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Day 35: Bus 1
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Sanji woke up groggily to find his nurse already in his room. He gave a sleepy and half-hearted "Buh?" before realizing that nurse meant dayshift, and he'd fallen asleep after dinner.

"Shit!" He sat up abruptly, which gave his nurse a start. "Nami-swan!" How had he allowed himself to sleep through an entire night? What if she'd tried to return to the basement? What if she'd been waiting for him to appear and protect her? He'd let her down!

"There, there. Calm down." His nurse set a familiar flannel shirt down on the bed and Sanji eyed it with confusion. The last time he'd worn that had been... "Sorry I didn't knock or anything, but I was so excited~!" A pair of jeans followed the shirt. "Today is the field trip into town! Aren't you looking forward to it?"

The chef had to admit, the town had been an interesting enough place the last time he'd been. If he could find Nami early on he might even be able to lead her around... So he didn't complain too much as he changed into the other outfit (which he really wished they'd let him keep - anything was better than the regular gray) and was led out to the first of the buses.

He took a seat near the front, hopefully easily visible to any of his crew - especially to a certain member of his crew.

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Allelujah woke and felt pain flare through his body as soon as he moved. He gritted his teeth and pushed himself up into a sitting position so he could take stock of his injuries. His hands were bandaged and cleaned of the acid and the cut across his palm had been stitched. His chest was wrapped and he could tell that he'd probably at least cracked a rib when that table had fallen on him, if not broken a couple altogether.

The nurse gave him a sympathetic look when he flinched away from her, completely misunderstanding his desire to not be touched by someone who worked for this place. He did give her a surprised look when she brought in some different clothing to what he normally wore. Just tight jeans and a t-shirt, nothing too different to what he wore on Earth when he was there really, and the nurse took it as an excuse to start talking about the trip.

A town, huh? That was interesting and should give him a chance to gain his bearings.

She gave him a bag which she claimed contained breakfast and ushered him onto a large bus. He found an empty seat next to the window and started to pick at his food.


A cardigan. Again. Thursday forced a painfully sunny smile at her nurse before scowling down at the offending article of clothing once said nurse was out of sight. Just because she looked a bit older than most of the patients here didn't mean they had to treat her like a bloody senior citizen.

At least the soft blue sleeves concealed the burn marks on the backs of her arms, carefully treated and bandaged by GSD-knew-whom. She winced a bit as she picked up her breakfast, but the pain was bearable. It probably wouldn't prove much of a hindrance today.

She stepped onto the bus, glancing around for an empty seat, and spotted one next to a quiet-looking young man who looked to be about Friday's age, perhaps a bit older. She smiled slightly - this one considerably more genuine than the one she had given the nurse.

"Excuse me - is this seat taken?"

It took Allelujah a moment to realise that he was being addressed when the woman spoke to him. He turned, a little surprised to have anyone come up to him, but he smiled at the woman anyway and shook his head. "No, it's free. Go ahead," he replied, gesturing to the seat and moving up a bit so that he wasn't taking up as much room. He was just glad that he had the window seat so that he could lean against it if he needed to.

"Thanks," said Thursday, dropping onto the seat beside him and rummaging through her breakfast. She frowned in a brief flash of irritation at its contents. Granola bars and apple slices? Who the hell had been packing these things, Thursday5?

"I'd just about kill for a bacon sandwich and coffee right now," she remarked to the young man. The banana-nut muffin looked harmless enough - she pulled it out and started to unwrap it. "Sorry - forgot my manners. Thursday Next's the name."

"Coffee for sure," he agreed with a small smile. "Although the food here is much better than what I normally get," he admitted. Freeze dried non-perishable stuff that would last long periods of time in space without chance to dock to take on more supplies. But yes, coffee he could definitely go for.

Thursday Next? That seemed like something of an odd name, but then, who was he to talk? "Allelujah Haptism," he replied.

