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Nightshift 36: M91-M100 Hallway
Adorable Landel's Shirt Alle
tender_cruelty wrote in damned
Allelujah quickly gathered up his things once he heard the intercom announcement, wanting to get going quickly. Homura was a busy person, it seemed, and he didn't want to hold him up for something so unimportant, not when he probably had things to be doing for the History Club. He picked up the little bag that held the smoke bombs, as well as a couple of scalpels and pipettes and his torch, as well as the flasks of acid. The flashlight he tied around his waist. he could remember the corridors around the dormitory blocks well enough by now to not need the light.

He smiled at Fai and gave a little wave to him. "Be careful," he said again, hoping that his roommate would be alright. Or as alright as it was possible to be in such a terrible place. With that, he slipped out into the darkness of the corridor.

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It had gone to the point where Sync didn't even bother looking at his roommate anymore, much less acknowledge that the latter even existed. To be honest, he probably wouldn't even notice if Haseo disappeared if there wasn't someone there to immediately replace him. In the end it didn't really matter, but if he were to be replaced then anything was an improvement at this point.

Unfortunately the God-General hadn't been able to check the bulletin board that day, which meant that he hadn't really thought about what to do that night. Sync thought about going off to harass Guy and Claude again, but maybe it'd be best to save that for another time. He was half-tempted to finally check out what was over that wall, but there were still huge gaps in the institute that he'd yet to explore. In the end he merely shrugged, deciding to just wander around and see where that gets him.

Sync finished his dinner rather quickly before preparing his gear, slipping his notebook into the waistband of his pants and grabbed his flashlight before making his way out into the dark hallway once the doors unlocked. He didn't bother to pay any attention to what was behind him, already heading towards the set of doors that led to the next hallway.

((From the previous thread.))

...oh right. His partner was insanely, incredibly fast. Not that Joshua normally minded, but this was going to be a pain. "Sync!" Joshua called out as he started trotting down the hallway, certain that he was going to catch his partner if he had to do it bodily. Honestly, though, even Neku hadn't required this much work.

As it was, Joshua lightly jogged- he wouldn't sweat even for his partner- after the oddly spiky shock of green hair, moving as fast as he needed to in order to catch up. And thank goodness there weren't any creatures or things running around, otherwise Joshua would have attracted all of their attention. ...wait, did he just think of them as 'creatures' and not as 'Noise'? Yes, so he had. Alas... 'Noise' were so much more elegant creatures than what the Institute threw at them.

And there it was.

Sync was hoping he could get out of the hallway fast enough, but that obviously wasn't the case when he heard someone call out his name. It was easy to figure out the culprit considering where he was and how he'd only talked to a handful of people, but it wasn't like he was all that happy about this predicament.

Yet the God-General slowed to a stop anyway, seeing as there was no real reason for him to try and avoid the other teen. It wasn't like he couldn't ditch him later on in the night anyway.

"Don't go too fast now. We have all night you know," Sync sarcastically pointed out when he noticed how long it took for Joshua to catch up.

"Why yes, so we do," Joshua said as he slowed to a stop at Sync's side, smiling a little as he did so. Obviously his partner was oh so happy to see him again, but Joshua didn't care about that little detail. Especially considering that he was the wronged party. Being ditched by his own partner... well, this not being a Game explained a lot, didn't it?

"But there are a few things I'd like to try, if you don't mind. I did a little bit of thinking last night... I think there's an option or two that you might like. Shouldn't take too long, either." He sure hoped Sync listened to him, as well; the last thing he wanted was to drag his partner kicking and screaming to the next idea. Not that Sync was really his 'partner,' but he had to admit... Joshua had a soft side for surly emo kids with spiky hair. Perhaps it was nostalgia after his encounter with Neku?

Sync fought the urge to roll his eyes when Joshua proposed his vague idea, not exactly convinced about the entire thing. Fortunately for the other teen the God-General's entire night was pretty much free, and so he was up for pretty much anything. Of course, he expected for Joshua to elaborate when the time came, but for now he might as well go along with what the latter was dishing up.

"I don't see why not. After all, if I'm already wasting my time by talking to you then I might as well waste some more by following you around."

He gave a slight grin.

"Well then, lead the way."

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Allelujah walked back into the corridor, preoccupied with his own thoughts and not paying much attention to his surroundings. Hallelujah would mention if anything was awry after all. He wouldn't let them get hurt just because Allelujah was distracted.

Oh ho, his partner was willing to go along with his plan based just on Joshua's vague hints? Wonderful! Joshua didn't want to get into details if he could help it, but right now, it didn't look like that would be a problem. Joshua grinned back as Sync indicated for him to lead the way, and he turned... only to be confronted with someone coming down the hallway. Importantly, just the person he'd been waiting for.

Joshua smoothly walked right in front of Allelujah, grinning and putting his hands on his hips. "Oh, there you are! I thought I'd have to wait for you... well, are you ready to go?" He certainly hoped so. Allelujah was the person who knew the way to the patient's possession room, and so it was he who'd have to lead the way.

Oh, wait, he had to introduce people. Looking over his shoulder, he said, "Sync, this is Allelujah. Allelujah, Sync. I'm sure both of you will enjoy each other's company."

While it wasn't hard to spot another figure approaching them, Sync merely watched as Joshua walked up to the other patient to greet them. The idea of having to endure the company of another person was almost enough to make him groan, or at least, until he realized how familiar he looked. It took him a moment to recognize him seeing as that it'd been a good distance away, but the God-General was certain that this had been the same person he saw with Ion the other day.

Sync merely gave Joshua an uninterested look, but he nodded nonetheless to their new party member. He doubted Ion would be stupid enough to blather about him to complete strangers, but idiocy wasn't always the most predictable thing out there.

"I'm sure we will."

Allelujah blinked when Joshua stepped into his path, not having expected to actually find the boy. Well, he supposed he must have his room in the same corridor. That was something to remember. He was glad that Joshua hadn't seen him leaving his room at least, or going back into it. He didn't quite trust Joshua enough to be comfortable with him knowing that much. It was paranoid, he knew, but paranoia kept him alive.

"I'm ready," he replied quietly, before glancing over at the person indicated by Joshua. His visible eye widened slightly at the sight of him, but he held his tongue. He looked like Ion, but his hair seemed shorter and his face harder... crueller. A twin perhaps? Or... Well, they'd see. He nodded in greeting.

"Well, now that we've all been introduced... it's time to be on our way. I don't think any of us want to waste time here." Which was an intensely obvious desire that he got from the other two men as well as from himself. There was no point in just waiting in a hallway when there was plenty of time to do socializing during the day. ...and during the night, if someone knew how to properly multi-task. It was just a shame that so few people did.

...not that either of his companions were tremendously personable, but Joshua would make do with what fate doled out for him. So he motioned for the others to follow him as he started leading the way. From his confident, almost jaunty step, it was as though he knew exactly where he was going.

...what was odd was the fact that both people seemed to show a little more interest in each other than they did for most other people they were just introduced to. That was a bit odd, and Joshua filed that away for further questioning. Ah, perhaps there was something here actually worth his time to find out!

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