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Day 28: Bus 3
gald_digger wrote in damned
What a waste of a trip.

That was Anise's first thought as she was ushered onto one of the buses, taking a window seat along the left side. In the end, she hadn't been able to get any information besides rumors and conjecture. Among them, the only information worth considering was the doctor's suggestion of Doyleton being an extension of Landel's. Could it have really been a fake town? She hadn't had a chance to meet any of the townsfolk, or even see the insides of any of those buildings, so it was hard to say whether anything was off or not. Although the lack of a post office really was strange...

...Which made her realize. The blond man she met earlier on Main Street said he had heard there certainly was a post office, but there was no sign of it when she actually searched. No trace of the white-haired man he had told her about, either. As frustrating as it was, she had no choice but to acknowledge it now: he had deceived her.

He'll pay for that, she thought grudgingly.

Forcing away a sour expression that took hold of her face for just a brief moment, she started on the sandwich and milk (a natural choice for a growing girl) she had been given. Having spent the entire day running around town without stopping for lunch, she was admittedly pretty hungry.

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[From here!]

Heiji giggled as the orderly and nurse sat him back in his seat and all but threw his bag of dinner at him. So touchy, so touchy! It was funnier than it should have been.

"Now I want you to sit right there Mr. Hartwell, and think about what you and Mr. Ikeda did!" Heiji gave her a weak salute and bounced his thick eyebrows at her. With a noise of infuriation, she turned on her heel and marched to the front of the bus.

The detective rested his head against the glass of the window, a wistful smile on his face. He'd pretty much wasted the entire trip flirting with that toy store chick who didn't even read the friggin' newspaper, but he'd had a good time with Okita at least. And he'd even garnered an invitation for evening plans. What luck~

[Waiting for Rinali!]

It had been a long day, and while she should have felt bad about being trapped there and about failing to get their escape plan underway, Rinali felt happy. It had been a good day with a good friend. Sometimes it was okay to focus on things that didn't really matter.

She took a seat next to an amused looking man. She wasn't sure why he was amused, but that was fine. She pulled out her sandwich and smiled brightly at the stranger. "Hi," she said warmly. "I'm Rinali."

The teen detective looked away from the glass as a very cute girl sat next to him. She looked cheery, and a smiling face was just what Heiji needed after a needle to the neck.

Too bad the drugs made him talkative to the point of exhaustion.

"Hi pretty Rinali!" Heiji said, grinning away, "'M Hattori Han-- n'wait... Hattori HEIJI, yeah!" He laughed, "Sorry~ This hulk of an orderly just stabbed me in th'neck and totally drugged me. 'M not feeling like m'self~ But don't worry!" He raised a finger and nodded sagely, "'M totally harmless, yup! Jus' like talking a bit too much right now! Like when you're drunk, y'know? I get reeeally talkative and buddy-buddy. Y'got a boyfriend? Will he stab me in the neck 'f I talk to you?"

Rinali couldn't help but blush as the other boy started off by calling her pretty, and asked about a boyfriend. Other than Ravi, no one really flirted with her. You didn't flirt often in the order. Generally you focused on your duties to God and to humanity...after all, they were there to save the world, not to date.

"I...you can't be serious," she said politely albeit with great surprise. "I'm nothing special. Why did they...drug...you?" She vaguely knew that several medical companies were working with a drug they called heroine as a substitute for morphine, and maybe the nurses were using something similar to calm the patients. It was possible.

"Oh no, I don't have a boyfriend," she replied, though still feeling a little awkward talking about these things. "I don't think Komui would allow it."

"Mmm? C'mon, trust me! I'ma detective! Y'don' get many pretty girls where I come from, and you're definitely one of 'em. A pretty girl, I mean. Not a girl where I come from. Agh, I can't think straight," He laughed.

"I was havin' a sparring match wi' Okita frickin' Souji! He whupped me good thou', but it was awesome to watch! Not to feel. It hurt like a bitch! Oh!" He patted her on the shoulder, "'Scuse my language, miss," Heiji laughed. Normally he wouldn't be this familiar with someone he just met, but this Rinali girl seemed a bit uptight in his drug-induced haze.

