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Night 57: F-A Block Hallway
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The women's block was deserted. Taura ran through and out the doors before anyone could notice she'd even been there at all.

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"That's not to say there aren't some aspects that have carried into the military's takeover," Edgar continued, waiting a beat for Locke to enter the hall. "Such as the experiments they perform on some of the patients at night."

He nudged his flashlight in the direction of the next hallway, lighting the way.

Locke entered the hall but nearly stopped in his tracks at Edgar's words. "experiments?"

Militaristic: fine, Asylum: fine, but experimenting on people? That definitely didn't sit well with him. He'd seen the results of experiments on people. He and Edgar had seen the destruction from one of those 'results'.

"What kind of experiments?" He could only hope the answer wasn't from first hand experience.

Edgar paused, having had a feeling Locke wouldn't like any of that last bit of information, particularly that part. It was still difficult to talk about it, somehow: his own night on the experimentation table, his life on the line, the humiliation and the consequences he had yet to see, and the lingering uncertainty that clawed at the back of his mind... He had to admit that in a way, it was no easier to think of the entire event now than it had been the following day- the agony was still there, working its way through him. It was something that would continue to haunt him if he allowed it to do so.

"Invasive" he answered finally, his tone taking a serious turn. His eyes fell. "Every other night or so, they take a few patients for what they call 'sleep studies.' The staff collects them just before the night starts- from what I've read, there is no way out of it until the experimentation is finished. The outcome is different for each person, the procedure tailored to the victim. It's a general surgery for some, while for others, it hits very close to home; however, I have yet to hear of one that was anything but nightmarish."

Locke's blood felt like ice. Not only was what Edgar describing terrible to hear, but, the way he was describing it, left him a little suspicious. Things were adding up that shouldn't be adding up and he felt like there was a rock on his chest.

After being silent a moment, he fixed the king with a serious look, trying to be cautious with his words.

"...Edgar...these experiments...you only know of them from what others have said, right? You haven't-"

Another pause as Locke refused to finish his own sentence; Edgar's hesitation marked his face. He kept what he was truly feeling from most of the allies and acquaintances he'd made during his imprisonment, especially in regard to his experimentation- it was simply a force of habit; however, as Locke's eyes burned into him, the trepidation heavy in his voice, he found it hard to keep the truth from him.

This wasn't the Sabin look-alike from the visitor shift, someone who could not be convinced of the situation no matter how close the bond to his brother. This was Locke, in the flesh- one of his closest friends, one he knew he could trust above all others. Edgar felt his stomach turn uncomfortably as another bead of sweat ran down his temple. It wasn't as though the thief hadn't noticed immediately. For someone who knew him too well, the gravelly voice and unusually sickly looks were telltale signs.

"Magitek infusion," Edgar admitted, meeting Locke's serious look with one of his own. "Only two nights ago. I suppose I should have known my turn would come eventually."

For a moment Locke's thoughts stopped and he was torn between going to Edgar and checking him over himself and leaving to find someone at least partially responsible to take his anger out on.

The thought that this place had done something like that to one of his friends, his best friend and he hadn't even been around to do anything was almost too much. Especially since it was that. Magitek infusion messed people up. He couldn't even think of what to say, the thought that this had happened one night before he'd arrived was too ironic.


Edgar held up a hand. "There's nothing to be done about it now." And as much as it burned him to say it, it was the truth. He couldn't undo the procedure any more than he could bring Celes back; however, he could keep himself from allowing it to dominate him, or at least try. Determination had brought him far in life; it would not fail him now.

"I'll survive," he added, turning back to the hallway. He put on a solemn grin. "And with any luck, have some magic at my disposal. But should I go the way of a certain crazed clown..." He didn't bother to finish that thought, hoping Locke would know what he had to do if it came to it. It was a grim notion, one that left him disgusted in every way— bearing any resemblance to Kefka would do that— but it was a realistic outcome that weighed heavily on his mind, and one he could not allow to happen. If it came to losing his sanity and becoming a danger to those around him, he'd choose oblivion.

Edgar's suggestion caused Locke to find his voice and it took everything in him not to throw all his anger at his friend; as it was, his tone was dark and he set a heavy glare on the other man.

