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Nightshift 32: West Wing, North Hall 1-B
not_rly_fai wrote in damned
[[From here]]
It didn't take long for Yuuhi to hobble through the darkened hallway toward the main hall.  He'd left as soon as he'd heard the door unlock and just kept going, quickly as he could, fear and anxiety driving him on.  Much as he was afraid of what Sakura might know, it was even worse not knowing at all.

His flashlight bounced shakily in his free hand as he walked, scanning the hallway.  There usually weren't any beasties out this early in the night, but he wasn't about to take any chances.  In his current state, he was probably easy prey for whatever might be lurking, which wasn't exactly a comforting thought.  He put it aside, instead concentrating on getting down the hall and to where the princess was waiting.

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[from here.]

The darkness continued, on and on forever, but River wasn't exactly afraid of it. Not any longer. It was more of a comfort that the fake lights and the cracked smiles held together by glue and willpower. Just a turn here, and a then she'd be upon it.

River paused, standing in the middle of the hallway on steel ropes as she looked up at the sky that wasn't there. A moment to breath with the life and the blood that hung in the air. It was breathing with her. It was breathing because of her.

Just a moment, a moment and then she'd move on.

[From here]

He paused for a moment when he came to the door which cut off the room block from the rest of the Institute. It was already open, probably because of the people he'd heard moving around, but it was still a big step to take. It meant accepting that all of this was real. "This isn't that place," he murmured to himself. They couldn't punish him here for being out of his room at night. At least he hoped not. Someone would have mentioned it he was sure. Fai would have warned him (Allie, the very idea of a nickname made him smile slightly).

He stepped out into the main corridor, flicking on the flashlight for a few moments where he spotted a motionless figure standing in the middle of the corridor. His eyes widened, recognising the girl from lunch.

"River!" he called out softly, heading towards her with a look of concern on his face. It was odd because he'd only jsut met her, but she was like him, she understood things that no-one else did. "Are you alright?"

River turned slowly to face him, her eyes slightly glazed over as it seemed almost like she was struggling to recognize him. The instant passed, and the flashes returned in full force causing her to blink as her face broke into a smile.

"Allie!" she chirped happily, prancing over to him as best she could while keeping her bad leg in mind. The rest of the injuries were relatively insignificant and could be ignored if battle were to ensue. Reaching up, just slightly to touch the long bangs that covered his other eye without actually drawing them up, she inspected him carefully.

"Functioning at full capacity. Even if full is perpetually half," River remarked automatically, satisfied with her assessment.

He took a step forward, concerned at the blank look on her face. Had something happened? He wouldn't put it past any facility like this to do something strange to them, and this place was odder than most. But the glazed look disappeared quickly, and a slightly bemused smile spread over Allelujah's face at her use of the nickname too. "I guess Allie just suits me, hm?" he said with a touch of amusement.

He flinched slightly at the touch to his hair, always nervous about having that part of himself possibly revealed, but River didn't do anything, just touched it, and he forced himself not to pull away. She knew, she knew already, he just hoped Hallelujah wouldn't see her as a thread.

He laughed softly at her tone when she told him how she was. "Our half is more than a lot of people's full," he said quietly.

River laughed, a strange sound in these halls at night. It didn't ring out loudly, an alarm to the creatures that lurked in the darkness, but it was strange, a soft giggle as the stood on floors that had probably been stained with blood too often.

Mercifully, for his sake, she pulled away slowly, turning to look down the hall with her hands clasped behind her back. The darkness, it was endless, and there weren't many places to go save the labyrinth and the beast. But the dragon, the one crowned with blasphemy, he'd spoken of a treasure and a sanctuary.

"Two fulls in one cup. Overflowing," she murmured quietly. "The dragon's been spouting gouts of flame, but he claims there's a shield. Claims to give wooden swords to the peasants before he devours them. Or maybe..." The girl was dancing a lost dance. There was no way he would be able to follow the steps. He was still knew. River tossed a glance over her shoulder at him.

