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Nightshift 33: Courtyard
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ellectriclights wrote in damned
[from here]

There didn't seem to be anything in the courtyard - it all looked quiet and peaceable. Elle sat down on top of the wall and shone her flashlight into all of its corners.

Nothing. If something was going to jump out at her, it was either well hidden or invisible. Which was a possibility, but she wasn't about to get squeamish over the possibility of invisible monsters now.

Sneering distastefully at the prospect of sliding down vines, Elle tucked her flashlight back into the waistband of her pants and began the descent. It was grubby, and awful, but she finally felt her feet touch solid ground again.

When she got out of here, she was gonna have a chat with Daddy about the hygienic standards of this place. Dr. Landel needed to have a serious talking to, and Daddy was the one to do it.

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[From here]

He dropped down to the ground, bending his knees to absorb the impact when he hit the ground. He cursed the slippers silently for being so clumsy and hindering his movements, but he didn't exactly want to risk trading on something with bare feet, although he wasn't certain that the slippers provided much protection anyway. He'd keep them on though until they became too much of a hindrance. He remained in the shadow of the wall and looked around carefully, examining the area with a soldier's eyes. He could see the building near the pond and the dark shapes of what looked like benches. Taller figures of trees which seemed oddly twisted in the darkness. In the faint light, he could make out a gravel path and, if he squinted, in one corner was a small shed which looked like it might be promising if the kitchen proved useless. And he could always check the shed that Guy had mentioned as well.

Remaining close to the wall, Allelujah headed towards the building.

Elle turned sharply as she heard someone else enter the courtyard. It was a young man who looked... sort of pathetic, really. Maybe she could have some fun with him.

"Hey!" she called. He looked like he was trying to get back indoors, but Elle headed him off, placing herself between the man and the door. "Sorry. I don't want to scare you or anything - this place can be pretty nerve-wracking I guess. I'm just all on my own out here... Would you mind some company?"

Allelujah stopped dead when he heard the woman's voice, backing up a step and regarding her warily, gauging the distance between her and door. She could make it before he could get past her unfortunately. He hadn't wanted company particulalrly. It was too much of a risk and he didn't want to hurt someone because his control slipped. He blinked in surprise. "I'm not scared," he said quietly. Why would he bed scared? He paused for a moment, considering before shrugging and nodding his agreement. "If you want to come along, I don't mind," he said. "I'm not going anywhere interesting though."

Elle smiled. "No, of course you're not scared," she agreed. "What's to be afraid of? I thought I might have startled you, that's all."

She took a step towards him. He was so thin and pretty; the pretty ones usually cried. "You could be interesting all by yourself." The beam of her flashlight flickered as she felt the rising desire to touch him, to find out what he'd do when his flesh started to burn. Maybe he'd surprise her and do something more heroic than cry.

Gingerly, she raised one hand towards his face, intending to brush the hair out of his eye. "Why do you wear your hair like that?" she asked innocently. But instead of simply moving his bangs, she let out a tiny spark of electricity - enough to make him jump, but not hurt. Not yet.

I don't trust her.

Allelujah couldn't help but agree. She was condescending and Allelujah didn't like being interesting to other people. Being interesting meant that you were noticed and being noticed was dangerous. He gave her an awkward smile and shook his head. "I'm nothing special, really," he said, waiting for her to move so that he could get inside. He didn't like waiting in one place for very long, it was just asking for trouble.

He pulled back sharply when she reached for his hair, but still felt the sharp crackle of the electricity on his skin when she reached for him. He narrowed his eyes at her. It had come from her. Static? No, too much for that and... "You shouldn't try that again," he warned, reaching up to smooth his fringer back down. Even if she was dangerous, he didn't want to hurt her if he could help it.

"Why not?" Elle asked innocently, still smiling up at him. "Most people like it. Eventually."

He'd brushed off that little spark, but maybe a bigger one would make him jump.

Quick as she could, Elle generated a ball of electricity and shot it at his chest. It wasn't up to her full strength - even what he full strength appeared to be here. It would hurt, maybe he'd break out in a sweat or something, but he wouldn't have any marks to show for it. If she didn't leave any marks, Daddy wouldn't be able to prove what she'd done.

