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Day 34: Lunch
Ninjas > everybody else.
thatdamnedninja wrote in damned
Yuffie bounced all the way through collecting her lunch, all the way to a good seat- one with a nice view of the whole cafeteria, which was something she'd been missing out on during the past day or so that she'd been stuck in the Institute- and hell, she even bounced into her seat.

A good mood? No, really?

Despite the occasional blip, talking to Sagara had been awesome. He was a fun guy; he wasn't a prude, didn't have a stick shoved so far up his ass it was poking out his eyeballs, and he'd actually had a conversation with her. One that hadn't revolved around doom, gloom or how much life sucked. If she could find other people like that and keep in touch with Sagara, maybe there was a little hope for this place.

After a quick gulp of pink lemonade, Yuffie settled to munching through her food and keeping an eye on the door.

[Waiting for Dean, I think? :x]

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Allelujah had eventually managed to fall asleep in the Sun Room in an attempt to avoid Hallelujah's almost circular logic. He hated arguing with him. He didn't follow any kind of train of thought that Allelujah could distinguish most of the time and there was also something fundamentally wrong about arguing with yourself.

The nurse had woken him up and gudied him into lunch, commenting about how he could always ask for a sleeping pill if he was having trouble getting to sleep at night. He practically shuddered at the thought.

He took a tray of food which again, smelled delicious and went to find himself a seat in the corner.

Tokito was very excited about the prospect of getting something to eat, since he'd managed to argue with the nurses long enough to miss breakfast, but the sheer number of people in the cafeteria gave him more than a little pause. How could there be this many patients here? It was crazy! And none of them showed any signs of W.A. use, at least at first glance. Certainly none seemed to be hiding body parts like Tokito hid his hand, but maybe that was part of what all the bandages were about?

Eventually, though, the lure of food was enough to distract Tokito from running mental circles around the topic of just what this place was, so he wandered over to the serving area and took a bunch of everything that looked good. Which was... more or less everything. Not enough sweets, though. Fruit was okay, but it was no substitute for Pocky.

The crowding got to Tokito again as he tried to find somewhere to sit, and eventually he had to settle for sitting in a corner (good), but with some other guy right next to him (bad). "... Hi."

The cafeteria was filling up quickly and already it was easy to tell that there were more people than there had been yesterday. Great, just great. Because he really wanted to be surrounded by hundreds of other people in a highly tense and hostile situation. Hell, like he wanted to be surrounded by that many people ever anyway. It wasn't so bad at night when people were more spread out and he had things to focus on, but everything was so loud and crowded. He shuddered and turned back to his food, focussing intently on that.

He looked up when someone approached his table and sat down, giving the boy a wary look over. "Um, hi," Allelujah replied a little hesitantly.

Truthfully, Tokito still had a lot of questions about this place, but he wasn't sure he could trust the answers anyone would give him. For a little while he just focused on his food, which was pretty darn tasty. Better than the chicken at McDonald's, even!

... Which, of course, made him think of Kubo-chan, and the last time they went to McDonald's to eat. It was weird to be eating without him. He'd almost always had the company of someone he knew when eating, at least as far as he could remember; usually it was Kubo-chan, but sometimes Shouta or Takizawa or Kasai.

It was true that it wasn't only Kubo-chan who had turned out to be okay, yeah. Though other good people had mostly been kids or people Kubo-chan had okayed. Tokito sighed, poking at his food listlessly. How long would it take Kubo-chan to find him and come get him? This place was so weird, and if it had this many people kidnapped, they were probably pretty good at staying hidden. He might have to try to meet people all on his own. That sucked. "... Have you been here long?"

Allelujah took the opportunity to eat some more of his food. The chicken was pretty good actually, and the crisps as well although it seemed a little weird to be having them with chicken in the first place.

He looked back up at the other man, watching him push his food around on his plate instead of eating it. "You'll need the energy," he said quietly. "Once night falls, you'll need all the energy you have." He smiled wanly and took a few more bites. "This is my third day so far," he replied. "Three days and two nights."

Of all the things Tokito might have expected the other guy to say, that was not on the list at all. Granted, it was a short list since Tokito hadn't ever really spoken with many people, but still! "Huh? What's so special about night time?" That sounded like the kind of important information Tokito should have right away!

Allelujah shrugged, taking a few more bites of his own meal before looking back up at the boy. "This place isn't a hospital, it's a prison," he explained. "It pretends to be a hospital during the day, but at night, you'll find that the door to your room opens and you can wander around mostly freely, but there are monsters and the man who speaks on the intercom goads and taunts us."

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