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Day 35: Intercom, Evening
The Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
Unlike the week before, the buses pulled in to the front of the Institute before the sky became dark, and so the departure was a very organized situation rather than a chaotic one. Nurses and orderlies escorted patients off the buses, and just as the front doors to the Institute opened and the patients were taken back to their rooms, the intercom clicked on with its usual jingle to the sound of the Head Doctor's cheery voice.

"Hello, patients, and I hope you all enjoyed a delightful day at our neighboring town! I regret that last-minute duties prevented me from joining all of you on your trip, but I'm glad I can talk to you a bit now before you retire for the night!

"As far as dinner tonight, we have a wonderfully exotic meal of tasty, spicy lamb curry for you, served on a bed of steamed rice and with a side of seasoned vegetables and plain Indian flatbread. For desert, we'll be having sweet rice pudding, and we'll be offering our normal assortment of juices, milk, and water as drinks. As always, for vegetarians and for those of you with mild tastebuds, a large, fresh garden salad is always an option.

"And... I believe that's all! I hope you all enjoy dinner and that you're able to wind down from the excitement of today's excursion."

The intercom clicked off.

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Allelujah was rather eager to get back to the room when they returned to the institute, although he gave no outward sign of it at all, remaining utterly calm and compliant. He was good at pretending that he was nothing special, especially around medical staff, and he was quite willing to play along until he had a good way of destroying them.

He sat down, starting to eat his food slowly, waiting for Fai to arrive and for the doors to be locked properly. He didn't want to risk anyone walking in on him when he started working. He'd been too injured to want to risk losing his har earned gains.

It wasn't long before Yuuhi arrived and gave his roommate a smile and a wave as he sat down to eat his meal too. He didn't feel particularly hungry, but he knew Ururu and the others would be upset if they even suspected he'd skipped a meal.

The food was kind of spicy, but it was alright. "Did you have a nice time in town?" he asked between bites. He couldn't help but worry about that Diva girl and whether or not he ought to go looking for her tonight. He hadn't found the item she'd wanted, but he didn't want her to go looking for some child to punish in his place either.

Allelujah smiled back when Fai entered the room, and quickly finished off his dinner. He'd saved the glass of water that he'd asked for for what he was about to do but now there was the question of what to use to make them. He stood up, going to drag out the filled jumpsuit from beneath his bed where he'd hidden it, just glad that the nurses didn't seem to care about searching thoroughly.

"Mmmm, I had a good conversation with someone," he said with a small smile. Homura was an interesting man and Allelujah couldn't help but feel a connection with him. How had he put it? Two heretical beings. "You?"

He started to rummage around in the makeshift bag. A couple of the glass things had broken and he managed to cut his fingers on a few of the broken pieces, pulling them back with a hiss. Finally he found the bottles that he was looking for and went back over to the desk. The tray would be as good as anything, and a pen would stir decently, even if the powder wouldn't be as fine as he'd intended.

"Played tag in the park mostly," he smiled. "Looked around a couple of shops too." He would have said more, but he was curious about just what Allie was trying to do with all those things. "Hyuu..." he cooed, "be careful! Do you need help with anything?"

"Tag? Sounds like fun," Allelujah replied with a smile. It really did, something so utterly normal like that.

He laughed softly when Fai told him to be careful. "I've had worse," he said. "It's just a couple of cuts." And they stung, especially on his already burned hand, but he could deal with the pain. "I'm making smoke bombs," he explained as he measured out the right ratio of the sugar and the saltpeter. "I suppose... I have some scalpels and things, Could you cut up one of my shirts into pieces small enough to act as fuses?"

"Eheh, it was, but we got in a little bit of trouble," he admitted sheepishly. He got up from the bed though, to inspect the smoke bombs Allelujah was making. Yuuhi'd never made anything quite like them, but he was willing to give it a try.

"Sure! I can do that." Sounded simple enough. "Looks like you've got some big plans for the night."

Allelujah blinked at him in surprise. "What kind of trouble?" How could you get into trouble playing tag while surrounded by nurses who were all too willing to pump you full of drugs and leave you barely conscious for the rest of the day.

"Thank you," he replied with a smile. He poured a little water into the mixture, just a little at first. it needed to be thick, not liquid. "No plans," he admitted with a shrug. "But they need to dry out before you can use them, and I need a lighter of some kind."

"Nothing much," Yuuhi shrugged. "One of our players thought that the roof of a building was a good place to run to. I guess the nurses didn't agree." He gave a short laugh. Kurogane had been more than a little upset, but the experience had been good for him.

Yuuhi pulled a clean shirt from the dresser and sat on the floor near Allie, hand out for a scalpel to cut with. "Not at all. I don't mind. They seem like they'd be handy to have around, especially if you need to run away quickly. Not sure what to tell you about the lighter though."

Someone ran onto a roof? That was definitely an extreme reaction. "I can't imagine why," he said dryly, an amused smile on his lips. The nurses kept up a good pretense during the day and climbing up onto a roof was hardly something that they'd allow a patient to do without repercussions.

Allelujah passed him one of the scalpels carefully and moved to sit on the floor nearby, mixing the ingredients together carefully until he had a thick, sticky paste. "I got a good amount of things last night, even if I paid for it," he said wryly. He'd be feeling it for a good few days he had no doubt. "Mmmm, I found some cigarettes in one of the doctor's offices the other night, but there wasn't a lighter. I might have to try one of the other offices." Well, Hallelujah had found them but hadn't been in any mood to look more carefully.

Yuuhi twirled the small pointed weapon in his fingers for a moment before he set to cutting up the shirt. Allie seemed to be pretty competent for all the risks he took. Kurogane would get really mad if he found out Yuuhi had gone running around by himself, but Allelujah could do it without much trouble at all.

"Paid for it? You didn't get hurt, did you?" he looked worriedly at his roommate. When he heard about the cigarettes, he smirked and looked dubiously at the boy. "Cigarettes? I wouldn't have pegged you for a smoker," he winked.

Allelujah held out his hands to Fai to show off the acid burns and the gash across his palm that he'd sustained the previous night. "And I got a table dropped onto me," he added with a soft sigh. His ribs hurt but at least they hadn't punctured a lung. That would have been unpleasant. "There was a monster, a big one. It managed to grab me at one point so I smashed a flask of acid onto it's arm but got some on my hand as well."

He looked a little surprised at the wink and then shook his head quickly. "I didn't mean... I don't smoke. I just thought that it would be useful in case I needed to bribe anyone," he replied quickly, looking little flustered. He'd never smoked. He needed to be in perfect condition to pilot after all.

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