Oh, he'd been talking about traying to brush his fringe back, not the shock. "Tried it. Never liked it," he hissed, hands balling into fists at his sides as he watched her carefully. He could remember it too clearly, electrodes and needles in his head, to 'improve' him they'd said and all it had done was hurt until there were two of him.

Even watching her though, she moved a little too quickly for him to dodge, the ball of electricity hitting him in the chest and making him gasp as it shot through his body, making him tremble. Let me... No, he wouldn't let Hallelujah kill over something that wasn't even as painful as being thrown around in his Gundam. "Stop this!"

Elle giggled delightedly. This was fun! Daddy couldn't stop her. If he found out, maybe he'd reprimand her, but here and now Elle was in charge. And she really liked it.

"Aw, don't you wanna play?" she asked innocently.

She generated another ball of electricity, this one more powerful than the last. It still wasn't enough to burn him - no lasting marks - but it could hurt. She could hurt him all she liked, because she wasn't a little girl locked in her room, she was in control. He had to do what she wanted.

And right now, she wanted him to scream. So she released the electricity at him and just kept releasing it. Two seconds and he'd scream, five and he'd fall down. Then she could play with him for as long as she liked.

Allelujah didn't even have time to shake his head before the bolts hit him and kept coming, again and again, burning and keeping him from doing anything useful like running. He held out longer than a normal human might have to th torture, but eventually his legs gave and he fell to his hands and knees, breathing harshly and limbs shaking. All that he could see where those doctors around him, needles and scalpels and chemicals, torturing him until he couldn't help but scream, for Hallelujah, for Marie for anyone to help the little boy.

Ooh, he was strong. But now he was on his hands and knees, like a dog, and she could kill him if she liked. He was just an animal, just a thing, like all the rest of them in their glass and concrete cages.

Elle bounded over to the man, running a hand through his hair and releasing a few gentle sparks into his skull. If he really was as strong as all that, maybe he'd resist. But they never did, not really. Mostly they just died. Peter and Adam were exceptions; they'd even been willing participants. But she'd been so gentle with them, and of course they were special. This boy, strong as he might be, just looked pathetic.

A soft whine escaped his lips when the few sparks were sent into his head, making him squeeze his eyes shut tight. He could taste blood in his mouth from where he'd bitten through his lips and he could still feel the aftershocks running through his body, freeking him in place. He wasn't even strapped down this time and he still couldn't move.

"Don't touch me!" he hissed when she ran a hand through his hair, flinching away from her as best he could while he was like this, teeth gritted against the pain. He hated being touched, the years he'd spent trying to adjust being stripped away in a few brief moments. Because being touched meant being hurt.

Oh, and he was angry, too! Like a little yippy puppy snapping at her ankles. How cute!

He was sweating and shaking, too, poor little thing. Gently, Elle placed a hand on his shoulder, giving him a push and a mild shock to encourage him to roll over and lie on his back.

He couldn't think, couldn't see, couldn't hear even his own thoughts, just the doctors and needles and the other subjects screaming, filling his ears and thoughts and...

He didn't resist when she pushed him over onto his back, flopping near bonelessly, eyes still tight shut against the pain.

He fell over so easily, it was almost a disappointment.

Oh well.

Elle smiled as she straddled him, running her hands up under his shirt and sending a few tiny shocks into his chest and abdomen.

She bent forward so she could whisper in his ear. "Like it yet?"

The last shock made him jerk and Allelujah sank back, lost in his own memories and unable to function anymore. Hallelujah! Wamrth and darkness encompassed him.

With Elle leaning so close like that, she didn't see Hallelujah's dark smile or the golden eye that opened as his hair was brushed aside.

"I've had better," Hallelujah hissed back, grabbing her wrists hard enough to grind the bones together.

Elle gasped and jerked backwards as he grabbed her wrists, but wasn't immediately worried. She could handle herself.

Twisting and writhing on top of him, she tried to break free, but he was suddenly so strong! He was hurting her! Her skin hummed with electrical current, and she focused it on her wrists, trying to shock his grip loose.

Hallelujah's grip remained firm on the girl's wrists as she writhed on top of him, not feeling, or not caring about the electricity running across his skin. He'd felt worse, done worse. He wrapped his legs around hers and quickly moved to flip them both so that she'd be on the ground beneath him.

