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Nightshift 34: Experimental Treatments Laboratory (2nd Floor)
tender_cruelty wrote in damned
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Allelujah had already braced himself for what he would encounter when he stepped through the door and into the next room, forcing himself to remain numb and detached from the sight. Beds, several of them lined up against the wall with the tables for equipment between them. Despite trying to remain detached, he couldn't quite suppress a shudder at the sight, reaching up to rub at his head and remembering the needles and operations that he'd undergone.

The computer he might leave until last, not really expecting to be able to get into it, but that cabinet, now that looked more promising. He went over to it and pulled the doors open wide before starting to rummage inside it. Glass, lots of glass. Not immediately useful except as projectiles and he wasn't sure he wanted to bother carting them back downstairs to his room. The needles and syringes were a little more useful and he placed them on top of the cabinet. Might have to sacrifice his shirt again to carry them to avoid hurting himself.

A stethoscope too, something to curry favour with the clinic perhaps, help him make some allies. A small, satisfied smile crossed his lips when he found the pipettes though and he pulled a bundle of them out. The little ones he ignored, but the longer ones he took. These would work as makeshift weapons for a short while if he couldn't find anything else. He pulled out the first one and rested it on top of the cabinet, holding it still with one hand. He brought his other hand down against the overhanding part, smashing the end off it to leave a razor sharp edge, uncaring of the bits of glass which stuck into his hand. He raised it to take a considering look at the edge. That would work for stabbing and the glass would break off inside the body making the wounds worse. He reached for another pipette and repeated the process. If he'd learned one thing from that place, it was how to be creative with medical equipment.

Finally, armed with at least a makeshift weapon, he moved to the first of the doors to the small rooms. Locked again, but a loose lock at least. He set his shoulder against it and slammed it open with a couple of hits, then slipped inside.

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Allelujah stepped back out into the laboratory and pulled the top off one of the bottles that he was carrying, setting the other bottle down at his feet and grabbing one of the broken pipettes as well. He stayed close to the cabinet, looking around warily for anything that seemed out of place or unusual. He really hoped that he wasn't going to regret this.

I'm backing you up, Halleluja whispered, darkly amused and eager. We can't fail.


Allelujah growled in frustration, a sound not quite normal for him but very normal for his other half. Nothing at all. He'd searched the entire room, twice now and there was nothing. On the other hand, there was a lack of monster, but it was still frustrating when he'd been primed and ready for a fight.

He took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down and closing his eyes for a moment. He carefully screwed the caps back onto the acid bottles and set them onto the top of the counter ready to be used later. At least this gave him a little time to pick up some more things. He grabbed the pipettes and nipped quickly into the decontamination room, grabbing a couple of the shirts and one of the jumpsuits before going back into the chemical storage room.

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He carefully set the makeshift bag back down on the ground next to the cabinet and then went back over to his bottles of acid. He grabbed a couple of empty flasks from the cupboard and filled them with acid before stoppering them tightly and closing the bottles again. Ugh, he was going to need a belt or something, a way to caryy them more easily after tonight to keep them from clinking together.

He made a soft irritated noise and grabbed his discarded shirt, ripping off another strip to tie the handles of the containers together with a loop to carry them. Better than nothing and it would slip around his wrist easily enough.

Right. Time to get going.

A patient could only get away with wandering the institute alone for so long, especially if they were planning to take so much without even asking.

A rumbling noise came from a corner of the room as the lurcher manifested, coming out of nowhere despite the fact that its thundering steps should have given it away. It let out low breaths as it clambered along, fists almost dragging against the floor as it moved toward the single patient.

It was hunchbacked, and its glowing yellow eyes didn't seem to hold much thought in them. There was only one thought in its mind: that it needed to kill, pummel, punish.

Allelujah froze when he heard the sound coming from the corner of the room, cursing himself for not having moved more quickly when grabbing the chemicals. He turned slowly, keeping his breathing as quiet as he could.

His eyes widened in horror at the sight of it, the whole idea of monsters finally being reliased in startling clarity as he confronted the creature. No, this wasn't some human victim of experimentation. This was something from a horror novel. Something that shouldn't exist in any rational world.

Allelujah gulped and took a few steps backwards, setting down the large bottles that he'd been carrying and moving them out of the way as best he could. The last thing that he needed was to break one and get covered in the stuff.

Eyes first Hallelujah whispered and Allelujah hefted one of the flasks in his hands, feeling oddly numb in the face of such a creature, the horror of it compounding with the fear of just being in a place like this. Eyes eyes eyes and they were yellow-gold too so maybe it was fate. He tightened his grip around the flask of acid and threw it towards the crature as hard as he could, aiming for the thing's head while he groped on top of the cabinet for the other one that he'd filled. Suddenly two seemed like such an insignificant number.

