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Dayshift 39: Lunch
[Dim] I Can Hear the Voices
rope_victim wrote in damned
That had been a very interesting shift, Miku decided as she was wheeled around. Not only for making a new friend in Endrance (well, perhaps not friend, but very kind acquaintance), but for the overload of unwanted information from the bulletin. It was enough to make her want to hide until there was no chance of a blush ever forming on her face (and ears, and neck and anywhere else a blush might decide to raise its wily head).

Her nurse was oddly quiet for once, as she gathered her meal (vegetable pizza and milk) and wheeled Miku away from the crush of other patients being herded in. Well, then it would be a quiet lunch, she decided.

"Now, Alice, I expect not to see a crumb of food left, do you hear? Not a crumb," her nurse chastised her gently and Miku winced. So, they were noticing. She'd have to be more careful to eat a little more.

"Ah... yes. I'm sorry," Miku ducked her head and started picking at her meal with her knife and fork. "I'll eat." Even if the nurse was really a monster at night, she hated that tone of disappointment. She sighed and picked at what appeared to be a piece of broccoli on her pizza.

[For Sousuke]

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[Also for Lelouch, then possibly for ZEX, if he's not too busy. :D]

Lunch. Time to do some of that eating.

The Scarecrow picked up a tray and eyed the various kinds of 'pizza,' wondering if there was some sort of difference amongst the toppings besides aesthetics. I've got to do this sometime, he thought, So I suppose there's no harm in trying one of each kind. I really should have asked that guy from the Sun Room what is actually good to eat, here. I hope I don't eat something I shouldn't.

One of these, one of those, and one of this kind, and he was finally looking for a seat after what seemed like forever in line. Decisions were hard, but maybe he'd be able to think better once his stomach had stopped groaning. He held the tray carefully with both hands, trying not to drop it as he walked unsteadily through the Cafeteria.

[From here.]

Time to try a different tactic. Adopting a curious and faintly worried expression, Lelouch headed in the direction he'd glanced earlier in the interests of remaining consistent. His target this time was an older looking man with brown hair. He didn't seem particularly threatening, and in fact was almost comically trying to keep his balance as he walked, but beyond noting that and filing it away for later when Lelouch would need to recall who he'd tried using his Geass on, he didn't care.

"Excuse me," he said, stopping just short of the man. "Do I know you?"

"Oh," said the Scarecrow, still trying to balance that tray and pay attention to whomever was speaking to him. Young guy, dark hair, strange eyes. People in this place had weird eye colors- maybe he dyed them.

"I don't think we've met, to be honest. Can I help you with something?" he asked, wondering if he was new as well.

Lelouch feigned disappointment, but at the man's offer, he brightened once more. "Yes, as a matter of fact, there is." How quickly this had become routine: make eye contact, think of an unobtrusive order, and turn on his Geass once more when he'd come up with something. "Tell me, have you heard of the Holy Britannian Empire? I was hoping to find other people from my world, but..."

He trailed off with a depressed sigh, but rather than lower his eyes like a person normally would have after a statement like that, he kept their gazes locked. The man wouldn't have a positive answer for him either way, but as Lelouch had observed earlier, people affected by Geass still underwent a subtle change in posture, facial expression, and tone of voice when they responded to his questions. All he had to do was look for that and he'd have the results of his experiment.

The Scarecrow laughed quietly. "Well, with a name like that, it certainly sounds like an important place," he said cheerfully. "I thought the Emerald City of Oz was an extravagant name, but then again, I don't get out much." His tray as he laughed, nearly causing him to drop his lunch. He managed to catch it in time, shifting both feet slightly to fix his stance.

"I don't mean to sound rude," he said, still smirking despite his near-accident. "We don't have such fancy names where I come from. Names are so strange here, people and cities alike!"

It still wasn't working? But why? Lelouch thought at first that it may not have worked on the first subject because of something to do with his personality or some innate ability, possibly, but the second? Was it because Lelouch hadn't waited long enough between using it on the man in the Sun Room and trying it now? There had been plenty of time between his attempt on the nurse and his second use, after all, which suggested there may be some need for his Geass to "recharge," but he couldn't test that theory until later the day. That meant...

His Geass faded. "That's all right. It is a pretty outrageous name." He almost added that he'd always added, but now was neither the time nor place for that. "Thank you for your time, sir, and sorry to bother you," he said instead, giving the man a parting nod before he turned to leave.

[To here.]

Hm. That was strange. Well, considering the other people he'd met, maybe not. The Scarecrow shrugged, and was finally led to an empty seat by his nurse, who felt he didn't need to be wandering the Cafeteria for too long.

Food before him, the former man-of-straw looked around. Some people were simply holding the triangular slices in their hands, while others made use of the utensils provided. He decided to go with the latter. It seemed more sophisticated. He took his knife in one hand and fork in the other, examining them. One was like a small pitchfork, so it must have been for lifting the food. The other was sort of like a saw.

Ha! This isn't so hard, he thought, pleased. One cuts and the other lifts. Got it. With that, he set to work on cutting his pizza into small pieces.

[Okay, now he's free for ZEX or whomever. ;P]

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