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Day 34: Breakfast
Now it's time
screwthegods wrote in damned
[starting off in M13]

The last part of the night was little more than a blur in Homura's mind. The men had rushed in, but not joined them, instead staying off to themselves. Before any of them had a chance to react, however, a voice sounded through the air, mocking some other person Homura had never heard of, and the patients themselves.

To Homura, whoever that man was, he sounded a great deal like a god.

But before he could ask questions, the demi-god found himself no longer in the chapel, but some strange room on a bed. Is that what Kenren had meant from his earlier warning? Homura sat up, glad at least that the world didn't spin when he did so. Then the same man from before began to speak again, with a completely different tone. It was confusing to hear him talk that way, calling them patients instead of prisoners as he had before. Homura listened quietly as the announcement was made, then got out of bed.

Maybe he wouldn't have to go anywhere yet. It wasn't like Homura knew where to go anyway, and that meant he had time. If this was his room, and if he had been here as long as Kenren had said, there was a chance he could find something with answers. The Taisho had even told him that Homura had seen Rinrei. Certainly he would've written something down, made a map, something that could let him find her again! He started with the desk at the end of his bed, first finding a small stack of notebooks. Picking up the first, he flipped through, turning the pages with quickening desperation as he found each one to be blank.

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[ Free! Pester at will! :D ]

Cid awoke in his room with a groan and a hand to his head. Shit, this again. He remembered the events of yesterday pretty clearly up until getting hit in the head by that Sora kid, and then... it was kinda a blur. He remembered a nurse telling him he should take it easy and then conking out once he got back to his room. So much for rallying his buddies and getting something done.

Anyway, he'd already lost so much time in this joint that a day or two wasn't going to make much of a difference aside for his mood being slightly worse than usual. He was glad he'd gotten to talk to the kid, at least, and now he didn't dislike him or think he was particularly crazy anymore–in fact, he was kinda... well, endearing–but that didn't make the side of his face any less sore. (As if injuries in the night weren't fucking enough! His nose was still pretty tender...)

Either way, Cid was quick to make his way to the cafeteria after having slept too damn much. He grabbed a plate of pancakes and scanned the room for any familiar faces, and when he came up with nothing (he was one of the first people there), he picked an empty table and started to dig in.

[A messed up Gundam pilot is okay?]

It was Allelujah who woke the next morning, a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. His chest was bandaged where he'd been burned, the pain of it shooting through him as he moved. Damn. What had he done?

The bitch attacked us.

That was true, he supposed. She'd attacked them and he couldn't feel all that much sympathy for her now despite the cruelty that Hallelujah had shown which she deserved for what she did.

He rubbed his head and let the nurse lead him into the cafeteria when she arrived. He didn't much care about what the food was, he just felt tired and confused and what if she told someone what he'd done? What does it matter? Well, he didn't exactly want to get lynched, although he supposed that the feeling wasn't really a new one.

The nurse led him over to a table and settled him opposite an older man who Allelujah smiled at awkwardly. "Hello."

[ Certainly! ♥ ]

Cid glanced up from a forkful of syrup-drenched pancakes and smirked.

"Yo." He shoved the food in his mouth and chewed, sizing up the other guy in the meantime. Looked about Cloud's age and had the same kind of melancholy air about him, though maybe that was just Cid wishing his buddies were all together and kicking ass again. Of course, given the way things had been going lately, with AVALANCHE members dropping like flies day-by-day and the remaining ones not being able to find each other... Well, hell, he'd better start talking to people outside of his norm. (And putting up bulletin board posts his own damn self.)

After a moment's consideration, Cid swallowed his food and gestured his fork at the guy.

"So, how much did your night suck?" He asked, using his other hand to grab his glass of orange juice and take a swig. He sighed. "Or were you passed out dead on the damn cot like me?"

At least he seemed friendly?

Allelujah smiled in response, trying a bit of pancake which had been practically drenched in syrup. Were they really trying to send him into a sugar coma when he wasn't used to it? Every day had something sugary that he'd never tried and he wasn't sure he'd ever get used to it. It was good too. Pancakes soon went onto his list of favourite foods. It was a very short list and so far consisted of 'pancakes' and 'coffee'.

He shrugged, smiling wryly at the question. Typical for it to come up. "I went outside and got burned by someone," he said, fighting down a wave of memories that had been brought up by that little encounter. Hallelujah still wanted to finish the job. "I didn't get anything useful done though." Except grab a box of cigarrettes and he did have to be grateful for Hallelujah's willingness to listen to him on matters of strategy.

"Heh," Cid replied with a snort, spearing a sausage with his fork. He used his free hand to gesture at his face. "Hey, at least that doesn't sound as bad as someone breakin' yer nose with a helmet. That's what happened to me last time I stepped out on that damn field."

He took a bite out of the sausage, glancing around the room for his comrades again. He'd sure feel stupid if he saw them just after putting up that post on the bulletin, but hey, he wasn't going to take any chances for the sake of appearances anymore.

