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Nightshift 33 - Main Hallway 1-Center
what doesn't kill me makes me stronger
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The hall was empty when he arrived, which was something of a relief.  Last night the hall had gotten fairly crowded with people coming and going and even people trying to keep others out of the Sun Room.  He knew there'd been some kind of fight going on in there, so maybe it'd been for the best to involve as few as possible.  For now, though, things were quiet, and Allen was content to lean back against the wall and wait for Rukia and Rinali to arrive.  He knew Rukia would be a bit delayed, since she had to meet with her captain, but hopefully Rinali would still be able to make it to the meeting point before long.

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Once they'd gone a good distance from the sunroom door, he leaned back against the wall with a wide grin on his face that said 'I regret nothing and all I got was this lousy quarter-pack of cigarettes.' It was kinda nice to be on familiar territory with all of his organs intact.

He released Alkaid's wrist finally, giving them both a chance to catch their breath. Badou ran pretty fast. "So that was stupid." He said cheerfully. "Any chance of you not finishing the job that guy started?"

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Alkaid ran pretty fast, too, even if she was used to jogging. Still, Badou had to have trained or something to go so quickly. Huh, maybe there was something to this guy after all. Except for the part where he got himself into these stupid situations. Why was she not surprised at all?

Her wrist ached; when he let go of it, she took a moment to bend her fingers experimentally to make sure everything was okay. It was.

"You idiot!" She finally turned up to him, eyes righteously angry. Her hand clenched into a fist at her side in anger, but she didn't raise it to hit him. She wanted to, though. "What if you had - had gotten cut or something? Did you even get your stupid cigarettes?"

He wasn't really surprised that Alkaid was pissed at him. Any number of things could have happened to her if those people were even half as bad as the guy who'd pulled a knife on him. Sure he looked so polished he put the homo in homicidal but that didn't make him less dangerous. Badou knew that. He wasn't a little kid anymore.

All of Alkaid's fury was returned with an exaggerated shrug. "Then I would have gotten cut or something." One of the cigarettes re-appeared between his lips in a smooth, overly-practiced motion. "Got a light?"

If glares could retain heat, then Badou's cigarette would be smoking right now. To not have a lighter?! Cigarettes didn't light themselves! What was he thinking, going so far for cigarettes without even having a way to smoke them...

"No, I don't have a light! What do you expect? We're trapped in an insane mental institution!" She raised a hand up to her forehead, massaging her temple and backing up against the wall. "I thought you'd thought of that. I guess cigarettes light themselves where you're from."

A beleaguered sigh. Then a look up at him and his stupid eyepatch. "Well, shall we go get one?" Hey, it'd probably be an adventure, even if it was for a stupid reason.

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He could hear the bickering couple from halfway across the institute, and Hallelujah rolled his eyes derisively. Pathetic. Like little children fighting over candy. Those children had always been the first to disappear, unsuitable, couldn't follow orders, couldn't work as a team.

He stuck close to the wall and the shadows, intending to just slip past them, not wanting to get involved in some stupid argument.

Alkaid was effectively standing in his blind spot, so if he turned his head a little he could only feel her glare trying to burn a hole through his skull. Good thing it was so thick.

"That'd be nice." Badou said, an expression of mild bliss crossing his face as he imagined self-lighting cigarettes. Sure, he'd probably burn down another apartment building, but think of the convenience. No more split-second wait time. No more worries about overly enthusiastic winds.

"Yeah, lets..." Badou started to stretch, ready to move again, but his eye narrowed slightly and his arm shot out just a bit too fast for it to be a casual swat. "Sorry. Thought you were a bug."

She sighed. So they didn't. Well, maybe if they walked around a little bit she'd.. like.. find some on the floor or something.

But she was also against the wall, and when Badou's arm shot out it surprised her. It didn't hit her, but she jumped nonetheless. "Hey, what's the big i- ..oh." She turned to see the man trying to move past them in the shadows.