"He doesn't see yet. The cans aren't labeled, but we're to open them one by one until something good comes of it. Is the other one going to play too?"

The laugh made him tense a little, looking around in concern, although he still wasn't certain what it was he was concerned about. The halls just had a bad feeling about them and it wasn't helped by the serious talk of monsters from the rest of the patients. But the corridor was empty mostly and he couldn't hear anything.

He smiled weakly and nodded. "Maybe. It overflows sometimes," he replied. He paused, listening to the rest of her words with a small frown. "The man on the intercom?" he asked after a moment. It had mentioned something about a place which would heal people, where there weren't attacks. But why would they trust someone who had kept them here? Does it matter? He's just another obsta...

Hallelujah looked up at River, a faint smirk on his lips when she asked. "I'll play."

"Good," River answered. She was still smiling despite the sudden change, the shift from man to man. There was a darker thing lurking, or maybe that wasn't entirely it. Darkness in a way that wasn't. Man in what was almost boy or had at least once been.

"They'll sing your songs in the chapel if you come. Or do you want something else first?" Her head was tilted to one side in that curious pose she so often adopted. There wasn't a hint of fear dancing in her eyes of causing her lips to quiver. Not an ounce, not a bit.

Hallelujah! Don't...!

He was ignored.

Hallelujah moved towards her, the smirk never leaving his lips. She was interesting, this girl, she'd keep him from getting bored. And she didn't seem to have even a bit of fear of him, which even the others had had, even Marie. "My songs?" he asked with a touch of cruel mirth. "I think people would argue with making that claim." They'd been called devils by the media, the only time his name had been called by anyone other than Allelujah had been before they died, although they had been begging then. Maybe it suited.

"A weapon? Doesn't need to be fancy."

"No. It doesn't even need to be sharp," River commented casually despite the morbid topic. She turned around completely, spinning on a time or a chip of wood or something else that could splinter in so many ways. But she didn't back away from him, not from the change, not from the smirk or the way his eyes were suddenly so different. The girl only smiled like she happened to be regarding an old friend.

"Chapel's safe from him. Doesn't mean bad children can't sing too," River explained, her gaze never faltering. "Or is the boy too anxious to dirty his Sunday best even before Church?"

Hallelujah laughed at that, his grin widening as he shook his head. She understood so well. "No. It doesn't even need to be sharp as long as it causes damage." She understands us, Allelujah. She's a weapon like us. She could understand survival.

She's just a gi...

[Like the ones you killed, Allelujah? She's like us, but she isn't an enemy. I thought you'd be pleased.]

He met her gaze evenly. "Just because he wears his Sunday Best, doesn't mean he's not a very bad child too. He's dirtied his clothes before now." Allelujah was his other half, after all. They weren't so dissimilar.

River laughed, a short burst of sound echoing for just a second, just a second maybe more. Had she ever thought she'd be in like company like this? She wondered, maybe, if there were parts and people buried and split by the Alliance. But there was a complete sense of awareness. Too much to see all at once, and too much was always seen in perfect, exact clarity. There wasn't someone else there, no matter what words the Captain wanted to spin or the sounds that her own lips made. The girl and the weapon, they were the same person. They always had been.

"It's an honor, to see you both in your skin. It's always dirty. Stains never come out, and he sees them too. Maybe some of them are his fault even."

Unlike Allelujah, the laughter just made Hallelujah grin wider, utterly unconcerned with being overheard or attracting attention. Between the three of them, they could handle things, he was sure. This girl was too interesting to try to stifle. He wanted to see what she did next. Allelujah was quiet, tense, he could feel it. But he got to have all the fun and Hallelujah wanted his turn.

