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Day 36: The Sun Room
oh crap, I hate my whole life
ellectriclights wrote in damned
For the first time since arriving at Landel's, Elle woke up feeling... almost peaceful. She lay in bed for several minutes, adjusting to certain things. Mostly the fact that her left arm was in a sling. And her shoulder didn't hurt as much as she would have expected it to, which probably meant she was on meds.

She got out of bed slowly, and made her way to the desk. Her journal was still in the top drawer, lying closed on top of the files she'd stolen. She grabbed it, along with a pen and a rubber band - not easy, one-handed - and allowed herself to be escorted to the Sun Room by a nurse.

The Head Doctor's words intrigued her. Visitors? Friends and family from back home? Despite the sudden ray of hope, she had to admit the unlikelihood of seeing Daddy. Either he'd put her here for a reason, and so would have no need to visit, or he couldn't get here at all.

It took a very long time to figure out how to hold her journal open and write at the same time. Through trial and error, she discovered that using her left hand to hold the journal didn't hurt too much.

This was probably a really bad idea. But if Daddy had really put her in here to kill Sylar as some kind of test, he wouldn't have given Sylar the virus. And if it came to having Sylar as a friend or as an enemy, she'd rather have him standing between her and the monsters than in a nearby corner laughing while she got ripped apart.

[for Eddie]

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[for Allelujah]

Somehow he'd kept the hope that in the morning everything would be back to how it had all been, that it would all evaporate like a bad dream in the light of dawn. The doctor's claims, Clow's presence, whatever strange drug he'd been given - all of it. But then he opened his eyes and felt a wavering uncertainty as to just who "he" was; even without the drugged haze clouding his mind, the solid boundary that had once kept his false form entirely separate from his true self had not returned.

And Clow had still abandoned him. And not just abandoned him, left him crippled and bound at the hands of sadistic torturers for unknown reasons.

As he had the night before when faced with that certainty, Yue abruptly retreated as far as he could into himself, trying to become as still and silent as possible in semblance of the sleep that now eluded him. Left alone once more, Yukito did his best to deal with being in a form that was almost but not quite like his own self, while at the same time trying to maintain the uneasy balance within their mind.

When given a choice of where to go Yukito immediately opted for the Sun Room, and once there lowered himself somewhat awkwardly onto one of the couches, curling up a little against the cushions. He'd been feeling somewhat lost the day before, but now he was so much more so - lost, confused, despairing, desperately homesick, and not entirely certain which of those emotions actually belonged to him.

Allelujah was a little surprised by how insistent the nurse seemed about getting him to go to the chapel, saying that his family would be sad if he didn't keep up with his spiritual well-being. It just made him rather more determined to not go there if he could help it, and eventually the woman relented, leading him into the Sun Room instead.

He stifled a snarl of displeasure at what that bitch woman was posting. Even if it was untrue, it was quite obviously a threat of some kind. But he kept his expression bland and polite, not giving away any signs of his irritation. We'll get her eventually. You're the one who always says to be patient.

Mmmm, that was true. Patience and he was sure he could do something.

He found the seat rapidly filling up, so went over to the closest one, next to a young looking man who looked rather lost. Allelujah could sympathise. "Do you mind if I sit here?" he asked quietly.

Yukito glanced up as he was addressed, mildly startled, and lifted a hand to brush the fall of silvery hair from his face as he blinked at the new arrival. How Yue dealt with all this, he wasn't sure braid it if it's in the way but he just nodded and forced the friendliest smile he could. "No, I don't mind."

He slid over a little to allow the young man some more room, his movements still a little uncertain and slightly jerky, with none of his usual assurance or Yue's grace. That moment's silence he used to resolutely push his own troubles away, unwilling to burden a stranger with them, and when he looked back up again the smile was a little more genuine. "I'm Tsukishiro Yukito. Nice to meet you."

That was quite possibly the longest hair that Allelujah had ever seen on anyone, let alone another man. Wasn't it awkward to deal with? It would get into his eyes or possibly, at that length, be tripped over and he seemed to be having some trouble already.

He smiled and sat down in the offered seat comfortably. "I'm called Allelujah Haptism," he said, returning the smile. "Pleased to meet you too." He bit his lip for a moment, unsure of what else to say. He wasn't used to making conversation like this. "Are you alright?" he asked finally. "You seem to be having a little trouble..."