"Really? Where are you from, if I may ask?" The food here was actually rather good, in her opinion, so perhaps what he normally got was - well - normal, but she'd developed quite the interest in where people came from here at Landel's. Learning about other worlds was utterly fascinating - almost, in fact, as fascinating as the BookWorld.

If she thought Allelujah's name was at all strange, she certainly didn't say anything. She'd heard stranger back home.

He shrugged dismissively in response to the question, not entirely sure how he could explain. "I've spent a lot of time in space recently. There's not much fresh food there a lot of the time." The colonies were able to grow some and a lot was shipped up by the Orbital Elevator, but it was expensive and of course, the Ptolemaios couldn't get hold of it or store it for very long. "It's just a nice change to have fruit and freshly made things."

"Space? That's quite interesting - I must say I've never been there myself." She wasn't entirely certain that the BookWorld's version of space counted for much.

"There isn't much of a call for space exploration where I'm from. It must be quite the amazing experience, regardless of how poor the quality of the food is."

"Space travel has become quite common where I'm from," Allelujah said. "The Orbital Elevator makes it much easier to transport materials out of Earth's gravity so there isn't the need to rely on rocket power anymore. There are a couple of colonies already and they're planning to build more." And technology was advancing all the time.

Thursday listened attentively - it sounded like his world was considerably more advanced than those of the other patients she'd met here.

"I couldn't help but notice you mentioned Earth - that's a bit rarer here than one might expect. What year are you from?"

He supposed it was, considering he'd met people who claimed to be gods and who had never heard of places and things he took for granted. "It does seem that way, yes," he agreed with a soft sigh. "I'm from 2308AD. Or at least, that's what it was when I woke up here and I haven't met anyone else from my own world here yet." He wasn't certain how he'd deal with them if he was honest.

Three centuries into the future - Thursday had to admit she was impressed. No wonder she didn't understand bits of what he was talking about - orbital elevators and the like.

"It was 2004 before I turned up here. I haven't met anyone from my world either - at least, not really." She wondered briefly if meeting fictional characters counted, but decided not to mention it. Armand at least didn't want his fictional status exactly broadcast, and she was pretty sure the others she'd met wouldn't want it either.

He smiled weakly at her. "Everyone seems to be from much much earlier than I am," he said with a touch of amusement. "It's a little disconcerting to have no-one who knows the nations or technology you talk about." And it was difficult to go too in depth without giving everything away. Sousuke seemed like a good enough man and in a similar position, but he still didn't know whether he could trust most people.

"I'd rather that they not be here admittedly." Unless they brought mobile suits.

"I'd imagine so," Thursday said, smiling back warmly. "Really, I've always wondered about the consequences of throwing all these people together like this. As far as I'm concerned, it can't be good for the historical timeline of any world. And I haven't heard of any other worlds who've got people who can sort that kind of thing out - not like the ChronoGuard, anyway."

She nodded firmly at Allelujah's comment about people from his own world not being here. "Absolutely. But...well, they do have some people from our world here. Not in this institute, but outside of it - have you heard about the visitors?"

"ChronoGuard?" Allelujah asked curiously, not having heard of anything with that name before, and he was usually well acquainted with different types of government organisation. "They sort out... historical timelines?" That sounded bizarre. Then again, he was in a mental hospital with monsters.

His visible eye widened when she mentioned other people being present. "Visitors?" That sounded ominous. He couldn't imagine how any of his people would know where he even was. And they definitely wouldn't risk coming in as visitors to get him.

Thursday nodded, smiling slightly. "It's one of the jobs they do - make sure things are going the way they ought to. I don't know if you've got time travel where you're from, but it's pretty prolific in my world, and it needs policing like everything else."

The smile vanished, though, when Allelujah asked about the visitors. "That's right. Every Sunday, some of the patients get visitors. They're people you know from your home world, but they've been...brainwashed into thinking that you're the person the nurses claim you are - that you're hopelessly delusional, and that you lead a 'normal' life."

Her eyes hardened noticeably. "It's always one of the people closest to you. I've heard they return from the dead on occasion. They brought in my husband last Sunday. I don't know whom to expect this week."

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