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Day 33: Intercom, Evening
The Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
"Good evening, patients and staff!" the Head Doctor said just as the intercom's usual jingle ended. Strangely, he seemed even more tense now than he had been throughout the day, though as he continued to speak, he seemed to get back into the usual swing of things. "I hope you all had very productive outdoor activities today and helpful therapy sessions to boot. Now, however, we must all begin to retire, and as always, our nurses will be bringing your dinner to your rooms shortly after your being escorted there. Tonight's meal includes a generous portion of delicious spaghetti with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese (and meatballs if you choose), along with sides of hot garlic bread and fresh Caesar salad. For dessert, we will be serving slices of moist chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream."

The Head Doctor paused, and there was the sound of rustling and then muffled voices, as if the doctor had put his hand over the microphone and was clarifying something with someone--a female voice, probably Lydia. He took his hand off the mic and cleared his throat.

"Yes, that's all for now. I hope you all enjoy dinner, and remember, some of you tonight will be lucky enough to participate in our CM-US Experimental Therapy Trials, so look forward to that after the meal. Goodbye for now!"

The intercom clicked off.

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The talk with Sousuke had left Allelujah in a pretty decent mood when he was led away, although disappointed to have the conversation broken up by the nurses. It was a relief to have someone around who understood, at least in part, what he had been through and the situation that he was in. he hadn't realise how much he had taken it for granted. He'd been surrounded by the other Meisters, the Ptolemaios crew and members of Celestial Being who supported him and shared his ideals. Even if Sousuke wasn't from his world, he understood enough.

He was extremely relieved when the nurses left him alone. Fai hadn't arrived yet, so the pilot sat down to start eating his food, saving the cake and ice cream for last so that he could savour it.

He shuddered when the intercom sounded and he heard the mention of these experimental trials. That couldn't mean anything good, and he knew that he'd need to be ready to fight if any of the nurses came for him. He wasn't about to allow himself to be subjected to anything like that again. He'd kill to avoid it.

The days events left Yuuhi feeling shaken and uneasy. He hoped he'd be the first one back to his room, just so he could have a few minutes to himself, but it looked like that wouldn't be the case. Even so, he gave the other boy a smile and a wave as he entered the room and took a seat on his own bed. The food looked fairly good this time and they were even getting dessert, but he found he didn't have much appetite for it. Unlike his roommate, he started with the sweets first, hoping to finish the ice cream before it became a puddle on his plate.

"Allie! How was your day?" he asked cheerfully. "Or I guess I could ask how the night went too. I... You have any plans?"

He'd stood warily when the door opened, moving away from the desk so that he would be cornered so badly, not that the small room wasn't cage enough. He'd be ready to fight them and maybe dart out of the door if they tried to take him. He'd fight tooth and nail. He only relaxed whenthe nurse pushed Fai inside and then left, locking the door behind herself. With a soft sigh, he went to sit down again, picking up on the food where he'd left off. All these monsters he'd heard about and he was worried about the daytime staff.

"It was alright," Allelujah replied, smiling a little at the nickname that he'd been given. "Met some interesting people. And I don't any plans beyond getting a knife or somet-" he finally looked up at Fai, his eyes widening at the bruise on his cheek. "Who hit you?" he asked, because it couldn't be anything else. He didn't think any monsters a night would want to waste time just slapping someone.

Yuuhi was relieved that he could at least keep up appearances with Allie, engage in some light-hearted conversation before the inevitable seriousness of the evening came. He wasn't sure what Kurogane would do or say or if he'd even come at all after the last time he'd seen him. Yuuhi's mask broke for a moment though, when the boy mentioned his bruise and his hand moved quickly to cover it, eyes frightened for only seconds before the mask returned.

"Oh, this is... nothing. I was just teasing one of the other patients a little too much I guess. They got upset and well... I can't say I didn't deserve it," he added a short laugh, hoping to emphasize that it wasn't something he ought to take seriously. "But if you're looking for knives, I heard that the kitchens are a good place to start. I'm afraid I still don't know much about the layout of this place. I haven't explored it as much as I probably should have."

Fear. Allelujah caught the look of fear in Fai's eyes when he mentioned the bruise, just a second of it before Fai was smiling again like it didn't matter. It definitely didn't look like nothing though. He could understand getting hit for doing something wrong. He'd experienced it before and seen it when they'd made mistakes. But those times it had been deserved. They'd put other people in danger or made stupid mistakes, but for teasing someone?

"It seems a bit extreme to claim that someone deserves to be hit for teasing," he said awkwardly. "It isn't as though it's anything that would risk a person's life." He had to wonder if there was someone he should be looking out for, if they were quite happy to slap someone just for teasing.

"I managed to get a map, but I'm going to head out and take a look for myself so I know the layout." Maps could only tell you so much after all.

"Does it?" Yuuhi shrugged his shoulders and tried to at least pretend like he was focusing on his dessert. "My mistake. I think they were just having a bad day. Wrong place at the wrong time and all that, right?" He let his fingertips drift to the side of his face, brushing against the bruise that ran along his cheekbone. Kurogane had to have had a good reason for it, but he just didn't understand. Why would the man care at all whether or not he looked up the information in his file? It wasn't any of his business.

