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Day 36: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom's jingle rang out and the somewhat uninhibited movement that was going on between the main activity rooms halted as the Head Doctor made one of his usual announcements.

"Good evening everyone, and I'm very pleased to see so many of you in such high spirits after meeting with your loved ones! However, like with all good things, it can't last forever, so I ask now for nurses to escort our patients in the waiting rooms and in the main areas back to their rooms, where they will be treated with a special Sunday... steak! That's right: today, we'll be serving juicy, delicious steak with fries and cooked vegetables on the side – simple enough for everyone to like and good enough for everyone to thoroughly enjoy! (Our patients with specialized diets will receive their alternate meals, of course.) Our usual beverages are available, and for dessert, we'll be serving warm slices of apple pie.

"After all, patients, t's always wonderful to see all of you cooperating with the staff even when given so much freedom, so I'd like to personally thank and congratulate all of you for helping us, your family, and more importantly, yourselves. Hopefully, we can help you to a speedy recovery so that you can see your loved ones more often, but first... dinner! I hope to speak with you all again soon."

The intercom clicked off.

[ All room threads go in response to this post; please post your character's room number as the subject line of the initial post. Thank you!

On an added note, just wanted to clarify to players of characters who are canonly vegetarians and the like that you get to decide (within reasonable and realistic limits) what kind of diet your character gets from the staff. :3 ]

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Allelujah was a little disappointed when the nurses carted him away from Brooklyn before he could find out how to play the card game. The nurse insisted on grabbing his arm again, looking shocked as usual when he pulled away from her. Why didn't she seem to get the idea that he hated being touched Especially by medical staff. Ugh, he obviously wasn't having a good day today, considering the state that his temper was in.

He was eager to check on the state of the smoke bombs, but held off for now and started on his meal, not wanting a nurse to catch him with them when they brought Fai to the room. That would probably make them search the room and there was too much that he could lose. He was a little baffled that everything was still there. It wasn't exactly inconspicuous. It gave him the unsettling feeling that they were allowing him to keep them because they didn't think it would do any good. That was not a good thought.

His meeting with Ashura had left him shaken. Though he might have wanted to simply break down, his body wouldn't comply, and simply sat in the chair like a broken doll as the nurses wheeled him down the hallway and back to his room. He had to have help to get into bed and the nurse placed a tray on his lap with some food and even helped cut the meat into pieces before she left, but Yuuhi had no appetite for it.

When the door closed, it took an effort to smile over at his roommate before he went back to pushing the food around on his plate with his fork.

Allelujah turned to smile at his roommate when the door opened, but it faltered and faded when he saw the nurses with Fai and the state that the other man was in. He looked empty... broke. Allelujah had seen enough broken humans in his time at the Facility to know what it looked like. People who'd lost any will to continue.

He didn't move, didn't speak until the staff had gone and after a moment's thought, moved Fai's chair beneath the handle of the door. It wouldn't stop the nurses getting in, but it would give him some warning if someone came by. He went to sit back down, facing Fai awkwardly. "What happened?"

He heard the door shut, knew that they'd gone, but it didn't change anything. He fiddled around with the peas and carrots, though none of them went in his mouth.

"Hmm?" he looked up when Allie spoke to him, meeting eyes for a moment before he looked back down. "Ah, Sorry Allie," he apologized, "I guess I'm just tired."

He was speaking at least, was responding to outside stimuli. Allelujah drew one knee up to his chest, curling his arm around it and regarding Fai with concern. "What did they do to you?" he said, voice quiet but firm. Wary of the answer and expecting the worst. He wasn't about to be fooled by claims of tiredness, not when he was so familiar with the situation.

"Nothing," he smiled, forcing the expression and finally taking a bite, trying to make the gesture convincing.

"I was just outside and got a little worn out," he lied, taking a guess and hoping Allie hadn't been outside to know that it was false. "How was your day?"

Allelujah didn't believe him. Tired din't leave that sort of blankness in someone's expression. But if he wanted to lie, then was it really Allelujah's place to force him to tell? Certainly Allelujah hadn't been honest with him entirely. Finally he just nodded, not willing to pry too much just yet.

"It was... interesting," he said, frowning slightly at the thought as he went to retrieve the tray of the smoke bombs that he'd prepared the previous night. They were dry now, hard little balls of chemicals. "Had some interesting conversations." He paused, looking down at the bombs. "Would you like some of these?" he asked after a moment. Fai had helped after all. "I promised to give some to Homura, but there's enough if you'd like some, and I can make more."

Ashura was going to start hurting other people again, was probably doing so right now and there was nothing he could do to stop him. He didn't know the girl, but he didn't need her to know to feel sick and so horribly helpless. She would die and he, he would stay here, unable to keep that curse from spreading.

For the time being, he tried to keep his focus, tried to keep pretending that everything was alright. It took a moment for his eyes to focus on the items that Allelujah was offering him, but turned to look up at the boy, "Are you sure?" He didn't think he'd use them personally, but it would probably be helpful to the girls at least.

Allelujah nodded, not missing the way that it was taking Fai too long to reply to questions, too long to focus on what was being said. That wasn't a good sign. Being firm in belief was important in these places. "I'm sure," he replied, picking out a few of the smoke bombs and going to set them at Fai's side on the bed. "You light the fuse and then when it burns down, it should create some thick white smoke. Enough to blind people or monsters for a while at least. I'm afraid I don't have any matches though," he said with a little embarrassed shrug.

Yuuhi nodded to show he understood, and set his fork down so that he could pick one of the bombs up and look it over, glad for something else to do.

"Thank you, I'm sure they'll be helpful," he assured Allelujah as he set it down, trying to figure out how he might carry it. He was supposed to meet them tonight, wasn't he? Orihime's room or Ururu's, or... he couldn't quite recall, but he knew where the girl's rooms were, so it couldn't be that difficult. If they had to run away again, something like that would no doubt be helpful.

Allelujah gathered up the rest of them, making a little pouch out of one of the ruined shirts that he'd saved and wrapped them up carefully so that they'd be easier to carry to Homura's room. Once that was done, he reached under the bed and grabbed the flasks of acid that he hadn't used last night. Might as well take them tonight in case he ran into something, especially since that Joshua kid was mostly unarmed.

"If I find some matches, I'll give you some," he said with a smile. "I hope they prove useful to you. Are you going outside tonight?"

Since there were only a few of them, maybe it would be easier to simply carry them. He wasn't sure he had enough strength to tear up the sheets or the pillowcases to make a bag for the little bombs.

"You're too kind Allie," Yuuhi said in return, unsure of how he'd be able to repay the boy. When he asked about his plans for the night though, that was where things might become problematic, he realized.

"Ah... I promised I'd meet some friends, but I don't think we'll be going anywhere too far."

"It's nothing," Allelujah replied with a little smile. "They're easy enough to make and if they help then I'm glad." He knew how to make weapons out of a lot of things you'd find in a hospital. Too much time to think things over from before, after all. And Fai had been kind to him.

He wasn't certain that he quite believed Fai when he said that he wasn't going far, but again, prying seemed like a bad idea. "Be careful," he said softly.

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