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Day 32: Intercom, Evening
The Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom clicked on and the Head Doctor spoke with his usual fervor.

"Good evening, patients and staff! I am pleased to announce that the arrival of nearly all of our new patients will conclude this shift. In addition, we have a very delicious dinner in store for you: carved Turkey with a side of mashed potatoes and steamed, seasoned vegetables. For drinks, we have our usual assortment available, and as a dessert included with your dinner, we will be serving a slice of warm apple pie with each meal.

"I trust that those of you enjoying the company of new roommates will give them a warm Landel's welcome, and I also hope that those of you who participated in therapy today were able to find a productive time with their doctors.

"That's all for now! Enjoy dinner, everyone!"

The intercom clicked off again.

[ Please respond to this post with all dinner shift threads between roommate, putting your character's respective room in the subject line. While we have none scheduled for this shift at this time: all introduction posts for this shift's group of new characters should be made in response to this post; the introduction may then continue on to be a regular roommate thread. ]

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He was a little annoyed to be taken away from his conversation with Edgeworth by the nurse who came to get him. He'd been enjoying it, and enjoyable conversations for the sake of conversation had been few and far between in the last few months. He didn't even think that she noticed Hallelujah's sharper voice from the way she prattled on.

The room he was taken to was a different one to the one he'd woken up in, but the nurse guided him inside like we need the bitch's help and set out a tray on the little desk at one side of the room. "Now dear, your roommate will be here soon so try and make friends with him, alright."

He nodded, smiling politely at the women we should just kill her before going to pick up the tray and sit on the bed with it. This felt far too much like his cell on the Ptolemaios, the padded room where all he could do was sit and think and argue with his other self.

Yuuhi'd wanted to approach Sakura the following shift, but someone else had found her first. He was a bit too taken aback to try to bring up what she'd mentioned in mixed company, so he'd have to wait until this evening to speak with her. He had a feeling he'd be able to find her before Kurogane, even if it was only a few precious minutes, that would be enough.

Just how much did she know? If it was as he feared, perhaps it would be better if he did stay in this world when the others left. Kurogane had to be wrong, they couldn't possibly want him to be anywhere near them if they knew about...

He shook those thoughts away as the nurse escorted him into his room. He looked curiously at his roommate, an unfamiliar face. Where was Saix? Yuuhi smiled amiably at the boy even though he didn't feel much like doing so. "Hello! I'm Fai, what's your name?"

It took a bit of maneuvering with the crutch he was using to get his tray to his bed without falling over or dropping anything, but he managed it. He was pretty hungry after skipping meals here and there. Besides, if any of the girls, Orihime or Ururu, found him not eating something, they'd be sure to call him on it.

He remembered then, a moment too late, that he'd forgotten to make any arrangements with the girls for the night. He hoped they wouldn't go out alone. He'd feel terrible if one of them got hurt.

Allelujah looked up sharply when the door opened, reflexes expecting some kind of attack, even though he knew it was doubtful yet. But people had been talking about attacks during the night and who decided where the line was? Better to be wary rather than dead. But it was just the nurse, leading in a tall fair haired man after her.

He returned the smile that was offered to him with a hesitant one of his own. He seemed friendly enough although they both knew that that wasn't necessarily the case. "I'm called Allelujah," he replied, watching with concern as the man maneuvered himself with the crutches. Maybe he should have offered to help? But no, he seemed capable and it wouldn't do to offend him on the first night. But what if he was offended for ALlelujah not offering? "I'm pleased to meet you. I hope you don't mind that I started eating already..." He wasn't sure what the protocol was after all.

"Nice to meet you too," Yuuhi replied, all smiles as usual. He seemed like a nice enough person. Certainly nicer than Saix had been, though it was fun to tease him.

"It's alright, don't worry at all about it," he said as he started in on his meal. "This isn't anything formal, just dinner. Are you new here? I don't think I've seen you before, but then, I haven't been here very long myself."

Well, this hopefully wouldn't be too bad. Fai seemed pleasant to be around and it shouldn't be a problem as long as nothing became violent if it does then he deserves it. No, no he didn't. And things weren't going to become violent.

Oh, that was good to know. Some day, somehow, he would find that magical gift which allowed people to know how to act in any situation. It was just unfortunate that Celestial Being hadn't really been the place to learn it. "Yes, I'm new," Allelujah replied, taking a few more bites of his food. And pie. More sugar. He was going to get spoiled. "I just woke up here this morning although I've no idea how they got me to Earth from space."

Very new apparently. If he still was under the impression that this was his home world. Poor thing. He hated to be the one to break the truth to him.