"And as far as gettin' things done..." he added, putting setting his fork back on his plate. He sighed, scratching the side of his head that wasn't bruised. "Welcome to the club, kid."

"Perhaps not," Allelujah agreed although he wasn't certain getting his nose broken would compare to being tortured by a psychotic woman with electricity. Ugh, she'd kissed him. Just the thought made him want to wipe his lips. He wasn't as bad as Hallelujah but he still didn't much care for being touched. "Although I've had worse than a broken nose so I could probably survive," he added with a touch of amusement.

He took another few bites of food enjoying the taste and promising himself that he'd only eat half of it.

"I take it that happens a lot then?"

"Yeah, tons, and yeah, I've had hell of a lot worse too," Cid nodded at the kid, realizing that he'd made himself sound like a whiny bitch rather than a humiliated badass. "I'm not sayin' it hurts worse–I'm just sayin'... well, let's just say if was gonna get injured, I'd rather it be from an attack with more punch, right? Hell, should be seasoned enough to avoid shit like that..."

He rubbed the back of his neck as he let out a sigh. He'd sure gone down the world: the Wutai War's legendary pilot, reduced to sitting on his ass and eating pancakes because he couldn't do a damn thing.

He halfheartedly jabbed his fork into another piece of his meal and glanced back up. After a moment's thought, he smiled wryly and outstretched his hand over the table.

"Name's Cid, by the way–Captain Cid Highwind."

Allelujah laughed softly and nodded in agreement. "If you're going to get hurt, it's definitely better that it be from a good fight." Rather than getting taken down by a little girl with electricity. Hallelujah had saved him again. Don't I always? He hoped he hadn't been insulting.

He took the man's hand and shook it firmly, feeling callouses there. "Allelujah Haptism," he replied. "Pleased to meet you Captain." He frowned thinking for a moment. More potential military titles. They made him uneasy considering most of the military would love to have him in custody. "What are you captain of?" he asked with genuine curiosity.

Allelujah Haptism, huh? Sounded like a weirdo name in the same vein as 'Sephiroth' and 'JENOVA,' though Cid was only vaguely aware of what that vein could be. He was soon distracted from his pondering by the man's question, and the pilot grinned, leaning back in his chair.

"An airship!" He said, his mood immediately lifted as he stabbed another sausage. "Named Highwind after yours truly. 'Course..." he added, taking a bite, "I'm a pilot born and bred. And an engineer."

It figured that talking about himself and his old life nearly always cheered Cid up.

Well, that had seemed to be a good question to ask at least. Allelujah relaxed into his seat, taking a few bites of food and licking the syrup off his lips. An airship? That was... well, he wasn't entirely certain what an airship looked like but it sounded like old technology to him.

He smiled genuinely at the other man. It was good to see someone happy in this place. "A pilot? I know a few pilots where I'm from," he replied. "Have you ever been into space?"

At the "s" word, Cid's grin widened and he dropped his fork on his plate, gesturing at the ceiling.

"Hell yeah I've been!" He said with happy pride, crossing his arms over his chest. "First man in space, in fuckin' fact! ...If y'don't count a couple of other losers who were with me, but I–" he jabbed his thumb at himself "–am the one who worked my ass off for it!"

He was about to continue when the thought occurred to him that it was only in his world that he was the first man in space, a truly disturbing and disheartening fact. His grin faltered and his body language shifted; the one negative thought had given rise to a whole slew, the first of which was Shera and how she'd saved his life and he'd treated her like shit for it.

After a moment, he sighed and picked up his fork again, sticking it into some more pancakes.

"Then again, that's just in my world," he muttered. It didn't make the personal achievement any less but it sure put a damper on the bragging rights. And everything else.

Allelujah's eyes widened as Cid said that he was the first man in space in his world. That was something hugely important and the first people in space in his own world were still considered legends. He frowned slightly when Cid seemed to falter though, his enthusiasm waning, leaving Allelujah sure that he'd said something wrong.

"That's really impressive," he replied smiling reassuringly at the other man. "I kind of wish it was that exciting where I'm from," he admitted. "It would be nice to see earth from space and be the first person to actually see that sight. It doesn't feel so special anymore in my world." Not when it was rapidly being colonised by humanity intent on causing warfare.

Well, the kid seemed like a good guy, at least, even if Cid didn't feel so great that he looked sad enough to warrant an attempt at cheering up. The fact this man was so used to space travel that it wasn't exciting to him anymore didn't really make the pilot feel any better, but hey, at least he was trying. Cid managed a weak grin and waved the other man off.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Still doesn't make bein' stuck in this joint any less shitty." He paused, looking off with some nostalgia. "Though... yeah, it's... pretty damn amazing."

He was just about to pull himself out of his slump and ask the guy just what kind of technology his world used to manage frequent space transportation when the intercom sounded and announced the next shift. Cid sighed, watching a nurse come towards him with weary eyes.

"Guess this is the end of breakfast," he said, standing up. He flashed the kid a grin. "See ya around."

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