Unfortunately, for a creature that's advantage came with its size and pure brawn, speed had to be sacrificed. Therefore, the lurcher didn't make any move to dodge, taking the hit to straight-on.

Unlike a punch or kick, though, this wasn't something that it could take without flinching. The monster let out a low groan of pain, but the acid would take some time to eat through the thick layers of hard skin and get to the really tender parts.

In the meantime, it forced itself toward the patient, making sure to wind back for a punch once it got close enough. It was truly angry now, and it wasn't going to let the human get away without crushing a few bones, if possible.

It was in pain, that was good. The acid didn't seem to have stopped it at all. That was definitely not good.

Projectiles were so much more effective when they came from a giant robot. Really.

He grabbed hastily for one of the empty flasks, not wanting to waste the other filled one just yet and threw it hard at the monster, aiming for the eyes again and hoping that it might do some kind of damage.

He saw it pulling it's arm back but thankfully it was a little too slow and obvious with that move, giving Allelujah time to duck away from the attack and off to one side to avoid it. Unfortunately, that also seperated him from the extra flasks that he could have thrown and everything else brought him much too close for comfort.

The puny human was playing dirty, and as the vial smacked it in the head and shattered on impact, the lurcher let out an angry roar. A few pieces of glass lodged into its skin, but most of it fell to the floor and was crushed by the creature's large feet as it advanced toward the patient, eager to get a strike in.

The monster was aware enough to see that the human was backing himself into a wall, and it took that in mind as it lurched forward in an attempt to shove the man and pin him up against it.

The acid was slowly burning, eating through its skin as it bubbled and sizzled. Unfortunately, like many animals, it seemed to have a ridiculous amount of pain tolerance. But it probably wouldn't be long before it started to bleed, and the shards of glass were already helping with that.

Suddenly, Alleujah was very glad for the slippers that he was wearing, thin as they were. He didn't need to be concentrating on where he stepped as well as on avoiding the creature.

He dodged to the side again as the monster lurched towards him, surprisingly quickly considering it's earlier slowness in avoiding the acid, and that moment of surprise was enough to let it catch Allelujah as he moved. It his him in the side, sending him stumbling to one side from the sheer force of the blow. He cursed softly, regaining his balance after a moment. He turned quickly and slipped one of the broken glass pipettes out of the make-shift holder that he'd slipped them into and he moved forward, trying to jab the sharp glass into the creature's side, aiming for parts where the skin had been eaten away by the acid.

The noise the lurcher made when the glass dug into its already damaged skin was much lounder and more strained than before. The blood was flowing freely now, covering its face and dripping down onto its arms.

It jerked forward again, both huge arms going out in an attempt to grab for the human's much thinner ones. It wanted to crush, to suffocate, to do something, and it didn't seem to mind that its blood was getting all over the place in the process.

The blood from the wounds seeped over Allelujah's hands and spattered across him as the creature moved. Later he'd have time to react to it, to feel, sick, but for now he concentrated on driving the glass deeper into the monster's body until he finally had to move away, leaving the glass stuck into it's flesh.

He was a little too slow and one of the creature's gargantuan hands closed around his wrist tightly. Allelujah's eye's widened and thinking quickly, he smashed the other glass flask down on top of the monster's hand, making a pained noise as the chemical touched his skin, starting to burn it.

It was slowly being broken down, but it wasn't about to buckle just yet. It had gotten hold of something, and it wasn't planning to let go until it wanted. In fact, it tightened its crushing grip around the human's wrist even as the acid burned them both.

The blood was continuing to flow, but a creature that was so large would need to lose a lot of it before it was truly slowed down. The pain did hinder it slightly, but it wasn't going to lose this chance. It wrenched its arm back suddenly, hoping to pull the human back and then toss him to the floor like a rag doll.

Well, that hadn't worked out quite as he'd hoped. He gritted his teeth when the creature's hand closed around his wrist more tightly and he could feel the bones griding together painfully. Not breaking yet, but so very close and he couldn't afford to be so badly injured if he wanted to get anything done.

He followed the creature's tug when it pulled, not wanting to get his arm wrenched off, while his other hand grappled in his pocket for one of the scalpels he'd put there. He managed to cut a large gash across his palm but finally his fingers closed around the blade and he stabbed it into the monster's fist where the acid had hit, using it to dig at the flesh.

This human had many tricks hidden up his sleeve, and the monster had another surprise attack to deal with as the scalpel was jabbed into its hand. It immediately let go of its prey (though considering the way it had been flinging the man around, it would likely throw him to the floor, at least) and let out a scream.

