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Day 39 - Breakfast
overdoingit wrote in damned
Ah, that was right. He should roll up-- Huh?

Cross blinked his eyes open to stare up at the ceiling, then sat up quickly. That was odd. Hadn't he just been in the hallway? This was the second time he'd woken in a room like this and it was baffling. He didn't even recall anything that would cause him to fall unconscious again. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he took a moment to scratch his head and try to put together pieces of a puzzle that had no intention of fitting.

This was ridiculous.

He wasn't allowed much more time before a boisterous woman arrived saying something about breakfast. Too surprised to put up much of an argument, Cross allowed her to lead him out of the room to a familiar and yet unfamiliar hallway. This wasn't the same room he'd been in the night before.

Trying to ask what was going on proved to be fruitless, and he decided to just take the food he was served and sit down. There had to be someone around here who knew something. And what had happened to Ryuuzaki?


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The night had been somewhat unsettling. Noises in the hall, more of that crackling sound and voices coming from the box-in-the-wall, and the unfamiliarity of the situation in general had kept the Scarecrow from venturing from the room. Was he even allowed to leave? Kaiji hadn't said anything about not being able to leave, but then again, he really hadn't asked his roommate about the terms of his imprisonment.

To top it off, he'd not really felt that much time passing. There seemed to be another gap in his memory- one minute, he felt fine, then everything got a little strange, and then he was in bed again and a woman in a white outfit was over him, calling him some name and talking about his condition and breakfast. The Scarecrow rubbed his head as he was led (a bit awkwardly, as he was still a lousy walker) to the "Cafeteria," knowing he had to find his brains before he had another one of those forgetful moments. What if he forgot who he was entirely? It hadn't happened yet, but the thought had never really crossed his mind before. This could turn into a very sticky situation indeed.

The nurse picked some food for him and led him to an empty seat, still chatting cheerfully- Scarecrow tried to pay attention to what she was saying, but he was far too absorbed in his thoughts, and only thought to ask her a question once she'd wandered away. He frowned and turned his attention to the food before him, picking up some sort of a flat something with little squares hollowed into it. Smells were still strange.


(No fail here, I hope. ^^;; )

When Takaya woke that morning, it was to confusion. It had been a while since he'd been so utterly lost that he just lay there for a moment. He'd been livid about ... crap. That meant that Kagetora had to have taken over. Shit, shit, double shit. That part of his mind was silent for now though, so perhaps he could get through a meal without too much trouble.

The nurse came to get him, with only one orderly in tow (a shock) and he was left to fend for himself. Apparently, other people were fighting (another shock). Getting some waffles and the potatos for himself, he went to sit at a table across from an older man who looked like he spent too much time outside.

He grunted a greeting and sat down, not caring if he was being rude or not.

[Not at all! :D]

"Oh, hello!" the Scarecrow said a little loudly. He was going to have to learn to not greet everyone with an exclamation of joy, but he was glad for the company. The flat something with the squares wasn't very interesting, and he felt a little strange in this room with so many unfamiliar people. He had no idea where Kaiji had gone, but making new acquaintances couldn't hurt.

"I'm, uh..." Hm. What was it that nurse said his name was? Well, not his name but his other name. Kaiji had said they would call him something else, and he'd been right about that. Surely he was right about the rest of what he'd said, as well.

Oh right, his name! It was Hank, right? That sounded right. Or maybe it was Hunk. Something like that. Having two names and no brains was terribly confusing. He decided to stick with what he knew, for now. "I'm the Scarecrow, and I'm a new to this place," he said with a smile, returning the waffle to his plate. "How do you do?"

Takaya blinked and looked up at the loud man with a frown. "Uh... Hi. Scarecrow." Oookay. That was a new one.

"I'm Takaya." He gave the man a once over. "Anyone told you what's going on yet?" He hated doing this, but Takaya didn't like it when people just blindly wandered around. Besides, this guy probably had already gotten the lecture.

"Well, it's nice to meet you," he said, still smiling. He tried to remember all his roommate had said the night before: "This man named Kaiji told me that this is some sort of an institute where a wizard named Landel reigns. He tries to tell us we aren't who we think we are, and he's dangerous at night, or something of that nature. I don't know much aside from that, unfortunately. I was kidnapped just last night." He scratched at a weird nagging feeling on his head. He must have been trying too hard to think.

"Tell me," he said a little quieter, "How long have you been here? I don't remember being kidnapped, but I've got very important things I must do, as well as something I absolutely have to find. I can't think without it. If I can't think, I can't figure out a way out of here, you see?"

Takaya blinked again. Was the guy for real? "Uh... I've been here a while." How long had it been anyway? Time kind of ran together after a while. "About a month I think."

He was going to regret asking this but... "What did you lose?"

[Sorry for the delay in response! D:]

"A month is a long time to be here," said the Scarecrow solemnly. He couldn't imagine being here for a whole month. If this Landel could kidnap so many people and still keep his identity hidden, he must be very powerful. Imagine how much he could do in another month! And what would the people of the Emerald City do until the king returned? Wait, that wasn't hard to figure out. They'd do the same thing they did every day, probably- not work a lick. They'll probably be fine without me, honestly he thought. I need to find out why this wizard kidnapped me. At least he's not the Wicked Witch. My friends should be okay, I think.

He remembered he was in the middle of a conversation. He really needed to stop trying to think so much.

"Well, I lost my diploma," he continued, wondering if he should be divulging the fact that he'd lost the ability to think to someone he met moments ago; however, he felt he could probably trust this guy- after all, he'd been kidnapped, too. "It's my doctorate in Thinkology. I keep it with me at all times so I can think straight, but I seem to have lost it ever since I got here." He rubbed his arm. "I really should have asked that woman I met this morning if she'd seen it, but I didn't think about it, of course. I'll bet everyone here has lost something. Surely I'm not the only one."

Hm, another question. "How about you? You lose anything? Or know why you were kidnapped?"

Takaya had to take a moment to think about that. The guy had lost his .... what now? "Uh, okay. Look, don't take this the wrong way, but you seem to be thinking fine right now."

Shit. Was this one of the actual crazy people here? Takaya couldn't really point fingers, but still... This was fucked up.

"Lots of us have lost stuff," he said. "And nobody really knows why the hell we were kidnapped. Fuck, most of the people here are just wandering around aimlessly."

"Thinking just fine?" the Scarecrow muttered aloud to himself. That couldn't be right. Or maybe it was- maybe something about this place and the enchantment on him gave him the capacity to think without his brains. Incredible! "I suppose I might be," he said, a smile returning to his face.

"And as for people wandering aimlessly," he continued, leaning on the table, "That sounds like a familiar situation to me. People didn't wander so much without a purpose, but they were definitely aimless. I'm the sort who likes to get things done, you see."

He picked up the waffle on his tray again, examining it. "Even if I am somehow able to think in this place, I should probably be trying to find a way home. If I could find a witch or wizard- of the good sort- maybe they could send me back. You wouldn't happen to know any, would you?"

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