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Day 39: Sun Room
Ninjas > everybody else.
thatdamnedninja wrote in damned
That really hadn't been the breakfast she'd been expecting, but Yuffie couldn't bring herself to complain. The kid made for good company, and was, if nothing else, pretty entertaining. She could've just done without the whole choking thing. That… That had been embarrassing. A bit. Okay, a lot. Yuffie was starting to get a feeling that this day was -- for once-- actually going to ping on her ‘interesting!’ meter.

Whether or not that was a good thing, she didn’t know.

By the time she’d reached the Sun Room's bulletin board, a kitten on her shoulder and a pen twirling between her fingers, Yuffie was starting to put her finger on why she had that weird, nagging feeling. Though on second thought, it was less like putting her finger on it and more like it had jumped up and punched her right in the nose; the feeling wasn’t just about waffles, magicians, or tricky candy thieves. Sagara hadn't answered her bulletin post; he hadn't answered any bulletin posts. She hadn't seen that stupid, spiky head of his all morning. It was like radio silence without a radio.

Agai-- No, Yuffie cut herself off sharply, frowning. She was just jumping to conclusions. It wouldn't be the first time, right? Right! And yet… instincts were instincts for a reason, and in a dump like this, who knew what could happen?

[for Okita?]

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OK, so that meeting with Mitsuru's roommate had gotten off to a rough start. But it had ended well, and it seemed there were others here familiar with the spells they could use. Akihiko decided this was a good thing, and shrugged off the remaining doubt about her weird food thing. So some people had strange diets. That wasn't his problem, and if Mitsuru could deal with the rest of S.E.E.S.? She could handle a roommate with little to no trouble.

Now, then, that boxing club idea that someone had...he'd asked his nurse on the way over, using the suggested excuse of therapeutic athletics, but she had shot the idea down faster than usual. Well, that didn't mean much. It just meant that things needed to be handled unofficially. He could do that.

He walked over to the bulletin board and began to compose a post asking for interest. It didn't matter if it was small; he could use a night or two every so often to really get into his training again. And hey, if it helped others learn some self-defense skills, so much the better.

[unknowingly waiting on a visit from Oz - er, for Scarecrow. :) ]

[Finally here. Sorry for the delay!]

Okay, new room! This one was much more interesting than the last, but no less crowded. Maybe this place wasn't so bad, aside from whatever it was that happened at night- the room was actually kind of nice and inviting. And it didn't smell as strange as the Cafeteria.

Th Scarecrow stretched, trying to relieve some tingly feeling he had in his shoulders. This enchantment was interesting (and he was thankful he had the ability to think without his brains because of it), but this body was still beyond his comprehension. Energy was at a low, which was definitely not normal for someone who liked to work. And he had this weird sensation going in his middle every few minutes. He'd have to put thought to that later. For now, he wanted to inspect this place a bit more. Things were starting to get interesting, now that he wasn't so concerned about his lack of brains.

Some sort of something on the wall was holding the attention of a few people, so he decided that was a good place to start. Notices were tacked to some sort of board- some of them addressed to specific people, while others were more general. Some of that writing was so tiny! He sidled next to a man about his height, accidentally bumping him as his ankle turned weirdly.

[no problem! :)]

Akihiko had just finished posting the notice about the boxing club when someone bumped into his side. He turned, looking the guy over. It had been an accident, it seemed - and more than that, it looked like the guy wasn't quite steady on his feet. "Hey, you all right?", he asked. "The nurses didn't get you with any of their needles or anything, did they?"

He offered an arm so the guy could steady himself. "I dunno why they try that stuff. I mean, anyone would be confused when they first wake up in a place like this. I know I sure was."

After a minute, he blinked. "Oh, sorry. Didn't introduce myself. I'm Akihiko," he said, with a bit of a smile.

"Ah, thank you!" said the Scarecrow, taking the offered arm and straightening himself. He returned the smile and stepped backward. "I don't think I've seen any needles here- not even of the straw type. I'm just a little unsteady is all, but I'm working the kinks out. I didn't mean to bump you or anything- I was just seeing what all was so interesting on this board, see?"

