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Night 57: Main Hallway, 1-West
{ you came here just to start a fight }
witchdetective wrote in damned
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As Erika approached the meeting spot, she was pleased to see that she was, indeed, first to reach there. This was to be expected: Erika was closest to this particular hallway and she could have given the others a minute's head start and still probably beat them while walking at a leisurely pace. But Erika had hurried to get here and set up camp anyway, directing her flashlight to the ceiling while dropping her bag next to her feet.

Perhaps the detective was so anxious to get there first in an effort to get back at Sync for implying that he more or less found her useless. Yet he followed her around anyway! Hopefully, this would be the last "team exercise" she would be expected to perform in this place so she could finally rid herself of him.

This hallway was as empty as the last one, but Erika knew she was going to see some traffic very soon. There was only one place on her map where a med wing was and it was east, just as Aguilar said. It was definitely a place that she would visit sometime soon so she could collect more of those pins, but not tonight. After all, Erika wasn't so desperate for a pin that she would willingly subject herself to Unknown Drug X. Let the other idiots work out the side effects and she'd be more than happy to step in if the risks were really worth it.

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Reaching the main hall, the Scarecrow stayed close to the wall for a moment, digging his journal out of his pocket and flipping to his map. Now where had General Aguilar said this Medical Wing was? East side, ground floor... He traced the halls with his finger until he came upon a large, unlabeled room on the drawing. That had to be it, he reasoned in his head.

Balancing his flashlight between his shoulder and the side of his face (and dropping it only once in the process), the Scarecrow fished in his pocket for a pen. With careful letters, he wrote "Medical Wing" over the room, hoping his guess was correct.


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Ground floor, east side. She had the first part covered. This wouldn't be a problem if she knew which way was north! She hadn't thought to look at the sun today. She paused near the wall after stepping around the corner, quickly flicking the flashlight over the area. Okay. There were no signs of guards or monsters. (That was always a good sign in her book.)

Seconds passed by. Too bad none of the prisoners had the same idea. If she couldn't get directions, she'd just--

Sonia held in a gasp when she suddenly heard a noise. Once the beam of her flashlight had landed on the source, she relaxed a little. Someone had entered the hall from another area. He looked harmless enough. "Excuse me," she made sure to say before moving closer, lowering her flashlight as she went; she didn't want to startle him. "Can you tell me where I can find the Medical Wing?"

[No worries! ♥]

The Scarecrow had just finished putting the last G on his map as someone approached him. He surprised himself by not jumping this time- he must have gotten used to people being in the main hallway, he reasoned. Of course, that wasn't to say that the main hall couldn't be dangerous just the same, but he had yet to see anything worth noting in that area. Perhaps it wasn't like he initially thought, where he supposed large groups of people would attract more of Landel's witches; maybe they actually avoided the crowds, and the 'Safety in Numbers' adage was truer than he'd ever really believed.

Oh, and there he was thinking too much again. He caught a sideways glance at the girl as she approached, tucking his pen into his pocket so he wouldn't lose it. "I was just about to head— "

The Scarecrow stopped himself, getting a better look at her in the dim illumination from the ground-pointed flashlights. Though he'd only gotten a brief look at her the night before, the pink shock of hair was hard to miss. "Why, you're the one from the field last night!"

Something about his voice sounded familiar, but she couldn't place it. It was probably nothing. Her eyebrows drew together in confusion when he stopped in the middle of a sentence to look at her.

Sonia's eyes became wider at the man's words, a soft "Huh?" passing her lips. That settled it. After all, there'd only been two others on the field besides her, and she was sure that voice didn't belong to the man in black uniform. But just in case she was wrong: "You're the man who was attacked?" That would explain why she only recognized his voice: she'd never got to see his face. It'd been too dark last night to make anything out. The princess felt bad that she hadn't gone looking for him today, but there was nothing she could have done about it. If she'd known what he looked like, then of course she would've tried contacting him.

The Scarecrow gave an enthusiastic nod. "I know I'd have been in even more trouble if you hadn't shown up and distracted the guard. I really can't thank you enough! I don't know what I was thinking, wantin' to try and get over that wall with my arm the way it is."

Well, that wasn't entirely true- he did know what he was thinking, but in retrospect, it hadn't been one of his better ideas. He'd chalk that one up to not having a good head on his shoulders. He could only hope his arms would recover well enough, as it just wouldn't do to
have both a broken brain and ruined limbs.

Speaking of acting unthinkingly, he introduced himself, completely forgetting to use his pseudonym. "I'm Scarecrow," he said, offering his hand. "If there is anything I can do to return the help, you let me know."

Sonia put her hands on her hips as she heard him out, giving him a concerned look when he mentioned his arm. If there was one thing she hated, it was seeing a good person beat himself up over something that wasn't his fault. "You just wanted to get out of here like the rest of us," she said, her voice turning gentle.

'Scarecrow'? Why the alias? Unless that was his real name. She figured there was some reason behind it, so she let it go. "My name's Sonia," she replied with a small smile, accepting the handshake without hesitation. "Actually, there is something you could help me with. Any idea where the Medical Wing might be?"

Oh, that was right! In his excitement over thanking her for the other night, the Scarecrow had completely forgotten to answer Sonia's initial question.

"I believe I do," he said, bringing his light up and showing her his map. "If it's on the eastern side of the building as promised, then it ought to be this big area here. I was just about to head there myself. In fact, maybe we ought to go together! There are a lot of awful things that tread these halls at night, and it just isn't smart to wander around alone. You'd think I'd have learned that one by now."

Sonia moved closer to get a look at the piece of paper in his hand. A map! At least half of it looked accurate, too, but she couldn't allow herself to get caught up in it yet. She traced a finger across the page, starting from the cell blocks and moving toward the area Scarecrow had pointed out, privately noting the consistency in scale before flicking a glance over the rest. She had been right: the field and courtyard were right next to each other. And out of four cell blocks, only one of them held women.

Doctor's Offices, Group Therapy... Patients' Library? Earlier today, Landel had called them the same thing: patients. There was a lot about this place she didn't understand, but the more she thought about it, the more sense it made: what if "Landel's Institute" hadn't been a prison at all?

She didn't think it'd be safe for him to tag along--if this was a trap, she didn't want him to be caught in it too--but like he said, it also wasn't safe for them to be alone. This way, they could look out for each other. "Okay," she agreed after a brief pause. "So it should be--" She looked around for a second, then pointed a finger in the right direction. "--this way! Let's go."

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