"It's not gonna come to that. You're not gonna end up like him, magitek infusion or not. 'Sides, I can't do somethin' like that; not to you."

A part of him knew it was possible, but, it was a part he was in the process of pushing as far away as possible. Just because Edgar had gone through the same procedure Kefka had didn't mean they would end up the same. Celes hadn't suffered that fate, couldn't Edgar be like Celes?

Locke looked away, glaring at the floor instead, he didn't want Edgar to find that small part of him that was still uncertain. "Just...don't say somethin' like that. It'll be fine." He hoped.

Edgar closed his eyes with a sigh, the smile on his face becoming a more wistful one. "It's good to know you have enough faith for the both of us," he said, continuing toward Anise's room. "I'm starting to feel like there's hope for us yet."

He was still confident he could depend on Locke, in spite of the treasure hunter's refusal; for now, he'd do his best to not make that unfortunate situation a reality.

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"Next, we find you something with which to arm yourself," Edgar continued as they stepped back into the hallway. "Believe it or not, the patients aren't the only ones roaming the halls at night."

He paused for a second in the corridor, thinking. Going over the wall in the recreational field was probably their best bet for making it to the shed in the courtyard- crossing the Sun Room at night, especially when considering what he'd seen in there the last time he'd been through the room with Locke at night, was a more dangerous plan than necessary.

That reminded him of something that needed asking. "Locke, this is going to sound strange, but... what is the last thing you remember before being brought here?" With any luck, the thief would be from a time closer to his own than Celes had been: explaining the apocalypse, on top of the dark topics they had already discussed, was something he was hoping to avoid.

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Locke was more than happy to have something he could defend himself with. Even if he didn't encounter something, having a weapon of some sort would make him feel less exposed.

He shot Edgar a glance for his question. What a weird thing to ask. Surely, he wasn't trying to imply that their memories were different, was he?

"We beat Kefka, the world was starting to get on it's way to being back to normal, some of us went are separate ways, though, I was on my way to see you when I woke up here."

It was Edgar's turn to look completely astonished. For the second time in that hallway, he stopped, unable to comprehend was he was hearing for a moment.

"We... beat Kefka!?" Edgar asked hoarsely, incredulous. It had been startling enough to discover the time discrepancy between himself and Celes; to find that there was not only a missing chunk of time between his time and Locke, but that during said time Kefka was apparently defeated was more of a shock than he'd prepared himself for.

He put his hands on Locke's shoulders to stop him, searching his friend's eyes. "How long has it been since the end of the world? Since the fall of the floating continent?"

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Locke looked for some sign that Edgar was playing with him, making some sort of weird joke about not remembering all that had happened. It wasn't there. Besides, why would he joke about something like that at a time like this?

"Almost two years now...are you trying to tell me you don't remember any of this?"

He'd been right there with Locke when they had faced Kefka. Edgar had done a lot to take the psychopath down, and he didn't remember any of it?

"T- two years!?" The span between himself and Celes had been several weeks, at best; as far as he could remember, it hadn't been more than a few months since the cataclysm, since Kefka erected his tower and set himself atop it like a god. To learn that somewhere, there were months where he'd apparently spent fighting alongside his allies, presumably taking care of his people... but was it really him, as the Celes who had been with them past the opera house had truly been her? Or was it a phantom or some mimic, as he'd once suspected?

He shook his head, letting loose another frustrated sigh as he rubbed his forehead- there was no explaining it at this point, other than the fallback of "magic." It had to be, as nothing else even came close to making sense of it, how those in charge could pull their prisoners from any point in time they so desired.

"I haven't lived it yet, apparently..." Edgar trailed off as he tried to form some coherence in his own mind.

Locke was silent a moment, thinking through that possibility. Obviously, there was magic here, but, was it possible this place was that strong? Strong enough to mess with time and the order of things? That was a bit daunting to think about, however that wasn't going to stop him from looking for any way possible to get Edgar and himself out.

"Think of it this way, you know there's a happy ending, right? So, you've got to get out of here, because there's still plenty for you to do at home."

Even if he had played his part, Edgar still had a lot ahead of him, there was definitely no way anything was going to happen to him here...nothing else at least.

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