"Oh, I nearly forgot! I'm, er..." He was really going to have to ask that nurse what his name was. Still, he bowed politely. "Well, I don't remember the name they gave me here, but I've always been the Scarecrow. It's great to meet--" his voice cut off as he lost his balance and hit the floor on his elbows. Okay, bowing led to balance problems. Maybe he should just stick to simple nods and smiles, and work out the complicated greetings later.

"That's a good thing, then," the boy nodded. "The bulletin's generally the go-to place for information about this place. Though I've been here a couple days now, so if you have questions, I can answer them for you."

That name...reminded him of something, though he couldn't quite place it. Maybe a movie he'd seen as a kid, back in the orphanage? Or a book? He frowned a little. Oh, well. It didn't matter too much; the guy was new, and seemed nice enough.

He leaned down, offering the Scarecrow a hand up. "There's a couch over there, if you'd rather sit for a while?" Akihiko had heard the rumors about a few people not being in the bodies they were used to, and guessed this was another case of that. "At least till you're a little more steady."

The Scarecrow took the hand and made it back to his feet. "Thanks again. Sitting might be a good idea, but I really do need to get used to this moving business." He rubbed his elbows- that smarts! "Maybe just until my arms stop being so... uh, sore? Who knew falling could feel so unpleasant!" He grinned, then remembered how bad it felt the other night when he'd fallen. Okay, falling was definitely unpleasant under this enchantment.

It must have been something about whatever humans had in them. They were sturdier than straw and hay, but more fragile in some ways. What a conundrum, he thought to himself. No wonder Dorothy wondered if I'd hurt myself when she let me off the pole when I first met her. Falling is dangerous!

"Yeah, I think sitting might be a good idea," he said finally, adjusting his feet so that they were straight. He looked toward the couch Akihiko had mentioned. "Come to think of it, I do have some questions I'd like to ask, if you don't mind."

"Yeah, sitting's probably a good idea for now, if you're not too steady on your feet." What's the deal with that? I mean, even if you're not in your usual body...doesn't everyone fall now and then? He shrugged it off, moving over to the couch and looking behind occasionally to make sure his new acquaintance was all right.

There was still that niggling 'where have I seen someone similar to this' feeling, but he shrugged that off, too. He'd figure it out sooner or later.

"Sure thing," Akihiko nodded, once he'd settled down. "What can I answer for you?"

The Scarecrow stumbled his way to the couch and sat, enjoying the comfort it offered. It felt a lot better than the seat in the Cafeteria, and certainly better than the floor. He and the floor probably weren't going to get along. He rubbed his elbows. That feeling needed to go away.

"Let's see," he said, crossing his arms. "I've had a lot of questions since I got here, and I've had a few of them answered. I'm having trouble sorting things out in my head." What to ask first? This guy seemed nice (then again, so did everyone else he'd met. Maybe he was too trusting. Or he was trying to put too much thought that he might not be able to even have into it), and the Scarecrow didn't want to overwhelm his new acquaintance with the multitude of answers that he needed. Then again, he had offered, and he seemed like a knowledgeable fellow.

He needed to get home. He needed the aid of a witch or wizard (possibly) in order to get home. He also needed a witch or wizard to take this enchantment off him. If he was no longer enchanted, he'd not be able to think without his brains. He needed his brains.

"Is there some sort of a 'Lost and Found' here? I lost something very important, and I need to find it, and I don't think that the wizard who runs this place would have taken it. He wouldn't have any use for it, really. Although I suppose he could have taken it to keep me from trying to leave, but I can't imagine why I was kidnapped in the first place. But maybe-- "

He stopped, hearing his middle make that gurgling noise again. "I'm sorry, I do an awful lot of talking."

"Don't worry about that. It's a lot to process for anyone, particularly the way we're all taken. Then adjusting to being here..." Wait. Was that the guy's stomach? Well, maybe he'd just woken up and had missed breakfast. It sucked, but he wouldn't mention it, just yet. It would be kind of rude.

"There's a club that calls itself Lost and Found, though that might just be a code name," Akihiko began. "But they might be worth a shot. Also, someone named Renamon regularly posts to the board offering her services in finding things. I can vouch for her trustworthiness. She helped a friend of mine in a difficult situation the other night."