"You hurt him, girly."

"Hurt him? Hurt who?" Elle demanded. The boy's hair had flopped over to the other side of his face and now she could see his other eye: bright gold and very angry.

Her back hit the ground with a thud. No matter how much she struggled, no matter how many volts she pumped into him (and she couldn't generate too many), he was bigger and stronger and there was nothing she could do. This wasn't fair! They weren't supposed to fight back!

So she relaxed completely, allowing the electricity to crackle and fizz out. "Golly, you're so strong," she complimented him, her bright blue eyes full of innocent admiration. "I like strong guys." She arched her back, pressing her chest against his, and raised her head to lick and gently bite at his ear.

Hallelujah licked the blood away from his bitten lips, never letting go of the girl for a second, enjoying her struggle because that made it all the more fun. It was boring if they gave up. "He's all huddled up now," he purred, tightening his grip for a moment and moving to plant one knee in her stomach. "You hurt him and now I have to deal with it." And she wouldn't like him one bit.

Hallelujah just looked at her blankly when she licked at his ear, narrowing his eyes and showing no sign of interest. She'd hurt Allelujah, and that was all that mattered. His other half was locked away in his head now, unresponsive and shaking because of this girl. "If I kiss you, you'll get something ripped off in my teeth," he warned, baring them in a feral smile.

The breath was slowly pushed out of Elle as the boy rested his knee on her stomach.

He was like Sanders. The realization suddenly struck her: there were two of him. This new one was the feral dog inside the timid pup, but he was still a dog and could be tamed.

"You're not being very nice," she chided him playfully. She craned her neck up and pressed her lips to his, but instead of giving him a real kiss, she bit down as hard as she could on his bottom lip.

"Not here to be nice," Hallelujah growled, slamming her wrists down against the ground hard again. He was getting bored with her just lying there like that. Interaction with anyone except Allelujah wasn't his thing.

He let her bite down as hard as she liked, reopening the wound and letting blood fill his mouth. He pulled away, smiling, the blood running down his chin. "Little girls shouldn't play with killers."

Elle squeaked in pain when her wrists hit the ground. She couldn't move and her abilities didn't hurt this guy and her only consolation prize was the taste of his blood on her tongue.

"Oh, I'm not a little girl," she assured him, her skin beginning to tingle with electricity again.

She smirked up at him, almost daring him to try something.

Hallelujah threw his head back and laughed when she smirked, amused by her little show of defiance. This was more fun than he'd thought it might be. And he had just the little revenge planned for her treatment of Allelujah. He pushed himself up a little and then brought his knee down on her stomach, backed by his full weight. "You're not us," he said with a shrug. That was all that mattered.

Elle could almost feel her lungs seize in pain when he kneed her. There would be a bruise in the morning, which was not cool.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we couldn't get along," she gasped, trying to fight the pain.

It hurt so much! And it triggered something in her, some survival instinct, and there it was. Her ability, all those electrons in the air, in her skin, waiting to be focused and channeled. It still wasn't enough to kill, but she could hurt him more, she could leave burns on that pale flesh of his.

She released it all, straight at his chest, but then something went wrong. It sparked gently a few times, and then it was gone. There was nothing there. The normal static any human produced, but nothing more.

And when it left, the electricity must have taken something with it, because it left her feeling... wrong. Awful. Her head was suddenly throbbing and she couldn't quite see straight. She knew she should take advantage of whatever damage she'd done to him, but all she could do was lay her head back on the grass and gasp for air.

"I don't get along," Hallelujah replied with a sharp smile. He didn't release her wrists but did rest one of them across her own neck, pushing down to block off more of her air. He didn't even get along with Allelujah, what chance did she have.

His grip weakened on her arms for a moment when the bolt his him in the chest, making him tense, feeling it burn into his skin, the shirt catching fire. He pulled away sharply, ripping the material off and throwing it away and when he looked back down at her he laughed, a vicious sound. He fisted a hand in her hair and pulled her head up before slamming it back down onto the ground. Not enough to damage rher much, just enough to daze.

"All out of power?" he sneered and then stood up, stretching to work out the tingle from his limbs. He glanced over at the pond and then back at her with a dark smile. "I hope you like swimming, girly."

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