The paper was still folded messily into the waistband of his pants, hidden by his t-shirt. He'd get rid of it as soon as he had a moment to himself. He'd read it enough to remember what it said and the rest... the rest he didn't want anyone laying eyes on.

"Ooh, a map? I've been meaning to look for one of those. This'll seem like a weird question, but do you know how to get up to the third floor? I've only been able to make it to the second one."

Allelujah shrugged, turning back to his own food. "I suppose. I'm not very good with people though so I don't really know very much." How did he know what was normal for friendships? He knew the other Meisters, but they weren't exactly a normal group of people so the same rules couldn't really apply to them. ANd he'd never been around normal people either, so that was no help.

He pulled the map out of his pocket though and held it out to the other man. "You can copy it if you like. It's not hugely accurate and it doesn't have all the features, but it's good for getting you to where you need to go." He frowned at the mention of a third floor and then shook his head apologetically. "I haven't heard anything about a third floor I'm afraid. It would make sense for there to be one, but I don't know how to get up there."

"Me too," he admitted. Though most of his reasons were probably very different. He intentionally kept people at a distance. It was something he'd become fairly skilled at over the years, but lately it just wasn't working as well as it used to. Probably because in this place he couldn't just run away from his problems like he used to.

He took the offered map though, and began sketching it out in his journal. It was as Allie said, missing some details, but at least it was better than nothing. "Thank you, that helps a great deal. I haven't really heard much about one either, but outside you can tell the building has more than just two floors, right? I wonder if there's any way to get up that high."

"You seem very personable though," Allelujah replied, smiling slightly at the other man. He seemed mostly cheerful and more used to dealing with people, although he hadn't exactly seen much admittedly. But he seemed to act naturally around Allelujah at least, rather than having to think about how to react.

"It's not a problem. There was a nice boy who offered me a copy." He wasn't used to people offering him something for nothing. "Yes, it definitely looks larger than two floors," he said musingly. "There must be, but if no-one's been there then maybe it's guarded well. Unless someone wanted to climb up the outside of the building."

"That's nice of you to say so," Yuuhi's smile was friendly, if empty. He hoped the boy would just drop the subject altogether, but at least he wasn't prying.

Yuuhi took a bite of his cake, chewing it thoughtfully as he finished his sketch. It wasn't perfect, but it would do. He handed the map back to Allie. "I guess I'll need to find some rope then."

Even Allelujah could tell that Fai didn't want to talk about it more, so he lapsed into awkward silence for a few moments as Fai finished copying down the map. He took tiny bites of his cake and ice-cream, savouring the flavour as he did with most sweet things, like he was never going to get to taste them again.

He took the map back when Fai offered it, folding it carefully and putting it onto the desk. He should make a spare copy, probably. "You could always use the bed sheets," he offered thoughtfully. They're pretty durable, medical sheets always are to stand up to so much. You'd just need a good sold weight to act as a grappling hook and someone with very good aim and a strong arm to get it up."

"Hm... maybe you're right," he said thoughtfully, considering the idea. He had nothing really to offer at the moment, so it was a start at least. Kurogane probably knew plenty of ways to scale a building, being a ninja and all, but the man wasn't exactly forthcoming with most of his information. Pity they didn't still have their Kudans or well, a lot of their other useful items. It made things a little more difficult.

"It's worth a shot at least," he added. He'd rather not deal with those nasty birds outside again, but if he had to, he would, for Sakura's sake. If she was still alive, they were keeping her somewhere he couldn't sense. Since the basement had been explored or was still being explored, that only left up as an option.

"If there are windows or a balcony on the second floor, it might be a better idea to start from there," Allelujah continued and maybe it was a little weird that he could think of these things so easily, but escaping from places had been one thing that they'd been drilled on before going to Earth.

"If I find anything that you could use, I'll let you know," he added, wondering what would make a good grappling hook.

"Mm, yeah, that's true. Have you been outside yet? Last time there were bird monsters that I'd really rather not run across again, but maybe if we started on the second floor, they wouldn't be quite so likely to attack..." he wondered aloud. He'd rather not put Ururu or Orihime at risk for something like that, but either himself or Kurogane... they'd be fairly competent climbers, right? He was easily the lighter of the two, even if he was still a little stiff from his other injuries.

"That'd be really helpful Allie!" he said encouragingly. "I'll ask Kuro-pyon if he knows about anything good for climbing too. He's a ninja, so I think he does this kind of thing all the time."

"No, I haven't. Not at night anyway," Allelujah replied. "Bird monsters?" That didn't sound good. A flying target was more difficult to hit from the ground and gave them a bit advantage. He'd need to keep against the wall which would hopefully keep them from getting too close. "It's a shame no-one has a gun. Theat'd be perfect for taking out any birds while you were climbing." Otherwise, if they did attack, then you were something of a sitting duck with no defense.

His eyes widened at the mention of Kurogane. "A ninja?"

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