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Day 32: Sun Room (2nd shift)
heraldric wrote in damned
After the couple glasses of water Leon managed to gulp down during breakfast, the mage felt immensely better. He was still a bit tired, but that was nothing a little lounging on one of the sofas wouldn't cure. Stretching his arms above his head, he couldn't help but wish he'd had the chance to grab one of his new doctor's coats before leaving his room that morning. Maybe they would have let him get away with wearing it. Maybe.

He grabbed an empty sofa, pulling out the journal he tried to keep on him at all times. It was nearly complete now. Just a couple more pages to go. It might not improve his spellcasting that much, but any improvement was better than none. It was getting to where it might be too dangerous for him to use spells at all, if it left him so worn out without even finishing a monster off.

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The bulletin hadn't helped to clear up any confusion when the nurse had shown him it, making part of the very short tour of this place that he was getting. An entirely unhelpful tour. So many people seemed to believe that they were from other places and times, more than should be normal even within an asylum. And none of them had even heard about the major power or... or Celestial Being, even if some of them had heard of Gundams for some reason.

She led him over to a seat and told him to make himself comfortable and meet some new people and he bit his lip to keep from saying something foolish or allowing Hallelujah to guide his words. He took a seat almost gingerly, looking around the room at the people wh were gathering. There were so many of them as he'd seen at breakfast. It was making him twitchy being around so many people he didn't know. There were reasons why he preferred to stay in space when he could.

For once waking up had been unusually surprising, by this point SubZero expected to be awake one moment and then waking up in bed the next, but he didn't even remember going out last night.

He didn't see anyone he recognized and wanted to talk to, so SubZero decided to take his chances with someone who didn't yet have anyone to speak with.

"Morning," SubZero said, slightly unhappier than usual this morning with the lack of what he had done last night. Maybe this person would at least prove useful.

Allelujah tore himself away from his thoughts and the notes that he was making in the journal when the man approached. He smiled pleasantly at the man, moving up to the edge of the couch in case he wanted to sit. The seats seemed a little limited so sharing was probably required.

"Morning," he replied, because it wasn't a good morning by any stretch of the imagination, but he needed to say something. "Although it sure is a pain to be here."

SubZero nodded his agreement. "You'd think that someone would have found a way out of here by now," It was possible that someone had made it out and hadn't taken a backwards glance, but he was realistic enough to understand the chances of escape were slim.

Of course, he'd been more focused on killing the guy in charge and less focused on getting out, so that probably contributed tot he fact that he was still here.

Another person bent on escape. That wasn't usual, he didn't think? And this guy looked like a fighter too. The more he looked, the more he saw people who moved and looked like they could handle weapons. It was curious and did lend credence to Archer's information. Heh, Tieria would call him a fool for even contemplating that it might be true, but Tieria wasn't there. He was probably coping just as badly over Lockon's death as he was. Maybe worse. Tieria was the one who'd suggested they lock him in before the last battle after all.

"I suppose so," Allelujah said, and he should probably come out and say that he was new here but he might get more information this way. "I suppose people don't want to leave without their companions perhaps."

"Some people," He agreed. SubZero didn't recognize the person he was speaking to, and the announcement had said there might be more patients.

But he didn't feel like explaining to someone who had just arrived, so he decided not to ask.

The other guy did have a valid point, a lot of people here didn't have exceptional self-preservation instincts when there was a chance to help others. Even Arlene had a soft spot, apparently.

"But not you?" he asked, a flash of yellow eye visible through the hair which covered the right side of his face. He gave a small apologetic smile, cursing Hallelujah mentally for drawing too much attention. They're a weakness [No they're not. The others weren't.]

"I'm sorry. I'm new here. I'm just disoriented." He needed to cover for himself. No sense making enemies before he had to. "Most people need other people around."

"There are a few people here that I'm willing to fight beside for the time being, but not anyone I'd take home with me," SubZero said. He had noted the eye, curious about what that was, and making sure to remember it later.

"I'm sure they'll be just as relieved as I will be when we can all go our own ways," After they killed the man in charge and destroyed this facility to make sure no one else used it in the future.

Take home... another person who believed in these different worlds? It was definitely seeming like more than mere delusion could explain. It was something to think over at least, and he'd keep checking the bulletin for the bits of information that he could glean from the posts there. People seemed very open about what they said on there which was a surprise. "You're a fighter then?" Allelujah asked, looking the man over again. He did look like he could hold his own, but it didn't seem the kind of form that one got from piloting. It made him wonder how most people fought if they weren't part of a modern military. He couldn't quite bring himself to believe in the others times and other worlds yet.

"Yeah," But to be honest, SubZero felt that 'fighter' was not a good description of what he was. A lot of people fell into that category, most of them were inferior warriors.

"A lot of people here know how to fight. Some more than others, but in this place, you have to either be able to fight or hope you can make friends that can," There was always a chance to sneak past or run away, but that wasn't a very reliable solution.

Allelujah had thought so. He moved like one. He supposed it warranted another question, just to be sure, even though the more he looked at the bulletin, the less he believed it to be a military facility or even a mental hospital. Everyone seemed so calm and he heard snippets of intelligible conversation rather than insane babbling. "Are you military?"

"The monsters, right? Someone mentioned them. Everyone seems to be so calm about them."

"No, though I'm sure there are some military people here," SubZero didn't particularly care. Armies had their place, but that just wasn't the way of the Lin Kuei.

"The monsters, and the other patients. And watch who you anger, it usually doesn't end well," Not that SubZero cared who he angered, he was more than skilled enough to take on any of the other patients.

"It really isn't a military facility then..." Allelujah murmured. He wasn't sure whether to be glad or not. If he believed everything that he'd been told then at least he wasn't going to be executed or experimented on again. they weren't going to cut him open or drug him. Probably. But at the same time, it meant that he was utterly alone with no way of knowing what had happened to any of the crew or the other Meisters.

Like we care who we anger!

Allelujah shook his head slightly, restraining himself from murmuring at Hallelujah to shut up. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind," he replied, mentally cataloguing this guy as someone who shouldn't be angered if he could avoid it.

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