'A little trouble' was somewhat of an understatement, but Yukito didn't want to trouble anyone, much less a total stranger, with his own problems As well, Yue didn't particularly want to talk to anyone at all right now, and it was difficult not to let his other half influence him, try as he might to hold himself separate. So instead, he just laughed a little and pretended to misunderstand the question.

"Oh, the hair? Yes, it's a bit long." It should be longer, as it was when I was created. Yukito blinked once, wondering if he would ever manage to be accustomed to unexpected thoughts drifting into his mind like that. It left him distracted enough that he added, "I'm just not quite used to it yet."

"It's very long," Allelujah replied, eying it with some curiosity. "I don't think I've ever met anyone with hair that long before." Although Miss Sumeragi's hair was pretty long, he had to admit. And wait... not used to it yet?

"How can you not be used to it yet?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, it really...ah. Well." Yukito pulled the fall of hair forward, finger-combing through the long white strands before carefully dividing it into three sections. Concentrating on that gave him a moment to think of just how to answer when he hadn't meant to say that to begin with.

He'd braided things before, but certainly never his own hair. At the same time, though, a faint ghost memory lingered of doing just that; if he didn't think about it, his hands seemed to know how to twist the sections properly into a braid.

Yukito kept his gaze focused downward, watching his hands as he worked. "Some...things happened last night," he replied, a little hesitantly.

Allelujah remained silent, watching the other man braid his hair, allowing him time to concentrate on the task since he seemed so unused to it. That raised a whole set of questions on its own, but Allelujah wasn't about to pry considering it was someone he'd never met before. Admittedly, he was good about not prying even when it was people he lived and worked with. Members of Celestial Being very rarely spoke of their histories and he didn't even know the real names of the other Meisters. Just their code-names.

"Things?" Allelujah asked, frowning in thought at some of the things that he'd seen on the bulletin. "The experiments," he said quietly, shuddering at the thought. He knew those all too well.

Yukito froze involuntarily for a moment, as the word brought to mind memories of the night before, both his and not: the dizzying sickness, the disorientation and confusion, and all the while the painfully familiar presence giving silent consent as the "doctor" worked. So caught up was he that he didn't even notice the other's reaction; he was too busy keeping himself still and his breathing even and mostly succeeding.

Thus agitated from his self-imposed isolation, Yue lifted his head to regard their new acquaintance with eyes slightly narrowed. "They are a common thing?" Though he had heard warnings about such things before, it had been entirely different to experience such and realize just what it involved.

Apparently he'd been right. Considering the way that the man was reacting to just the mention of it, it seemed the most logical conclusion, although Allelujah couldn't help but feel a bit guilty for making the man look like he was now. He looked sick and scared, something that Allelujah could understand well.

He shrugged in response. "I don't know about here, although they've been mentioned. But in facilities like these, they tend to be the primary focus of the place." He was surprised that they even bothered with the daytime facade.

"I'd never encountered a place like this before arriving here." As he spoke Yue gently pushed Yukito aside for now, resuming control over what was his. As he did his expression lost Yukito's friendliness and settled into cold neutrality; his movements as he finished the braid were far less clumsy and carried the assurance of practice.

He flicked the finished plait back over his shoulder and frowned slightly at Allelujah. This man, however, seemed entirely familiar with "facilities like these," and that fact was rather less than reassuring.

Most people hadn't. "I knew of one, in my own world," Allelujah replied quietly. "Not with monsters," he admitted. "But they experimented on people, on children, before they were destroyed." Before he'd murdered his comrades. He could remember them calling out to him, begging him to stop, to help them, and he'd just kept on firing.

He scrutinised the man for a moment, noticing the changes in inflection and gesture between now and a moment ago. Something that he could recognise all too easily. "There's two of you," he said bluntly.

The description Allelujah gave did little to reassure the now-wary guardian - a facility that experimented on children? It might have been destroyed, as he said, but the way he spoke of the place said that he knew it well. Had he been in there, and in what capacity?

At the uncomfortably accurate statement, though, Yue was abruptly distracted from his wariness. He stiffened slightly, folding his arms across his chest as he glanced away. "Why do you say that?" he asked, in a voice flat enough that it almost wasn't a question, while pretending that the far wall of the room was highly fascinating.

Allelujah didn't reply for a moment, just watched the man. The way he acted in response to his statement pretty much confirmed that he was correct in his suspicion.

"You both behave too differently," he replied quietly. "You sound different to the first one I was speaking to, your inflections and your tone. And your movements are different as well."

Yue's gaze slid sidelong toward Allelujah as his frown deepened slightly. "And you're familiar with this, as well?" Suspicion made his tone even harsher than normal, left him quite obviously tense.

