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Day 27: Intercom, Evening
The Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom gave its cheery jingle just before the Head Doctor's equally buoyant voice rang through the halls.

"Ah, and finally, our day is coming to a close! Rooms and roommates have been reassigned with care, though what great partnership can start without a good meal? Ah, yes, after the nurses escort all of our patients, new and old, back to their proper rooms, everyone will have the chance to enjoy a savory chicken pot pie, full of peas, carrots, potatoes, and of course, chicken. On the side, we'll have buttery corn on the cob and green beans, and to drink, you may choose from the regular slew of water, milk, or assorted juices, which your nurse will bring to you.

"I believe that's all for now! Phew, long day, huh? I know I'll be happy to get some sleep, and thank you to all our vigilant doctors and nurses, although Dr. House seems to have gone AWOL... Hmm... Well, in any case, have a good dinner, everyone!"

The intercom clicked off again as the nurses began organizing the patients for the small trek back to their rooms.

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While his stomach was quite happy, his mind had been racing since the bulletin board; it seemed, somewhere on the complex was a Colonel and he had some sort of idea where weaponry was stored. Unfortunately, Steve had long forgotten the guy's name, but he made a mental note to re-check the bulletin board tomorrow. Tonight, however, he had other plans.

Digging his teeth into the juicy side of the corn, Burnside ripped a few pieces off, chewed for a second or two, then swallowed before repeating the process. It wasn't until the corn was a husk of its former self, did the young man toss it aside in his bowl. Following that, he shoved a fork into the pot-pie and dug out a mouth full; he'd need his energy, according to most, if he was going to survive the night.

But as he ate and as he let that mind of his wander, he frowned. He was just repeating Rockfort all over again, it seemed. But this time, Claire wasn't around to bring his spirits up. Actually, he didn't really have anyone to bring his spirits up. Well, save those Detective guys and Siegfried; they seemed nice enough.

Steve snorted, his nostrils flaring slightly as he held up a fork-full of pie.

"Cheers," he murmured to himself.

"What... is it?" Heiji asked, looking at the food questioningly. "A pie?"

Heiji's nurse frowned, "It's a chicken pot pie, Harley." He shuddered on hearing his nurse call him by that despicable, awful name.

"Couldn't you just call me Heiji? Or Mr. Hattori?" He said, opening the door of room M93 so that the nurse could bring the tray inside more easily.

"I'm afraid that's out of the question," She snapped, then turned to smile at Steve. "Good evening Mr. Lancaster. Don't mind Harley, he's just a bit irate."

"Irate?!" Heiji spat, looking to Steve and pointing at the nurse, "Go on, ask her what my name is, go on! Ask her!"

"There will be plenty of time for introductions while you two eat," She said firmly, walking past the fuming Heiji. "Good night you two." She shut the door.

Heiji flopped down on the bed, staring grumpily at his roommate. "You'd be irate too if your name was 'Harley Hartwell', that's all I'm saying." He pulled his tray over and proceeded to poke at the chicken pot pie. "What's in this anyway?"

"It's better than Jules Lancaster." Steve huffed as he shoved another piece of pot-pie down his throat. "God, why couldn't they just stick with our old names, at least. I mean, Harley is bad and all but Jules."

Burnside gave a snort and sat down his food. Once the she-bitch left, he turned to his roommate. "It's a pie full of chicken and vegetables - you can't tell me you've never heard of chicken pot pie before."

Another mouth-full was escorted into Steve's mouth before he continued.

"Name's Steve - you?"

"Jules?" Heiji repeated, a wide grin sliding over his face. "Like, Jules Verne or something? Or Julia?" He laughed, "I thought Harley was bad! But at least they're not telling you you're from Canada," Heiji rolled his eyes.

"But, apparently we're not allowed to remember who we actually are. We're 'crazy'," Heiji formed quotes around the word with his fingers. "Yeah right," he snorted. "Like I could be crazy.

"Oh! The name's Hattori Heiji," he said with a grin, "First name's Heiji. I'm Japanese--you get the deal. And I have heard of these things, but I had no idea people actually ate them. Pies are for fruit and stuff."

Steve looked mildly offended at the Canada comment. "Hey! There is nothing wrong with Canada!" He sorted and shoved his fork into his mouth with a grunt. "My f-ther -rom -anada," he mumbled through his food. "It-" He paused to swallow. "-isn't that bad from what I hear."

Placing the empty tray down on his bed, Steve flopped back against the back wall and put his arms behind his head.

"Japanese, huh? Never been to Japan."

Heiji shrugged, "Canada's got nothing on Osaka! Seriously, it's an insult considering where I came from! And... not to mention just plain wrong," the teen set aside his tray, slightly pouty about the fact that he couldn't pick at Steve's tray.

"I mean, it's like sayin' someone from France is American--it's just wrong. Nothing against France or America, but whoever mixes them up is just plain stupid, right?" Heiji grinned.

"Japan's a great place. If you're ever there, go to Osaka. Everyone thinks it's all about Tokyo, but Osaka's definitely the place to be."

"Yeah, well, you guys eat raw fish." Steve pouted - Canada was fine and dandy to him, who was this guy to talk? "But, yeah. I think they're the ones that are loony and all that - you don't even look Canadian."

Holding up a fork, Steve frowned in thought. "Come to think of it, aren't there a lot of people from Japan here? Kind of makes you wonder..."

Heiji arched an eyebrow, "And raw fish is...? Somethin' wrong with eating raw fish?"

He leaned back and laughed, "Exactly! So whoever believes I'm from Canada--"

The Head Doctor's speech cut him off. Heiji tucked away the bit of information offered: door in the kitchen. Right. So this place had a basement? From the sound of it, it was a trap though. So not going down there.

Heiji stood up and began rifling through the drawers of the desk. He came up with a wad of pens. The teen moved to his closet and opened the door. "Bingo~," Heiji crooned, then proceeded to yank the clothes rod out of the closet. It wasn't ideal, but it'd have to do until he found something better.

"Oi, Steve-kun," Heiji's tone was serious for the first time, "I've heard there's some really bad stuff out in the halls at night. Take care, yeah?" He grinned as he opened the door, "It'd be a shame if you died before going to Osaka."

Standing, Steve snatched one of the provided pens from the bundle, popped the cap and wedged it between his fingers. "Yeah; you stay safe man. And when we're out of here, I best see some tickets to this Osaka place or something." A smile spread across the boy's face as he watched his friend head out.

It seemed it was time to go. And while people had warned against it, it looked like he would be going solo.

Worked for him.

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