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Nightshift 35: Main Hallway, 2-Centre
requiemforasoul wrote in damned
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Siegfried led the way along the main hallway and past the balcony looking down on the Sun Room, constantly on the lookout for anything that might sneak up on the two. He expected that they would hear something before they were attacked, but that may not always be the case. It was better to be safe than sorry.

As they walked, Siegfried spoke quietly to Xelloss. “There’s a storage room at the end of this hallway where they keep the batteries. We can search there first.”

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((From here.))

...well here were all of the people that Joshua had been wondering about from the previous hall. All clumped up, with a light show down below casting everything in darkness and light all together. It was fascinating to watch, especially watching the people up here, in relative safety, going about their business as though they were completely unconcerned with the idea.

It made him giggle, it really did. Neku would have pitched a fit if he knew so many people could be so callous to their fellow man.

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Allelujah heard the crashing sound and the boom of thunder before he got to the Sun Room hallways, and it gave him pause for a moment. But if there was something there, then he'd rather know what it was than wait for it to come and hunt him down like that creature last night had. He stepped out a little way, peering into the corridor.

What the hell was that creature?!

He could see it attacking a man and a blond girl, and for a moment, a dark smile of satisfaction crossed his lips when he recognised the girl. Just what she deserved. Hallelujah would be glad to help if he didn't think that the monster creature might go for him as well. The expression quickly faded and he pressed himself back against the wall, wanting to make sure that that creature didn't see him.

A flash of greenish hair made Joshua turn around, almost to the point where he'd pointedly ask his partner if he did want to be erased, but then he stopped. The person nearby was much taller than Sync, more muscular as well, and hadn't made an obvious noise yet. Obviously, this was not his partner.

Ah well. What was the point in being unfriendly? Joshua ambled next to the other boy, grinning as he did so. "Quite the show, isn't it? Interesting to see that the deck's pretty stacked against us." Using a giant flesh-eating Noise with lightning and a big spear against underpowered patients? That was just crass.

Most people, unused to life or death situations or being attacked by overwhelming odds, would probably have been horrified that no-one was rushing forward to help fight off the monster and save the two being attacked. But they'd never been in this kind of situation and that kind of naivety was what got people killed. While part of him was horrified, the coolly pragmatic part of him knew that he had no chance of beating the creature and if it managed to eat the girl, then that was one fewer enemy that he had to deal with.

He was a little startled when a young-looking boy spoke to him and Allelujah turned towards Joshua, feigning a little more surprise than he actually felt, making himself look off-guard. "We should move while it's distracted," he said quietly, glancing towards the other side of the railed area and judging how much chance they had of getting there.

Oh come now, like Joshua was going to believe that? Anyone who could look at a flesh-eating creature with lightning going all over the place without flinching wasn't going to be surprised by a normal-looking boy. A fashionable and handsome-looking boy like Joshua was perhaps a bit more surprising, but still, the same principle should hold true.

The offer was a sound and logical one, and yet Joshua had no real reason to do so quite yet. He himself wasn't threatened, and he was learning a lot just by looking around. The person who had been with the blonde, one Joshua had assumed was her partner, seemed to be more inclined to retreat than fight, and everyone else around them seemed equally disinterested to come to her aid. Quite unlike the scene below, where the two-headed demon seemed rather... outmatched. "Mm, perhaps we should," he mused, "though I've nowhere to go at the moment that's more interesting than what I'm seeing now."

Allelujah frowned slightly at the kid's reluctance to leave. Was he suicidal? Becuase Allelujah really didn't want to be around if that thing decided the girl wasn't enough of a meal for it and decided to look for a few more snacks. He kept the majority of his attention on the fight, even while speaking to the boy nearby. "There's plenty of much more helpful stuff up here," he said seriously. "That don't necessarily involve being in the vicinity of a flesh eating monster." He'd encountered enough trouble last night and didn't want to tempt it further.

"Hm, well, flesh-eating is an adjective that doesn't matter too much to me. Any monster that can kill me is one I'd rather avoid." He wasn't a coward, but Joshua didn't like going for life-and-death encounters. Especially not without a trump card or two in play. And perhaps an ace up his sleeve. Or a gun.

Still, after the monster down below stopped howling, Joshua started speaking again with a little grin. "But if you have somewhere to go, I suppose I can tag along. From the looks of it, that girl isn't going to delay the creature for too much longer."

"Being eaten alive is probably less pleasant than dying straight out," Allelujah replied, taking a couple of steps back and away from the monster, ready to run back along the corridor if need be. He wasn't planning on sticking around to find out the truth of his statement.

Tag along? Oh, that he hadn't expected and he heard Hallelujah make an irritated sound, not liking the boy tagging along with them. But he didn't want the kid to get hurt and he did want out of here. "No, I doubt she is," he replied flatly, wondering how badly she'd be injured come morning.

"I wouldn't know, and I'm really not interested in finding out the difference. You can if you want to, though." No, Joshua liked being in one piece, and from the looks of it, staying was not a good way of staying alive. Even with someone like this guy to serve as a buffer.

"And if you're not planning on risking a flesh-eating monster to save her, might I suggest going to our right? At least that's one way I haven't been yet." Technically he hadn't gotten far at all, not with Sync, but it was impossible for Joshua not to lightly nudge people in the way he wanted to go.

"I have better things to do than get eaten," Allelujah replied, starting to back away, keeping his attention on the monster to make sure that it didn't decide to come after them.

A darker look crossed his face for a moment when the boy mentioned saving the blond women, a smirk on his lips. "Now why would I want to save her?" he murmured, barley loud enough to be heard. It meant he wouldn't have to deal with her later if she was eaten. Without saying any more, he began walking off towards the other side of hallway quickly.

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