Was it possible the man was allied with this place? That he knew of things like that which had been done to him?

Within, Yukito's disapproval was clear; he wanted to give Allelujah the benefit of the doubt, believe that he was a victim as well. His false self was always far too kind, though, and he ignored the other's prodding.

Allelujah remained impassive as Yue looked at him, understanding the suspicion in his voice. If it was something that he kept secret, then who could blame him? He'd be worried if strangers managed to pick out Hallelujah's presence so easily. Hallelujah just found it amusing.

"I... I recognise the signs," Allelujah replied finally.

There was no sign of magic or powers about the young man; Yue was fairly certain that, even with his dulled senses, he'd have been able to tell that by now. Of course, it had been adequately proven to him that in this place one hardly needed magic to be dangerous.

He regarded Allelujah in silence for a moment, until he just couldn't hold the question in any longer. "Are you one of them, then?"

Allelujah's expression changed to one of surprise at the question, and he gave Yue a baffled look. "One of who?" he asked, not certain what the other man could be speaking of in such a context. Hallelujah was paying more attention now, regarding Yue as a possible threat and the last thing that Allelujah wanted was to gain the attention of a nurse.

"One of those who did this." Though Allelujah's look of surprise seemed genuine enough, Yue was still suspicious of one who seemed to know so much about these sorts of things. He rather doubted the man was an immediate threat, not in the middle of the day, but if one of the doctor's associates was here...

He could feel an exasperated sigh from Yukito, but stubbornly ignored it, instead adding, "You do seem quite familiar with these things."

Allelujah's shock was obvious and the question stung, hurt, because he would never do that to anyone, never, not after what he'd been through and what he'd done. He forced down a wave of nausea at the very though and-

I'm going to kill him.

No! Hallelujah don't! He's not done anything.

It took an effort of will to force Hallelujah to subside enough to make Allelujah certain of his control, although he could feel the seething anger inside him from his other half.

He took a deep breath before turning his attention back to Yue, his eyes narrowed. "I grew up in a laboratory, at the mercy of people like this and their experiments," he hissed, leaning closer. "I would never hurt someone that way."

Yue's own eyes widened in surprise at Allelujah's reaction, before he managed to assume his normal impassive mask once more. So he'd been wrong. Very wrong.

I told you, didn't I?

Though he didn't respond in words, the guardian breathed out a faint sigh and looked away again, his shoulders unconsciously twitching in a gesture that would have curved his wings about himself. Even though they'd been missing for days, he could still almost feel them, feathers slicked down in the sudden shame he wouldn't admit.

"It is difficult to know who to trust," he finally said, voice quiet and almost humble. It was the closest thing he could manage to an apology.

Allelujah's anger slowly faded when he saw the awkwardness of Yue's movements, as though he was embarrassed. Hallelujah was still suspicious, but what was new there? Paranoia had saved them more than enough times to give it some weight. At least he'd know who to go after if the information spread. But he had to trust some people at least.

You don't need to trust anyone. We're fine on our own.

He amiled weakly at Yue when he spoke, ducking his head to acknowledge the apology. "I know. I know that very well."

With a combination of embarrassment and reassurance that there wasn't an immediate threat, Yue pulled back again into a corner of their shared mind, wanting to return to his own thoughts. Allelujah had already guessed that there were two of them present, so allowing his other self to regain control would hardly be giving anything away at this point.

Yukito blinked a couple of times when he felt himself pushed to the forefront; Yue might mean well, but it was still disorienting to experience. "Ah. I apologize on his behalf," he said, offering a somewhat kinder smile than the guardian would have managed. "He's...well. Often grumpy. But normally not that bad." His own distress he hid behind a smile, as he had always done.

The change was a little unexpected, but at least this personality seemed to be rather more friendly and agreeable than the other one. Not to mention easier to deal with. Whatever I do is the same as you doing it, you realise?

Yes. He did realise thanks.

He smiled back at Yukito, brighter this time. "I have some experience," he admitted. At least he hadn't tried to kill Allelujah as a threat.

"I really am sorry." Yukito's smile wavered slightly as he reached up to tuck some of the fall of bangs behind his ears, his gaze dropping to his lap. "Not just for what he said, but - nobody should have to go through that."

If Allelujah really had grown up in a place like that, then what Yue had said was just as cruel as the doctor's words, and it just wasn't fair or right. No more so than being subjected to that kind of treatment in the first place.

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