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Day 36: Game Room
scintillatingly wrote in damned
Normally, Sora would have liked the chance to get outside and bask in the fresh air, but seeing how he had gotten that chance yesterday, he figured he should consider his other options more carefully. It had been some time since he had gotten to take it easy in the Game Room, and since he still wasn't one-hundred percent healed after that monster attack two nights ago, finding a comfortable place to sit sounded good to him.

Of course, the first thing he did upon being led there was dig up one of those Game Boys. Even though he knew that he could have been doing something more productive with his time, he figured he was allowed to relax every now and then. He had to make the best of this situation, after all, and so if there was an opportunity to have some fun, he was going to take it!

Once he found one of the Game Boys, Sora headed for one of the couches, glancing around the empty room with a small sigh as he sat himself down. He hoped that some other people showed up soon! Games were fun, but not if he was just sitting and playing one on his own like this.

[Free! Come and get him.]

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Well, after his conversation with Badou, Allelujah really just wanted somewhere he could sit and be quiet and not have to deal with anyone quite so loud. Especially people who hallelujah hadn't already threatened. He chose a room that he hadn't see before, the Game Room, hoping that he could occupy himself with cards or something. Lockon had taught him a few games of solitaire, and it tended to distract him enough when he needed it.

He was glad to find that the room in question was nearly empty, and all of them seemed occupied although the young boy being molested by the two much older men seemed decidedly strange, perhaps he should say something to a nurse?, and Allelujah quickly found a pack of cards and a table and began to play.

[For Joshua]

Of course, the chances of someone being left unmolested was based on the idea that no one particularly wanted to speak with Allelujah. That was a flimsy idea at best, especially since he'd drawn Joshua's attention. That was why, after a leisurely brunch spent on his own, Joshua simply asked a nurse where his friend was, and was soon lead right to the man. It was really brilliantly simple, when one thought about it; for little things like that, it was always best to play by the rules. Made the time when they were broken that much more dramatic.

Joshua soon sat down opposite of Allelujah, grinning as he did so. This was no Tin Pin Slammers, but it still made a convenient pretext. "What are you playing?"

Well, apart from Homura, Allelujah hadn't really made himself conspicuous to anyone. He hadn't expected one boy from last night to find him so interesting. He was boring, really.

Allelujah glanced over when Joshua sat down, smiling a little in greeting, but quickly turning his attention back to the cards. It wasn't anything special, just a simple game of klondike. "Solitaire," he replied, flipping over three cards from the pile. "Someone I work with taught me how to play."

"I see. Seems simple enough." He hadn't been much of a card fan in his own world- he really was a child of the modern age- but it really was a simple game. Match the cards in numerical order of opposing suits, and try to get from ace to king of each suit in its own stack. Simple, but with those hidden cards, could be played again and again. Interesting. Boring to play more than once, but interesting to watch.

"...also, I was just telling someone else that it's odd how few people seem to want to give their names to me. Have you noticed that?"

"It passes the time," Allelujah said with a little shrug. There had been a lot of time to kill before they'd begun their interventions after all, and even between missions. The Ptolemaios was built to be a functional ship and didn't have much room for entertainment facilities.

He looked up at Joshua, blinking at him for a moment before turning his attention back to the cards. "You never asked what I was called," he replied, as though that explained everything. And after Badou's response to his name, he wasn't certain he wanted to tell anyone else what it was.

"Mmmmm, I suppose that's true enough," Joshua hummed out, putting his hand to his chin as though considering the statement carefully. It was true that he hadn't asked, but normally he didn't need to. Perhaps this young man was more reserved than the norm? Well, in either case, only one way to find out. "Then what are you called?"

...and he couldn't help it, he had to see if Allelujah reacted the way most people did when they were interfered with. "That black four can go on that five there."

For someone who was used to hiding their identity, it wasn't exactly commonplace for him to offer his own name without being asked first. "Allelujah," he replied, looking up at the kid. "You?"

He didn't seem to care when Joshua pointed out a move, just put the card in place and continued his game. It wasn't something that was worth grumbling about at all.

"Everyone calls me Joshua," he answered with a grin and a little giggle, as though he found the response quite amusing. He always wondered why some people wouldn't give their names unless directly asked, while some others couldn't wait to throw their names around. Perhaps there was a reason for him hiding his name for the start, or perhaps he just wasn't the friendliest person around. Sometimes it was hard to tell.

Yet he was obviously a quiet sort of individual, someone who hid his emotions fairly well at least during the daylight hours. Not too bad, though it could lead to some aggravation later on if Joshua was in a more talkative mood. So, as he continued his studied intrusion into the game by moving one stack around and flipping over the card beneath it, he idly said, "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind coming with me tonight, by the way. We never did get to where you were planning to take me."

Everyone called him that? Which suggested that it wasn't his real name. Allelujah would have to bear that in mind for future reference. It wasn't as though this boy had been quick to give his name either. He hadn't said anything last night or even now until Allelujah had asked.

Allelujah leaned back in his seat, watching impassively as Joshua played with the cards, flipping one over so that he could check what was beneath. "The point is to not know what you're getting until it happens," he said dryly, but didn't try to stop him. He looked a little surprised, and then wary when Joshua asked to come with him that night, not certain that it was a good idea. "I have something that I need to do first thing," he said with a shrug. "But afterwards I can."

"Mm? I thought that you could do that if you moved the stack around. Am I wrong?" And though he had made it look completely accidental, Joshua had in fact moved the stack to a legal move- somehow, anyway.

As for the statement? Joshua sighed and shrugged, as though admitting the incomprehensible fact that someone might, in fact, want to do something else and not drop everything immediately at his request. Though, honestly, people got more things done when he was around. It was quite amusing to see. "Well then, if you happen to run into me after that, I suppose we can travel together."

Allelujah frowned as Joshua moved the stack, peering over at it. Huh. It was a legal move after all. "You can," he admitted. So he knew the game. Which meant that he was just playing at ignorance. Hm, something to remember.

Allelujah managed to get plenty done on his own, thank you very much. He had the only partner that he needed after all and he felt Hallelujah smirk in the back of his mind at the thought, smug satisfaction at being acknowledged. "If we run into each other," he agreed.

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