The pain and anger continued to build, but the blood loss meant that it couldn't act on it the way it would have wanted. It let out low, raging breaths, but ended up stumbling backward until it was leaning against the wall, nursing its wounds as the blood continued to flow. It was dripping down its legs now, and eventually gathering on the floor.

Allelujah hit one of the metal tables heavily when the creature let go of him. He wrapped his arms around his head protectively and rolled when he landed, but it still left him dazed for a few moment and his vision swam dickly when he finally pushed himself to his feet, using the table as a support.

He kept his eyes on the temporarily incapacitated beast and moved around the table to leave it between him and the creature. He was too far away from the cabinet to grab any more glass or acid without passing very close to it. He didn't want to give it a chance to grab him again. His arm was already screaming at him in pain whenever he moved it.

He fumbled in his pocket awkwardly again, fingers clumsy still, but he found the pack of razors and used his teeth to rip open one of the packs and pull the blade out. It was tiny, too small for him to even want to risk getting close, but he thought he could still throw. He aimed carefully and threw the blade at the creature's head, once again aiming for the acid eaten bits of flesh.

When the razor hit it in the face and tore apart more skin, it was almost like the last straw. Something so animal in nature could only be pestered for so long before it got sick of it, and the lurcher's anger bubbled over. Even though it was cornered and bleeding, it was still the larger one here.

It wanted the human out, away, but it wasn't willing to let the man leave without doing some more damage. It pushed off the wall and literally bellowed as it charged straight for the human, leaving bloody footprints behind. This would be its last hurrah, most likely, before it would have to retreat and recover.

There was little that Allelujah could do when he heard the creature's bellowing roar and saw it charge towards him. He couldn't stop such a charge and running would get him killing, no doubt. Instead, he ducked down low behind the table, curling up into a ball and wrapping his arms around his head to protect it when the creature hit.

Feeling its determination build when it realized that the human had resorted to crouching and hiding, the lurcher realized that there was no way that it could stop its charge now. The man had taken cover, and all the monster could do was crash into the table instead. That didn't meant that the patient was home free, however. The creature was strong enough that when its large body slammed against the table, it was so hard that it pulled the table legs out of the floor and shoved the whole thing toward the human with quite a bit of force.

Allelujah winced when he heard the monster impact against the table and heard the horrific creaking sound as the legs were wrenched out of the floor and it began to fall towards him. No time to move and have it not break something so he just turned so that his front was facing the falling table so it couldn't damage his back and so that his legs would be in a position to push it off him when it did fall.

When the table fell over with a loud crash, the lurcher stood back. It made a noise that might have been some sad attempt at a triumphant laugh. It had done some damage, it was sure of it, and it didn't plan to stick around any longer when it was already so injured.

Breathing heavily from the strain of its many wounds, the monster turned around and stumbled through one of the doors, leaving the patient alone in a room that had now been trashed and was littered with blood.

[Figured we should tie things up since nightshift is almost over. Hope that's cool!]

[That's fine! Thanks for the monster :D]

Allelujah cried out in pain as the table crashed against him, making him feel like he'd just been thrown in the cockpit of Kyrios without a harness. He breathed shallowly, hearing the monster move around the room and expecting another attack of some kind.

His breath caught in his throat when the footsteps and heavy breathing diminished, getting further away from him before vanishing altogether. "Ha-Hallelujah?" he asked softly, knowing that he'd be able to tell better than him whether it was gone.

It's gone, his alter replied softly.


Alleujah pushed hard against the table with his legs and arms, every muscle screaming at him. It took a good amount of strain but finally the thing moved enough for him to scramble out from beneath it.

"I feel like I've been kicked by a Gundam," he murmured sourly. He pushed himself slowly to his feet and then squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the room spin naueseously, his legs nearly giving out on him for a few horrible moments. Finally he regained his balance and laboriously made his way over to the open cabinet. He could still feel the acid on his skin. It needed to be taken off now. He searched painfully and found a pack of sterile alcohol wipes which he ripped open. He gritted his teeth and then quickly started to clean his hands off, the pain making him lightheaded again and forcing him to lean his forehead against the cabinet for a few long moments.

He finally regained control of himself and peered at the gash in his hand. A clean cut at least, but still bleeding sluggishly. He didn't think that he could handle stitching it himself right now. The last thing he wanted was to pass out up here. He went over to the bag which he'd left just inside the door of the chemical storage room and checked it over. Still in tact, thankfully, it hadn't been crushed underfoot although a lot of the glassware in the other room had been smashed beyond use. He picked the bag up, carefully settling it around his shoulders and stifling a cry when his body protested painfully. The acid bottled he grabbed by the makeshift handle as well and he wished he could wrap something around his hand but his shirt was in no condition to be used, covered in blood as it was. His torch he held loosely in the other hand and he made his way slowly towards the door.

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