In true Alkaid fashion, she moved her Badou's flashlight to the guy's face, squinting so she could see who it was. Didn't recognize him. Not a monster (at least, he didn't look like one) but just some guy.

"Hey!" Might as well get right to the point. She was still shining her light in his face. "Stranger! Do you have a lighter? Or some matches?"

Hallelujah blinked when the man's arm shot out in an attempt to hit him, and just caught the man's wrist in one hand with reflexes artifically enhanced and perfected. He squeezed the man's wrist hard between his fingers and if it had been just him he would have broken it with no compunctions, but Allelujah warned him off, not wanting to deal with more trouble in one night.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the girl had other ideas. He narrowed his eyes when the flashlight turned his way, glaring at her. "Why would I give them to you if I did?" he asked in a bored tone.

Badou took a few steps away from the wall, at least as far as he could with the new guy trying to grind his bones to make his bread or whatever. Damn emo kids.

He tried to yank his wrist out of the guy's hold, mostly because he liked having bones there. "Because you seem like such a nice guy? Look, I'm here to kick ass and smoke cigarettes - and I'm all out of ass kicking. So you got a light or what?"

Oh, a wise guy, huh? Probably a bigger noob than her, thinking he could just parade around with pomp and circumstance and just grab people's wrists. Alkaid clenched her fist. Hey, if anyone was going to be picking on Badou, it was going to be her. She was just possessive like that.

"Actually, I have plenty of ass kicking left, in case you're out," Alkaid muttered testily to Badou, the corners of her lips turning up. Not that Badou's addiction was really that important to her.

Hallelujah's grip didn't lessen anyway, and he showed no sign of getting bored or letting go, just twisted Badou's wrist slightly as though more curious about what would happen than anything. "We don't smoke," he said simply in response to Badou and then he looked over at the woman, looking her over with an uninterested expression.

"You don't look as interesting as the girl with the electricity outside," he said with a small shrug. "Shame I wasn't allowed to drown her."

"I could use some of that ass kicking while my wrist is still in one piece. Just saying." Badou flinched and his lip curled back momentarily in a silent snarl. You couldn't suck nicotine from a cancer stick when it wasn't lit, and right now he really needed the fucking nicotine.

"We're boring people, yeah. We don't even have anything in common so I'd be a shitty date." He gripped the guy's wrist, trying to pry it free of his own more than he was trying to break it in return. "How about we go our separate ways and part like brothers?"

"What the hell, you freak!" How dare someone like that say something like that to a lady like her!? Not that Alkaid was too much of a lady (she tried too hard not to be, most of the time) but it was the principle of the thing. "If your desire to drown people makes them interesting, then I'm glad I'm boring!"

Hmphing, Alkaid crossed her arms. "Let him go. You're annoying, and we're boring, so either give us some fire or go away. Or both, if you're so inclined, bozo. Part like brothers and all that."

They had places to be. Like.. anywhere but here.

Hallelujah turned his amused gaze towards Alkaid, giving a little shrug. "She attacked us and hurt him. For that she deserved to die." He wasn't around to deal with shades of grey. Just whether something was a threat or not. And that bitch had been a threat.

If anything, Badou suggesting they part like 'brothers' made Hallelujah grin sharpen dangerously. "Part like brothers? I don't think you'd like that." They'd died screaming from air loss and his own hand as Allelujah sobbed. The first time they'd been truly seperate. And then when they'd destroyed that facility... He looked down at Badou's hand on his wrist with a sort of blank expression, as though not comprehending that he was being touched. He bared his teeth in a silent snarl and ripped it away from him, finally deciding to let go of Badou's wrist as he moved to walk off. He hated being touched.

Badou took a step closer to the man, putting himself between Alakid and the crazy pretty much unconsciously. He was feeling confrontational and she was in the way.

He let his newly freed hand drop to his side where a gun should have been. His smirk no less vicious than the man's snarl. "Hey, I like a lot of things. Maybe we'll party sometime."