The Scarecrow nodded, taking all this in. He was going to have to examine that board when he was finished with this conversation. Hopefully, he could get in touch with either the club or this woman and ask them about finding his diploma. Excellent! He was making progress already. He smiled broadly, thinking he was one step closer to home.

"Fantastic!" he said excitedly, trying not to get carried away with thinking of all the thoughts he'd be having once he had his brains back. With that coming along, he'd need a way back to the Emerald City.

And he needed to figure out what was wrong with his body- it was still making that noise. Oh yes, questions! Focus, Scarecrow!

"Do you know any witches or wizards? I need to speak to one about enchantments and such. I'm afraid I don't know much about magic myself, so I need some help."

"Glad I could help, in that respect. And hope you find what it is you're looking for." There was that noise again. "Uh...hope this doesn't sound rude, but did you miss breakfast? Your stomach's rumbling an awful lot," Akihiko said.

The last comment threw him off guard. "Well, it depends on what you mean by magic. I mean, there are a lot of folks here who can use it in one way or another, but I wouldn't exactly call all the magic users witches or wizards. What exactly do you need to know?" I mean, the fact that he could summon a magic creature by shooting himself in the head was...well, that wasn't the kind of magic his new acquaintance meant, he didn't think.

"No, I didn't miss breakfast," said the Scarecrow, furrowing his brow. "I was led to the Cafeteria by a woman, and I had a good conversation with a man whose name escapes me. People have such strange names here." It was true! All of the names he'd heard today were interesting. It must be some sort of custom in this land to name children such complicated names, he thought.

"I didn't get to thank him for the conversation," he continued. "I hope he didn't think I was rude. Oh, and I didn't thank the woman for the food she got me, even though she didn't need to. I'm so thoughtless!" His brow furrowed further as the former king thought of how inconsiderate he'd been.

The Scarecrow rubbed between his eyes. "As for magic, I mean like... well, magic that can get me from one place to another. I was hoping one could take me home. I'd be grateful for a wizard who could maybe tell me about this enchantment that's on me, as well. I must have been enchanted into this sort of body, which is why it's so unfamiliar to me."

"You don't need to worry about that," Akihiko said, smiling. "I'm sure the guy understood. And, well, it's the nurses' job to do stuff like that, so you don't need to worry about that either. If it'd make you feel better, though, I guess you could leave a note? But I don't think anyone thought you were being rude."

As for the name thing, he couldn't help letting out a small laugh. "Yeah, you hear some pretty strange names now and then. It's just part of things around here, I guess."

He frowned when he heard about the kind of magic he was looking for. "I think we're all looking for some kind of way home," he said, quietly and seriously. "A bunch of us are working on it, though," he added, nodding resolutely. "My friends and I included. We're intent on finding something. I'm afraid I don't know anything about what happened to get you into the body you're in, though."

"I guess I over-think things sometimes, or try to," said the Scarecrow with a smile. "It's in my nature to think about everything. I was trying to think of a way to get out of here, but I'm glad someone else is thinking about it, too. Doing all the thinking is hard work, and I don't really have the resources for such pursuits at the moment." He frowned, picturing what his friends (or worse, the citizens of the Emerald City!) might say if or when they learned he'd lost his gift from the Wizard.

He put a hand to his chin, trying to recall all the questions he had and push other digressions aside. He wasn't sure if it was his mind wandering more than usual, or if that noise coming from his middle was starting to get to him.

"Huh, I didn't have as many questions as I thought I did," he said finally, unable to recall what else it was he wanted. "I do need to learn about the human body if I'm going to be enchanted into one for any amount of time. Humans are complicated, and while this is an interesting spell, I'm certainly starting to miss my old body."

"Don't try to take on the world's problems yourself, all right?" Akihiko clapped the Scarecrow on the shoulder, in a show of camaraderie. "I'm sure if we all put our heads and our thoughts together, we'll find the solution to this place. We're all in this together, for better or worse, and there's got to be a way home for everyone."

Oh, man. Do I have, like, a neon sign or something above my head? Akihiko Sanada, the go-to guy for everyone's questions about human anatomy? He sighed quietly, then nodded. "What do you need to know about it?"

And there was one more thing. His voice got serious again for a moment. "Someone's told you about what happens here at night, right? If not, let me give you the run-down about that, too."

