headed across the street and right into Magus Park. It also occurred to him that he'd finally broken his pattern of being injured whenever he came to town, which meant he had all the freedom to play around as he wanted.

The first order of business was making one of those snow angels that he'd learned about; it would be way easier than trying to make a snowman, he was guessing. Making use of the winter clothes he'd been given, the boy threw himself on the ground and started to fan out his arms and legs.

Maybe he was the leader of the Arts and Crafts club and maybe he'd fought against the Heartless and almost all of the Organization members during his journeys, but sometimes Sora just felt the need to be a kid again.

[For Tsubaki.]

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Though the air was cold, his arm was hurting, and the situation with Aguilar was as unpromising as ever, the Scarecrow couldn't keep the smile from his face. Snow covered everything in sight: the ground, the buildings, and even some people who had already started to enjoy it. Beautiful! He resisted the impulse to run through it for now- he had other matters to attend to. He took a look around as he headed for a bench near a pond, spotting Rapunzel and Sora along the way. Even though he usually spent his mornings looking for his friends to be assured of their well-being, he was admittedly glad most of them were nowhere nearby. It would give him a chance to inspect his arm.

With great care, the Scarecrow pulled his right arm from the sleeve of his coat, biting back a gasp as he moved it in some disagreeable way. Even though it had been bandaged, it didn't feel much better than it had the night before- if anything it seemed like it might be even more problematic. He'd been almost grateful that Depth Charge was already out of the room by the time he woken up, the nurse tending to his injury as he came around. She'd been kind enough to let him go without a sling, though she had warned him to not get too active, as well as informing him she'd see him later to change his bandages. Seeing how his other injuries hadn't required a mid-day changing, he suspected that this one was the worst he'd gotten by far, and that was something he wasn't sure he was ready to tell Depth Charge yet. Or Mele, for that matter. And maybe not Kibitoshin, either- he'd certainly worry.

Said bandages were revealed as the Scarecrow rolled up the sleeve of his sweater. Though interested in what his arm looked like beneath them, he decided against fiddling with the fabric- he learned his lesson the night before. He pulled the sleeve over his arm again, careful not to bend his wounded limb too much. Whether the stiffness was a result from the bandages, the burn, or a combination of the two, he couldn't tell; however, he was sure he wasn't going to be getting much use from that arm for some time. He'd learned the human body was capable of fixing itself in astounding ways- if he was careful with it, surely his arm would do just that.

Alas! As much as he wanted to experience the snow for himself, the Scarecrow resigned to watch the others for the time being. Better safe than sorry, and maybe he'd be fortunate and his arm would be better by the afternoon.


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