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Day 33: Recreational Field
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razing_phoenix wrote in damned
Guy let out a sigh of relief as he made his way out onto the field, glad to have some fresh air and sunshine after going so many days without it. That was one of the hardest things about being kept in this place, in his opinion. At least during their journey they had been outside more often than not.

Even though he spent most of his nights moving around or fighting some monster or even running from a monster when he bit off more than he could chew, Guy still felt the urge to do something active now. Being in the thick of danger was pretty different from exercising for the sake of it, after all. Besides, considering how physically taxing the night always was, it was good to keep in shape.

His talk with Allelujah had also left him bursting with excitement at the thought of satellites and colonies in space and mobile suits, so working off his energy would be a good idea. He figured a few laps around the field was just what he needed, so he found a relatively clear area and started doing a series of stretches.

If he was lucky, maybe once he was done running he could convince one of the nurses to give him a bat so he could practice some swordplay. He had his own bat, but he was usually too busy using it to bludgeon things rather than to practice the finesse that sword work required.

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The conversation with Guy had made him feel a little better after lats night, and he'd enjoyed it. Talking about things that were so utterly normal for him, explaining them. It had been sort of relaxing. Especially to see such enthusiasm, even if Allelujah had had to lie several times. Even if this place wasn't in his 'world', even if there were none of those governments here, it wouldn't do to be giving things away about Celestial Being, and it would be unutterably stupid to tell people his part in what they were doing. No matter where, people wouldn't approve of what he'd done, making hismelf a mass murderer.

He kept an eye on the route that they were taking, following the nurse obediently as she led him outside and onto the grassy area. He looked around, trying to orient himself and picking out the shed over by one of the walls. He had to wonder why the patients hadn't just climbed the walls to escape. Even if they had glass or barbed wire topping them, there were ways around that.

He found himself a shady spot and settled down on the grass there, stretching out on his side and watching the other patients surrepticiously. It reminded him, kind of, of the island where they usually stayed when they were on Earth, although it was warmer there than here, and there was no ocean here. Ah, silly nostalgia. Tieria would have given him a contemptuous look if he could have heard his thoughts.

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He should be doing something, really he should. SOmething active, but long stretched of time on a small spaceship with nothing to do had taught him to keep still and he wasn't certain enough to go about asking to join in a game with someone. He didn't actually know how to play any of them anyway. It was just nice to be sitting out in the sun. Even when he was on Earth, he didn't usually get much of a chance to appreciate things.

He looked up when another person came to sit down next to him and Allelujah looked him over carefully for a moment. A young man, didn't look much more than a kid really and definitely couldn't be any more than Setsuna's age and that was being generous. And his hair... green hair?! That was... unusual. Then again, Tieria's hair was purple.

He smiled reassuringly at the boy when he spoke, shaking his head. "I don't mind. I'm not doing anything."

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It was a little strange to see someone acting so cheerful, especially in a place like this. Lockon and Sumeragi and Feldt had always seemed cheerful, but like any of them, there'd always been that edge to them. He still remembered Lockon punishing Setsuna for his mistakes and he'd heard about what had happened at the Earthside dock the time he hadn't been there. But this kid seemed genuinely happily cheerful.

Allelujah looked a little surprise at the mention of a map. He'd heard people talking on the bulletin but hadn't been sure about how to get one. He smiled gratefull at the kid. "If it isn't too much trouble," he said. "I only arrived yesterday morning and didn't manage to get very far last night. A map would be helpful, thankyou."

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Well, if it wasn't a problem, then Allelujah wasn't about to turn down any help that he could get in finding his way around the place and hopefully escaping. He waited quietly while the boy finished drawing out the map and then tore it out of the journal and passed it to him. Allelujah took a moment to look it over before glancing up at the kid and smiling gratefuly. "Thankyou. I really appreciate your help." And once he had some kind of weapon, then he'd be set.

He frowned slightly, considering. "I've heard about the monsters, but I'm not sure what the special counselling is," he admitted. "I only got the very basics yesterday and this morning." It didn't sound good at all though.

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"You're very kind," Allelujah replied, matching the boy's grin with a grateful smile of his own. "Ion, I'm called Allelujah," he said. "Pleased to meet you." And he was. He seemed like a nice boy (a little like Lichty, maybe) and Allelujah now had a map which would definitely be helpful in finding things and working out whee the defences were weakest.

His face fell when he heard about what was done to those who were taken. Made to fight against other patients? And, he shuddered, experimentation. "What kind of abilities?" he asked after a moment, curious as to what they could be. He'd only heard rumours until now, nothing concrete.

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Allelujah could do nothing but blink when Ion outlined an example of the powers that someone had demonstrated under this special counselling. It sounded impossible for a human to be able to so such a thing, but then again, this place seemed impossible in general. Monsters and different universes and different time periods. "I see... That sounds... Not something I'd ever want to face," he said with a soft laugh. He might want to see it at some point though, given the chance.

"I see... I'll make sure that I avoid them if I can," he replied, frowning at the implications. That could be bad. How much damage would a Gundam do if he was given it back and told to fight the other patients? Too much. The building wouldn't even survive.

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