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Day 34: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom came on, and as it did, it seemed to carry a little more interference than usual for a daytime announcement, a little more static. While the patients might have thought for a moment that once again the elusive woman on the radio had hacked into the Head Doctor's system, the man himself soon proved that theory faulty as he laughed over the broadcast.

"Hello, hello, everyone, and I'm sorry for the bad quality of this broadcast; we've been having some technical difficulties lately, you see, and we wanted to make sure everything was fixed by tomo...."

His voice crackled out into inaudibility for a moment before fading back in.

"Yes, hopefully that will be done soon. In any case, now's the time that you all head back to your rooms to enjoy a delicious meal... seasoned salmon! Yes, we have filets of very tasty, very juicy salmon seasoned with herbs and garlic; on the side, we have mashed potatoes, peas, and to drink, our usual assortment of beverages. For dinner, you'll all be enjoying vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce."

The intercom's broadcast crackled again. The Head Doctor laughed, seemingly a little nervously.

"Ah, yes, perhaps we'll be able to finish the repairing tomorrow, when all of you are away at... Doyleton! Yes, yes, you're all in for a fun and exciting day, a day whose activities will be new for some and a welcome familiarity to others. You'll be under strict supervision, of course, but... well, I suppose you'll find out all about the circumstances tomorrow, before you set off, mm? Yes! In any case... I hope you all enjoy dinner!"

The intercom clicked off again as the nurses began ushering patients back to their quarters.

[ All introduction posts for this shift's group of new characters should be made in response to this post. (You can find your character's room assignment here.) Remember, everyone responds to this post with their character's room number in the subject line. ]

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Allelujah settled himself on his bed once the nurse led him back into the room, resting his tray on his lap as he began to eat. His expression was thoughtful and perhaps a little pensive as he mulled over the problem of that blond girl. He didn't doubt that she was in the mood for revenge, considering the comments he'd seen on the bulletin, and that made Allelujah rather wary. Allies were needed. He thought that he'd made a good impression so far with people and if he could make sure to get closer to a few people then he had something to fall back on. It sounded like the girl had made herself a few enemies already and that was something that he could use to his advantage.

He picked at his meal idly, chewing pensively on his lip. Make himself useful to people, perhaps get involved in one of the clubs for a few nights. Much as he'd prefer for the threat to be gone entirely, just killing her would create more problems than it would solve he was sure. Frustrating to say the least.

Yuuhi arrived late to the meal, and was disappointed to see his ice cream half melted by the time he sat in front of it. Oh well. He felt relieved, if a little guilty, since he knew the others would be grouped together for the evening, or at least well looked after. Yue was another problem entirely. He didn't understand the man's reasonings or his behavior.

All the same, he greeted his roommate with a cheerful smile and a wave when he entered. Allelujah seemed distracted, at least, compared to how Yuuhi had seen him before. "Allie? Everything ok?"

Allelujah looked up in surprise when Fai entered the room, blinking at him before managing to force a smile. He'd been too absorbed in his thoughts and hadn't been paying attention. A mistake for someone like him when his life often depended upon being observant.

"Ah, Fai," he said, turning slightly in his seat. "I'm fine, just got a few things on my mind," his smile faltered for a moment.

Fortunately, Yuuhi was too absorbed in his own problems to notice if Allie's smile wasn't all genuine. If the boy didn't want to talk about it, then that was alright. He took a seat, and looked over his tray once before he started eating. At least the fish was cooked.

"Eheh, I imagine we all do around here," he supplied, taking a bite and finding that the fish was actually not too bad. "Going anywhere fun tonight?"

Allelujah finished off his ice cream and set the bowl aside before drawing one knee up to his chest and resting his chin on it. He needed to set aside those awkward thoughts for now. The chances of running into that girl again tonight were slim to say the least and he'd be prepared now.

"Probably," he agreed. "There's a lot to think about. It gets confusing." His head felt kind of like it was stuffed with cotton wool. "Tonight?" he shrugged, looking slightly sheepish. "I don't have plans. I'll just wander again."

Confusing was right. Sometimes he preferred not to think about things at all. Of course that didn't usually help. Yuuhi took another bite of the fish, mostly because he'd promised Orihime he would, and tried to keep the conversation light. He raised an eyebrow, though, when Allie mentioned going off alone.

"By yourself?" Had he always done that and Yuuhi just hadn't noticed? The boy seemed to be in alright shape though, so perhaps he oughtn't worry.

People were always telling him to go with other people and he'd only been here three days now. But it was more dangerous for them to go with him and get on his bad side in his opinion. He'd spent his life being hunted and come through it.

"By myself," he admitted, shrugging one shoulder. "I don't want to intrude on anyone. They all seem really busy."

"That's pretty impressive," Yuuhi admitted. He hadn't lasted one night all by himself. Not even once! And it wasn't for lack of trying. "You must be pretty careful," he observed.

That or he actually put forth a little more effort in avoiding trouble. Yuuhi seemed to attract it no matter where he went.

Allelujah gave him a surprised look at that. "You think so?" he asked. He just hadn't run into anything dangerous apart from that girl and he'd seen the monster in the kitchen, but hadn't gone in. "Maybe I just don't look edible to any monsters," he said and then rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "I'm just good at being unnoticed, I guess," he said. It was a good survival skill.

"Better than I've done. But then, I seem to have a knack for getting into trouble." It hadn't been easy to hide the cuts and broken ribs from Yue in the showers, but here at least, it was simpler. He wasn't sure how well things were going to go tonight.

He looked up when the intercom turned on, signaling the beginning of night, and pushed his tray aside in order to prepare his things. "Hope you have better luck than me," he winked.

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