He gave a wild laugh at her words, sharp toothed grin widening in amusement. "It's an honour to meet you too," he replied. "We haven't met someone so interesting in a long time." No-one that they could properly interact with anyway, although there was always the dark urge there to challenge her, to see exactly how much of a challenge she was. He could feel the stirrings of annoyance from Allelujah though, and quenched that thought for now. "They're all his fault, in one way or another. We're the same person, the thinker and the fighter." He smirked at her. "The girl and the weapon too?"

River's laughter and broad grin simply faded into a ghostly smile, no response needed as it was quickly becoming apparent that they already knew each other too well. She stepped even closer, peering instead of giving any further, verbal offerings. Deep, brown eyes, deeper than someone her age probably should've had, stared down into his.

River frowned, leaning in even closer without regard to violation of personal space or anything of that sort. There noses were almost touching now, but the expression that had slowly set its path across her young face was purely a curious one. A small hand, bloodied beneath the skin and soaked in death, reached up to lightly brush the bangs that now covered Hallelujah's other eye. Clearly, the girl-weapon was perplexed.

"Unnatural phenomenon. Spontaneous shift of protein outgrowths from the scalp sector of the epidermis from one side to the next, obscuring optical sensor." River narrowed her eyes, aware that Hallelujah might react hostilely to such a bold measure, but continued anyway. "Hypothesis: the behavioral display could revert back to Allelujah if the protein growths are styled to cover the other eye."

The weapon and the girl, and both of them were the same, just as Allelujah was his. Hallelujah stood firm as River approached him and peered into his face. It wasn't in his nature to fear anything, he was the part that couldn't feel fear. What would be the point if both of them could be paralysed?

He stared back impassively as she moved closer until they were nearly touching, a dangerous distance indeed considering what they both were. He let her speak but then caught her wrist in his hand before she could do anything, expression darkening for a moment. It wasn't a tight grip, not yet, but it could be. "Maybe it could," he agreed, coolly before smirking at River. "But he isn't as good at playing as I am." Let her go! If you hurt her... The protest was enough to make him want to laugh.

River appeared unconcerned, almost as though she'd expected it. Despite a typical reaction to being restrained even slightly being possibly expected, the girl only peered back with curious eyes. Hers were brown, dark and almost black in the dim light, and yet his were darker in that moment, gold and yellow and shining with a fire too hot.

"Your eyes are hot. Scalding," she commented quietly, still just staring and apparently unconcerned for her own safety. "They want to play, and they're not keen on waiting. But you won't win if you try to dance this dance here. Not with me." Words spoken in an almost childlike tone, the echoed in an eerie whisper in the near empty hall. "But maybe that's what he wants in the end. He's you, isn't he?"

She didn't care, didn't even seem to notice and it made him want to make her acknowledge more. He could squeeze her wrist until... He felt a surge of concern from Allelujah, a sort of fear for what he could do, what they both were capable of and then...

Allelujah stumbled back, away from River, a hurt, apologetic look on his face. He let go of her wrist as though burned, so relieved not to see bruises there. "I'm sorry," he said quietly, a bitter twist to his lips. Damn it, he could have hurt her or done something terrible and spoilsport. "He's me. I'm him, I think. Sometimes." Even if it felt like they could be so different and so similar and it made his head hurt to think about. Hallelujah had always been there.

"You're each other. All of the time. Only together and always alone," River whispered as she drew her hand back, examining the faint but distinguishable marks Hallelujah had left on her wrist with an expression that was more curious than it was accusatory. She leaned closer now that the other one was speaking.

"He's the only constant you know."

"It doesn't feel like it sometimes," Allelujah said, running a hand through his hair with a resigned expression. Sometimes Hallelujah felt so alien to him. He frowned when he saw her examining her arm, the spots of fingermark bruises that he knew were there. "He hurt you," he said tightly, anger towards his other self welling.

He swallowed thickly and nodded in agreement. "He's always been there and I know we must have been one person at some point but..." He didn't know what he would do with Hallelujah, despite their disagreements Damn right you wouldn't.

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