"There are a lot of things here that don't make much sense," Yuuhi said as he scooped the last of his potatoes into his mouth. "People are here not just from different places on your Earth, but different worlds too. Different dimensions and even different times on the same world. It sounds pretty crazy huh." He shrugged in a laid back way and started on his turkey.

"You heard about what happens at night though, right? You've gotta be really careful."

Allelujah smiled weakly at the explanation and nodded. "That's what I've heard, yes," he replied, giving a soft sigh as he finished off the food. It was definitely better than the stuff that they got on the Ptolemaios which out of necessity had to be processed to last for a long time in between docking. "It just seems impossible still. And everyone who does recognise things I know seems to be from hundreds of years ago." It made no sense, but so many people agreed about it that he couldn't just discount it all. Everyone seemed so sane.

"I've heard bits," Allelujah said, frowning slightly. "But not much. Nights in places like this aren't usually good times anyway." They had scientists around the clock after all, and some of the children who were taken at night never came back. Or came back different.

"Hnnnn~" Yuuhi drew out a thoughtful sigh. Allelujah seemed to be taking it all fairly well. If he'd been in a place like this before, he couldn't help but feel sorry for the boy. What kind of world had he come from?

"Try not to go alone, if you can help it," he added. "I don't know what else I can tell you that's very helpful. Most of its pretty new to me too. But if you have any questions, I can give it a try."

At least everyone so far had been helpful for the most part. The girl at lunch had been more worrying, but it was somehow comforting to have someone who could understand what he was and what had been done to him. What he'd done. Ah, but that wasn't something to think about now. It would just get in the way. Maybe you are learning.

Don't go alone, hm? That could be problematic if they get in the way they deserve whatever happens because he didn't want them to be hurt because of him and this change was leaving him on edge which was never a good mindset for him to be in. "I'll keep that in mind, although I don't really know anyone yet." His expression sharpened as he thought over the situation. If things were so bad at night, then he'd need to be able to defend himself. It might lead to bad things with the staff though, but he couldn't just let them do what they wanted now. "Do you know where I can get weapons?" he asked after a moment. Anything sharp would be useful. "I learned to be good with scalpels when I had to be. They're always in plentiful supply in these places." His smile took on a different cast for a moment, sharper and nastier, his mostly hidden yellow eye widening for a moment before the smile faded. Allelujah gave Fai an apologetic look. "Everyone seems to be talking about weapons but I don't even know where to start."

Yuuhi wasn't quite sure what to think of his roommate when he caught the strange look to his smile. He decided to do as always though, and play the fool. He knew it wasn't always the best route, but given he hardly knew the boy yet, there was little else he could think to do. Besides, if Allelujah knew what kind of person he himself was on the inside, he might be more than a little disturbed too.

"Well... I had a metal bat I found outside in one of the sheds. I don't really know about scalpels Allie. There's a pharmacy up on the second floor, but it's kind of hard to get to. They might have some there, but I wasn't really looking last time I went up there. I heard the kitchen upstairs is pretty good for that sort of thing too. Or there's some... ah... what was it... alchemists? They post on the bulletin sometimes, say that they can make weapons from metal scraps by using their craft." Yuuhi had almost finished his food and was ready to move on to dessert.

A metal bat, huh? Hardly good for precision but perhaps he was too used to having made to measure weapons or at least guns around to be used. ...wait, what had Fai just called him? Allelujah looked at his roommate in confusion at the name. "A-Allie?" He kind of understood the concept of nicknames, but no-one had ever used anything other than his full name before, unweildy as it could be.

He flushed slightly and nodded, making a mental note to look for those places, although he needed to get a better idea of the layout first. "Thankyou for the information. I appreciate it. I guess it just has to be whatever someone can find around the place then."

"Mm, it's easier, right? Allie sounds cute too!" he said decisively and nodded, digging into dessert. Sweets were always welcome and hopefully it would improve his mood too.

"It's a little bit difficult at first, so be careful," he warned, though Allie did seem competent enough. "Some of the creatures here can even steal the appearance of people you knew before you came here. So be extra careful of those." Luckily, he supposed, the marks from his encounter had all but vanished, though it was hard to forget just how frightening things had been that night.

Well, he supposed that Allelujah was a bit long and awkward to say all the time, although Hallelujah was insisting rather strenuously that if Fai dared to ever give him a cute name then he'd tear his throat out with his teeth assuming nothing more effective was available. Allelujah smiled, a little more brightly and nodded. "I guess it is," he agreed, kind of pleased if he were honest with himself. "I've never had a nickname before." Dealing with codenames was usually enough to get used to without having nicknames based on those codenames.

"I'll be careful. I don't want to get hurt because I was overconfident." His eyes widened though at the description of one of the monsters. Something that appeared to be someone you knew? That was a rather terrifying thought. "I'll definitely be careful of those," he agreed with a shudder.

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