"Annnyway, this nurse 'n two orderlies all 'a sudden charge inta the clearing we were fightin' in, and needle kaa-san. And I didn' like that, not at all... s' I just ask real polite, 'Hey Ms. Nurse, c'n you help me up?' And BAM!" Heiji demonstrated throwing someone over his shoulder--not very smart in a moving vehicle. But he sat back down right away, laughing his head off. "I totally threw her to the ground! Then I wen' back for Kaneyoshi, but the orderlies grabbed me and there was this stabbin' pain in my neck of all places, and later I felt like this~

"Which really sucks~ And speaking of which, what's this Komui thingy? 'F it doesn't letcha have a boyfriend, it can't be all that fair. Glad I won't get my nose broken though~"

"You're very kind," Rinali said, and left it at that. She wasn't used to being flattered so openly like that. She knew people liked her...after all, she had a lot of friends...but not even Ravi was so blunt about a physical attraction.

"Well, I imagine if you attack a nurse they're going to do something to you for it," she said reasonably, then laughed as Heiji clumsily tried to demonstrate the battle with the nurses. He was a very silly boy...although it could be that the heroine -- or whatever it was they had drugged him with -- was why he was so silly.

"Komui's my brother. He's a bit...overprotective at times." She shrugged her shoulders slightly. "He's not that bad, but people like to tease him about me."

"Mm, yeah~ But it wasn't fair at all--seriously! They just drugged Kaneyoshi without even letting me talk my way out of it. It wasn't fair," Heiji grumbled. "He was so cool--like in all the samurai dramas y'see on TV 'n stuff. I got mad, I guess..." Heiji sighed. "I don't like it here very much, 'n I've only been here for two days. Wayyy too long in my opinion."

"Oh," He started laughing, "I thought that Komui was your job 'r school 'r somethin'! Gotcha, gotcha..." Heiji looked slightly confused, "Mayyybe it's the drugs, but that doesn't make much sense t'me. Why would people tease your brother about you? Y'seem too nice to be a black sheep 'r criminal 'r somethin'."

Rinali nodded in agreement, not like it probably mattered much with how drugged up Heiji was. He probably wouldn't even remember her when he came out of it. "This is my second day, too. It's...well, at least my friends are here. But we definitely need to find a way to get home. My world is counting on us."

She raised an eyebrow and backed away slightly as Heiji started laughing, but relaxed as he explained himself. "Well, he's a little overprotective. I don't think he's ready to accept that his little sister is growing up. Even though I've been an exorcist for years now, I think he's just a little anxious everytime I go out without him."

"Ahhh," Heiji nodded, "I see, I see. Totally understandable. If I had a younger brother or sister, I'd make sure to look out for 'em. Osaka's a pretty rough place if you get into trouble. But if you've been an exorcist for a while, then--"


"Wait, an exorcist? That's so cool!"

That was not the response she had been expecting, not in the slightest. From her conversation this morning with Signum, she expected people to hear the word 'exorcist' and stare at her blank-eyed, or nod and smile while she explained what it was exactly that she did. She didn't expect anyone to recognize it.

"Wait...you know what an exorcist is?" she said, feeling at once elated and confused.

"Yeah! 'Course I do! I mean, I deal with a lot of dead people, so it's not that difficult to believe that there are restless spirits out there, right? 'Course, I'm not one to go blamin' every little thing that happens on ghosts, but some people put stock in that. Me, I believe it when I see it," He grinned.

"Oh! Not to say that what you do is phony or anything like that--not at all! I'm just more of a science over supernatural guy, y'know? I've read about plenty 'f exorcisms, but I've never actually seen one. Maybe I'm lucky in that sense?" Heiji laughed a little. He felt a bit clearer--perhaps the drugs were starting to wear off a bit. His speech was, at the very least, not as slurred as before.

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