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Night 59: M11-M20 Hallway
age_of_kings wrote in damned
What in the name of all that was holy and good was going on?

Tolten couldn't begin to imagine what a 'red alert' in this place consisted of, but his instincts kicked in and he leapt to his feet with a frightened expression. He was suddenly very glad he'd eaten his weak dinner, and the greyness that swam behind his eyes didn't drag him back down to his bed.

Something was very wrong, clearly. With the prisoners or their guards? Had there been some sort of escape attempt? Night had fallen, his pipe was stashed safely in the closet as it should be....

Pipe. Weapon. Locke.

As much as the young king didn't want to venture out into whatever had just happened, he had to get to his friend. They had agreed upon the junction hallway as a meeting place, and Tolten would be there. He only hoped Locke would be, as well. What if there had been worse experiments on them tonight? And sometimes experiments went wrong.

Images of the shambling, almost-people beneath the city flooded Tolten's mind and he shuddered. No. Nothing like that had happened. He simply wouldn't accept the possibility could be truth. But it still hurried him along his way as he gripped his pipe and his torch and ventured down the hall.

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The same pink layer that had covered everything in the room after the announcement shone on the walls in the hallway, casting the corridor in a dim glow. It had crashed into the room with seemingly little effect on the people inside... or so Edgar thought for the moment. He had grabbed his necessities as quickly as possible, giving Gren a short farewell before heading into the night.

Immediately apparent as he headed through the halls were the sounds of commotion, of fighting. The patient quarters were usually regarded as one of the safer areas of the institute, but whatever event had caused the emergency seemed to have unleashed chaos, as well.

That couldn't bode well for himself, his allies, or his friends. Edgar gave a cursory look for Locke as he headed for the main hall, deciding it'd be best if he made haste to Terra's room. He ignored that discomfort from his chest; the sooner he found her, the better.

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