"Well, my roommate tried to explain to me what happens here at night. He said the wizard who runs this place is more dangerous at night, and that strange things happen then. I think I might have scared him or something- he didn't seem to eager to divulge details, if he knew any. It'd be the first time I've really scared anything, to be honest. I suppose my friend Lion might've been scared by me once or twice, but he's also afraid of his own tail and sheep in his sleep!" He smiled, thinking of the irony of the situation. Congratulations, a real fright and not even a scarecrow anymore!

Oh, he missed the Lion. And Tin Man. And Dorothy. He missed her most of all, but he knew she wouldn't be waiting for him in Oz when he eventually returned. He wondered how close this place was to Kansas.

"Aside from that, I don't really know much. I stayed in my room last night. Was having some trouble walking and all. This body is really strange- I fell and landed on my arms, and they still feel ill from it. I'm sure that fall I took a few minutes ago won't help, either. And I must've done something to my middle, because it's sure making a fuss. Does it always do that?"

"I see. Then, he didn't really tell you a whole lot..." That just wasn't right. Akihiko saw it as a responsibility - those who had been here longer needed to look out for newer ones. "Even if you did manage to scare him, he still should've had the decency to give you the basics."

He frowned, trying to decide where to start. "Well, anyway. I...wouldn't call the guy who runs this place a wizard, but you've heard the announcements overhead, right? Well, they turn a lot darker and more frightening at night. Strange things do happen - monsters appear. Sometimes people get taken for brainwashing, or experiments. It's better not to go alone, especially if you're not sure how strong you are."

About that..."Mind if I give you a quick once-over, then? I'm not the healing specialist of my crew, but I can at least make sure you're mostly okay. And the rumbling in your stomach? Well, it is almost lunchtime. You're probably just hungry," he added, trying not to laugh.

"Oh, I'd appreciate a once-over muchly," he said, hoping he'd not ruined this body already. "I'll definitely be careful around this place at night. It sounds so different from how it is now. It doesn't seem so bad at the moment."

He looked to his middle as it complained again. "I don't know why I would be hungry, though. I don't need-- " He cut himself off, coming to a realization.

"Oh dear, I'm human!" he said pointedly, smacking his hand to his forehead. "It makes sense now- they do need to eat!" He laughed, wondering why he'd not come to that conclusion sooner. This human brain couldn't be as good as the one he had, or he surely would've thought of that! "I can't believe I didn't even think of that. I have got to get my diploma back before I drown in my own ignorance. I can't think without it, or well at least."

"Sure thing," Akihiko nodded, checking the Scarecrow's arms and legs for any obvious injuries. "Well, I don't see anything you need to worry about. The worst you've got is a couple of bruises. Those will go away in a day or two. You'll be fine once you get used to things. And, well, make sure you eat, okay? You'll heal better, and feel better, with some nutrients in you."

He had to bite his lip this time to keep from laughing. There was that niggling 'I've seen this guy somewhere' feeling again, but he let it go. There had been enough rumors on the board about folks who weren't in their own bodies, and he didn't want to make a big deal out of that, or bring up something he shouldn't.

"Well, it's a shock being transported to a place like this for the best of us. If you're not used to things, well, they can sneak up on you. But you're better prepared now, right? And that's the important thing."

"Oh, I'm more prepared than I was, that's for sure," he said, relieved he wasn't too battered. He was going to have to be more careful about falling. And eating- that was important. He'd seen Dorothy do it a few times- surely it wasn't too hard. "I'll definitely eat next time I get the opportunity. I didn't realize it was so important."

"I should probably go check that board before we all get ushered into another room," he said, not wanting to leave this wealth of information, but knowing he had other things he needed to do before the nurses returned. "I'll definitely look for the notices you mentioned." He stood, his knees bending inward, his feet still not wanting to remain straight. He turned quickly on his foot to face Akihiko, nearly losing his balance again.

"Before I forget," he said, remembering something important, "Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me. You've been extremely kind and incredibly helpful. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you- anything at all!"

Akihiko nodded. "You're welcome. And take care of yourself, all right?" He followed that up with a smile. "Oh, and I'll remember that - but the more important thing is to pass the word on."

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