And it took some deliberate effort to step back out of the way. Being way outmatched had never stopped him before, but there were still more important things to think about. He turned to Alkaid with a gravely serious expression, "Think if we pulled the sticks out of his ass we could have rubbed them together to make fire?"

Alkaid raised her eyebrows at the guy with the emo haircut. Attacked us and hurt him? "Way to be confusing with your pronouns, noob," she muttered under her breath as he moved to walk away. Good riddance, right? Maybe she'd give him a good taunting tomorrow when he couldn't beat her up. She'd seen what happened when people started fighting. There were nurses and everything involved.

Heh heh heh.

"Probably," she said, turning back to Badou with a careless sort of shrug and forgetting the guy who was walking away. "That or he could have lit your cigarette with that flaming hairstyle of his. We really missed out."

But there was something that'd been nudging at her curiosity for a while, even before the scuffle in the doctor's offices. The eyepatch was a hint, but the way he was so comfortable with his body, letting his limbs ragdoll down and then snapping them back... "But, uh.. hey. What do you do back home, anyway? You fight a lot, don't you?"

Hallelujah gave the woman a scathing look. "He's the only reason you're still alive girly," he said sourly, ignoring Allelujah's protests. She didn't count as a threat just yet but she annoyed him and was in the way.

Hallelujah... Allelujah said warningly. We don't have to get into a fight. But it would have been so much more interesting.

He gave Badou a dark look as he moved past, regarding him with his golden eye. "You wouldn't like it. I've never met anyone who likes being killed."

Green met gold, and Badou actually laughed and turned away. He knew quite a few people who seemed to live for that kind of crazy shit, and while he didn't doubt that Mr. Flaming Emo Hair could kick his ass...he didn't really care.

He grinned at Alkaid's comeback, which actually wasn't a bad idea at all. As for what he did, he gave an exaggerated shrug, trying and failing to calm his already high-strung nerves. "I'm a Private Investigator from the shitty part of a shitty city. I'm used to it I guess. Right now I'm just kinda... Fuck this, I have a solution."

Because he really, really needed it and there wasn't enough time to jump every patient in the place looking for fire. He took the cigarette out of his mouth, peeled it open carefully and dumped the insides into his mouth. And chewed. And swallowed. And it was the most wonderful thing he'd ever eaten that tasted like ass and sawdust. "...Next time I say that, you take the flashlight and beat me unconscious."

Summarily ignoring the confrontational guy (who liked to be told that they were only alive because of someone else? Alkaid could hold her own) and concentrating fully on Badou, she smiled. "A private investigator..."

Instantly Alkaid's mind turned to the books she'd read - Western books about drug rings and detectives and mafia. And here she was, a high school kid who spent all her time online or with her nose in a book about this or that. Geez, she couldn't wait to grow up!

Though, in a place like this? She might grow up faster than she'd originally intended.

Her thoughts were cut short when Badou stuffed the contents of the cigarette in his mouth, and her eyes widened. "Badou, what the - What do you think you're doing? Your body doesn't absorb the same chemicals that way--" She was horrified. She sighed, her palm smacking her forehead. "You idiot. I hope you enjoyed that. Is it working? I've never smoked before..."

It felt a bit like trying to swallow a bag of splinters, really. Alkaid was right; it didn't have the same effect, but it was something assuming he didn't poison himself or cause internal bleeding. He was still itching for a fight but he didn't have the intense need to start shooting things right then and there.

At least he was in a hospital. He didn't really want to die from the irony of cigarette poisoning.

He flashed Alkaid his best grin and ruffled her hair. It was kinda cute how worked up she got. "Good. Don't start. Stick to chocolate cigarettes or something." He cleared his throat, trying to dislodge some of the crap stuck in it. "I guess it'll have to do until we find a lighter. Come on. You can tell me what your life was like back home."

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